LoveUp Relationship Detox and Upgrade – Suzanna Kennedy

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LoveUp Relationship Detox and Upgrade – Suzanna Kennedy

Original price was: $447.00.Current price is: $30.00.

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There is a solution to your dilemma. And it doesn’t matter what your relationship history is – there’s a solution that can work for you in your love life, and in all of your relationships.


LoveUp Relationship Detox and Upgrade – Suzanna Kennedy is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

Dear Fabulous, Loving Being,

Have you heard this ‘unlucky in love’ line from well-meaning friends? Are you starting to wonder if maybe they’re right?

After all, you’ve been going from one rotten relationship to another. Or … you haven’t had any relationship at all – for way too long.

You might start believing this story about love and luck if everyone around you is ‘hooking up’ with nice guys or gals, while you spend your weekends as a ‘3rd wheel’, hiding out at home, navigating the bar scene, or worse, getting over another breakup?

Really? A Lie?

Yes, that ‘lucky in love’ thing is a lie.

There is a solution to your dilemma. And it doesn’t matter what your relationship history is – there’s a solution that can work for you in your love life, and in all of your relationships.

Just like your ‘happily-ever-after’ friends, you too can find the deep, passionate, rewarding love you long for.

How do I know? Because I’ve guided so many people – just like you – out of toxic relationships that keep them miserable, and into healthy, fulfilling, lasting love.

The #1 Block to Finding Love

The way to allow real love into your life is by removing the #1 block that stops you from knowing how lovable you truly are.

What is that #1 Block?

Well, it’s not your looks, and it’s not your weight. It’s not your ‘style,’ or even your personality. Love is available to everyone. Every shape, size, color, religion … you name it!

So it’s really not about the true essence of you – after all, deep down, you’re a unique, beautiful and radiant being of light – as worthy of love as everyone else. If you’re struggling to find lasting love, it’s about your relationship blueprint.

If you find yourself

  • attracting unavailable people again and again
  • hooking up with losers who can’t love and respect you
  • being plagued by one bad relationship after another, or
  • feeling dejected after so many years with no relationship at all …

Then you’ve got a blueprint that’s blocking you from true love.

Why smart people ‘Fail’ at Love

The reason why so many gifted, intelligent, attractive people like you ‘fail’ at love is because you’ve got a subconscious ‘blueprint’ that’s toxic.

Where did it come from?

Even though most parents only want the best for their kids, oftentimes they make unconscious mistakes when modeling or guiding their children about love.

And society is no better! There are lots of myths about what love is, and who is ‘worthy’ of love. This sets up an almost guaranteed failure – especially if you’re sensitive to ‘messaging,’ or were fed confused ideas about love during your first 7 years of your life.

So if you’ve ever heard things like:

  • Happily Ever After is only a fairy tale
  • Love never lasts
  • Only fools fall in love
  • You’re incomplete until you find true love
  • You’re a nobody until somebody loves you …

Then you’ve probably been given a toxic love blueprint.

It stinks, I know. But here’s the thing … you get to change the blueprint!

You Can be the Architect of your Love Life

Like any good architect, you can change the blueprint – even a negative, love blueprint.

Just because you’ve lived until now with a false imprint about love; one that may tell you things like:

  • you’re unworthy of love
  • men/women can’t be trusted
  • all the good ones are taken
  • I’m just meant to be single

Doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it for life!

Discover the Secret Every Loving Couple Knows

You CAN have the deep, passionate, rewarding love you long for. All you need to do is what every woman and man in a successful relationship has done …

When two people decide their relationship is more important than anything else, each of them has to get rid of harmful, subconscious blocks to love. They have to change their relationship blueprint.

The question is: how do you change the blueprint?

This is where LoveUp comes in.

You see, we all know that when something is toxic, the very first thing to do – before healing can begin – is to detoxify. It’s only when the toxins are GONE, that there’s room for something better.

Relationships are no different. That’s why LoveUp starts with detoxifying you of those old, worn-out, poisonous beliefs about love – and about yourself.

And it’s not just about Romance

Detoxing and upgrading your relationship blueprint doesn’t benefit just your love life. It benefits everyone you come in contact with: your parents, your colleagues, your friends, your children …

Imagine how good it will feel when all your valued relationships are harmonious. And think of the lives you’ll positively influence with the your higher love vibrations that radiate from you.

You can become a model of peace, integrity, compassion and authenticity for all those around you.

How about kids?

What if most of the behavior problems kids have could be eliminated by detoxifying the parents?

The kids of today are highly sensitive to energy. They’ll act out the repressed thoughts and beliefs of the adults around them.

Please, don’t pass a painful pattern down to the next generation.

If you’re a parent now – or even if you think you might be one day – Do your kids a favor and get rid of that toxic blueprint now!

Detox? – it Sounds Painful!

Once upon a time, detoxifying emotional, physical and energetic poison was a long and painful process.

But not anymore!

The good news is, I’ve developed a ‘technology’ that let’s you detoxify yourself of a poisonous love blueprint with

  • Speed
  • Grace
  • Ease

Fast-Forward to your Loving Future

Give yourself a minute right now to file away your toxic blueprint. Just put it aside for a moment. And step into the future that’s waiting for you …

Now, allow yourself (just for a moment) to know the possibility of an abundant and thriving love life.

  • Feel the pleasure and confidence that comes with deep love and unconditional support for exactly who you are.
  • Notice the ease you feel inside, when you’re embraced by trust and true acceptance.
  • Acknowledge the profound self-acceptance you experience when you are loved for who you truly are.
  • Breath a deep sigh of relief as you allow in the total nourishment of real love.
  • Celebrate the greater vibrancy – the colors, textures and flavors that come alive all around you – when can really let love in.
  • Rediscover the radiance you thought you’d lost forever.
  • Relish every precious moment you can now share with your love.
  • Bask in the delicious sensations of trust, pleasure and harmony.
  • Relax with the ease of less financial strain or worry as love feeds all areas of your life.
  • Celebrate the affection, respect and admiration you receive and give with ease.
  • Feel the ease – and electric attraction! – of effortless, authentic love.
  • Revel in the deeper, more authentic relationships you can now enjoy. Relationships built on Integrity, Trust, Love, Respect and Honor.

Allow these sensations of pleasure and joy to wash over you like a warm wave. Mmmm … feels good, doesn’t it? And you can have all of this and more, once you understand what every truly loving couple knows …

Less Work for More Love?

Let me ask you something: How many programs have you started but never finished? Maybe it’s a gym membership, or a meditation practice. Maybe it’s another love program or a home-study class to enrich your life.

You start with loads of enthusiasm and a firm belief. But as the weeks pass and your life’s pace demands plenty of your time, the gym bag, and all of those self-improvement ‘assignments’, wind up at the bottom of a pile of ‘To-Do!’ priorities.

Before you know it, that enrichment program you were so anxious to start is just one more dust collector in the corner of a room.

Get Results Fast!

But LoveUp is different. Because it works with your subconscious mind, the process is ideal for busy people on the go. Rather than spending hours every week reading, doing homework assignments and emotional processes like other relationship programs, LoveUp is easy to integrate into your already busy life.

Just do the meditations and follow-up with some self care, and you’ll start seeing immediate results.

Quick, Easy, Graceful

And it doesn’t have to be painful at all. In fact, when you go through the LoveUp program, you can release the toxic love blueprint created during the first 7 years of your life, then upgrade your vibration – Quickly, Easily and Gracefully.

The program gives you the techniques and tools you need – with my direct guidance – to actually remove the old programming and replace it with a higher frequency blueprint that is the essence of Pure Love.

Just like upgrading a software program in your computer, the process involves Uninstalling the old program, and then Installing the Upgrade.

  • No need for years of therapy
  • No need to spend months digging up the painful past
  • No need to ‘process’ every detail of your old, toxic relationships

Simply Uninstall and Upgrade!

Deepen your Spiritual AND Sexual Connection

A love relationship can be much more than what you were probably told.

Forget about the old model of love: a ‘honeymoon’ period followed by years (decades?) of hum-drum.

True and lasting love is a dynamic, fulfilling, sexy thing! And this kind of love is called a Soul Nourishing Relationship.

This was the kind of love my heart yearned for, but my mind couldn’t even describe! It’s a relationship whose “blueprint” must come from another universe where joy, love and freedom reign.

I couldn’t imagine such a love existing here … Now I know it does.

“But I’ve tried Everything – and Nothing Works!

How is LoveUp Different?”

Detoxification + UpGrade of your SUBconscious Mind = Love UpGrade

LoveUp is a much more advanced way to transform your relationship blueprint than other love and soulmate programs.

Why? Because we use a potent combination of consciousness ‘technology’ that reprograms your subconscious mind to actually remove your negative imprints (the ‘detox’) and then upgrade your beliefs to allow and attract loving relationships.

To put it bluntly …

All the other relationship programs out there work only on one level – your Conscious Mind. But LoveUp Goes straight to the source of your problem: your deep subconscious.

Over the past 15 years, thousands of people have used my Emotional and Mental Detoxifying Technology to literally change their lives – including their power to attract true, soul-nourishing, unconditional love.

Why Work on only 5% of your Brain??

Most approaches and therapies for transforming your love life work at a mental level only. This is the conscious level that you’re already aware of. But here’s the thing about your conscious mind … it only controls about 5% of your behavior!

Therapy, habit-change strategies and affirmations that work on shifting your mindset are great for starters, because they help you get clear about what you really want. But this only takes care of that 5% of what you are radiating out into the world – and therefore, what you’re attracting back to you!

This means when you use traditional relationship therapies, you’re only improving your power to attract real love by a mere 5% … Not very good odds, eh?

It’s your Subconscious Mind that’s Actually in Charge

For lasting change in any area of your life – and especially your love life – you’ve got to get to the source of the problem – the majority of your vibration that’s radiating and attracting what you don’t want …

Your SUBconscious mind.

Your subconscious controls about 95% of your behavior. So while affirmations and changing habits are good, they really can’t make the kind of lasting change that come when you heal and upgrade your subconscious thoughts.

The Challenge of Changing your Subconscious

But there’s a challenge to changing your subconscious mind: you can’t just tell it to change.

Why? Because you can’t access your subconscious directly, since it’s on a different wavelength than your conscious mind. It’s like the AM and FM stations on the radio. They aren’t even in the same bandwidth. You need help.

So what can you do?

In order to access your subconscious, you’ve got to be able to connect to it on it’s ‘frequency’. This is done by creating an energetic bridge that connects and aligns your:

  • super conscious mind (your purest, most powerful creative authority),
  • subconscious mind (where your false self-identity (ego) and past programming are stored,
  • your emotions (unexpressed negative emotions that lock the programming in place),
  • your physical body (cellular memory) and
  • your energy field (that attracts or repels what you desire)

LoveUp works directly with all aspects of YOU in exactly this way.

Throughout your LoveUp sessions, we’ll work on your energetic and cellular levels in order to Access, Detox & Upgrade the love blueprint that’s been stored deep in your subconscious. And we do it in such a way that your ego can and will accept the changes.

We do this through a combination of high frequency energy and intentional commands – a programming language that your cells understand.

The Power of Cellular Memory Change

LoveUp works by actually changing your body’s Cellular Memory. This is change that lasts, because it breaks old patterns and creates new ones. And as your inner reality changes, your outer reality must change to align with it.

What is a Soul Nourishing Relationship?

It’s relationship based on pure, unconditional love. It’s grounded in sharing deep intimacy and passion. It allows for each partner complete freedom to Be, to Grow and to Change.

This is the kind of relationship that allows you to be free to be Who You Really Are – with no masks, illusions or projections.

It Starts with You!

But here’s the thing: Soul Nourishing Love is first and foremost a Loving Relationship with your TRUE SELF … This means detoxifying yourself of all the old junk that’s between your egoic personality and your True Self at a SOUL level.

You have to let your SOUL shine through first. And when you do, you become whole and complete and ready for a Soul Nourishing Relationship.

The 7 Wonderful Changes to your Love Life

When you use LoveUp to Detox your subconscious of the old love blueprint and UpGrade it to the frequency of Pure Love, you’ll experience the kind of life you only dreamed of …

  1. Flourishing Self-Love Like You Can’t Now Imagine
  2. Light-Hearted Playfulness and Trust
  3. A Bounty of Opportunity to Give and Receive Love
  4. More Focus and Presence with all your Relationships
  5. Less Stress about Life’s Challenges
  6. Freedom from Drama and Unnecessary Pain
  7. A Deeper Sense of Appreciation and Gratitude

Course Description

LoveUp is a 8 week series to detox your painful emotions and reprogram your Subconscious Love Blueprint. It includes 6 sessions of my world-renown Emotional-Mental Detox program and the first 2 sessions of my advanced Divine Human Upgrade program.

The Consciousness 2.0 Technology used in this program leads you through a series of Deep, Guided Meditations, High-Frequency Energy Techniques, Worksheets and Visualizations.

LoveUp actually erases – or ‘detoxes’ – your old negative relationship patterns and upgrades them to a new healthy and wholesome level. These easily accessible, guided meditations let you Uninstall the old obsolete Relationship Blueprint and Install your all new Sacred Union Blueprint. The integrated approach includes upgrades to your mind, heart, body, soul, ancestors and alternate realities.

What You Can Expect

While most of the programs out there work on the conscious-mind level, the LoveUp Program works energetically in subconscious and cellular level – creating permanent change by altering memories and beliefs.

Through the sessions in LoveUp we access the information that has been stored deep in your subconscious through a combination of high frequency energy and instructional command language that your cells can understand. And we do it in a way that lets your ego, (your self identity), accept the changes with ease.

Using high-frequency energy techniques with words, images and visualizations combined in a very particular way, we gracefully access and change the programming that no longer serves you.

Here’s What You Get

Getting Started

Start with the Emotional-Mental Detox Program consisting of six detox sessions that transform negative patterns into harmonious experiences. Plus bonus items that support your detox. Guided meditation is a perfect delivery method for this consciousness technology.

Self-Assessment Tool

This Self-Assessment Tool helps you to measure your internal relationship with yourself and life. It’s a “”Before”” and “”After”” picture of how much you have detoxed and expanded.

Triple Flame Energy Field Detox

In order to truly detoxify and upgrade your subconscious, the first thing you need are clear ‘channels’ so that toxicity of Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit can be release with grace and ease. The Energy Field Detox does exactly this. You can use the Energy Field Detox prior to every other session as well, to make the very most of your program.

This detox will:

  • Open up the ‘Communication Bridge’ between your Super-conscious, Conscious, Subconscious levels of the mind
  • Purify your body’s Energy Pathways
  • Release dense, repressed energies with Grace and Ease
  • Prepare and Support your physical and energy bodies for making lasting change

Detox Sessions

Male Aspect Detox

Detoxing Your Relationship With:

  • Father, Men, Mind and Matter
  • Abandonment, betrayal, victimization
  • Anger, rage, hatred, resentment
  • Manipulation, control, enslavement

After detoxing, you are able to replace distrust, defense and constriction with openhearted trust and allowance for males and male expressions of energy. With the negative memories and emotions of the past gone, you are free to be in the present moment and respond consciously. You will develop the ability to deeply discern truth and integrity in yourself and others. You will make wise and healthy choices. Your inner female and inner child will finally be able to trust the balanced, healthy, mature inner male.

Female Aspect Detox

Detoxing Your Relationship With:

  • Mother, Women, Heart and Soul
  • Matriarchal Systems, Mother Earth and Nature
  • Humiliation, co-dependence, suppression

Activate your feminine (right-brain) qualities of beauty, intuition, creativity, receptivity and perceptions of the unseen and unknown. You will replace suppression, distrust, defense and constriction with openhearted trust and allowance for females and feminine expressions of energy. You will find yourself better able to trust your intuition and express your creativity. Your inner male and inner child will finally be able to trust the inner female and the gifts she brings. Your inner child will feel safer being in your body and on the planet.

Fear Detox

Detox Your Relationship With:

  • Fear, Terror, Panic,
  • Worry, Anxiety, Doubt

Fears are used to control behavior in families, schools, churches, commerce and recreation. These patterns were originally used to socialize us so we would be accepted in community.

Anxiety, worry, self-doubt are all milder forms of fear, yet they are messages that are being broadcast on a constant basis through the media and airwaves. The persistent, cumulative affect can depress the immune system. Fear blocks creative expression and the ability to explore and experiment with new ideas and modes in our approach to life.

During the session, all manner of fear is neutralized and transformed into openhearted, loving, blatant courage, in all affairs of the heart and all of one’s experiences of power.

Pain Detox

Detox Your Relationship With

  • Pain, Sorrow, Grief
  • Despair, Bitterness, Depression

The deepest level of suppression deals with all of the ancient ancestral and race wounds. The activity of hurt, pain, sorrow and grief constantly create upheaval and conflict in our work and personal relationships. We have no other choice but to recreate the same situations as they occurred in the distant dead past. These disruptive patterns of behavior are transformed into openhearted, unconditional love and deep compassion for self and others.

Guilt Detox

Detox Your Relationship With:

  • Guilt, Judgment, Jealousy
  • Blame, Shame, Punishment
  • Self-pity, Unworthiness, Arrogance

Judgment and blame are also devices used for manipulation and control. The resulting emotions of guilt and shame immobilize us, destroy our self-worth and keep us from rising to our true potential and fulfilling our soul’s purpose. Without purpose, our lives can be passionless and unsatisfying, leading to persistent anxiety and depression. This dense energy is transformed into openhearted, radiant joy, shear enjoyment and deep pleasure.

Lack Detox

Lack, limitation, scarcity ~~ Unfortunately it’s programmed into our consciousness from the moment we are born and re-enforced continuously. It’s time to detoxify this from our body, mind, heart and soul.

Even people who may be considered “well-off” by others may be operating from lack and limitation consciousness. Fear of loosing their wealth, fear of being taken advantage of, insecurity about whether your friends are true ~ these are all symptoms.

Lack consciousness can also show up in other ways because at the core, it is a fear or lack of trust in the abundant flow of energy. Other examples are lack of energy, love, intelligence, creativity and passion.

In this session, we will detox lack, limitation, scarcity and poverty consciousness and replace it with divine trust in the abundant flow of prosperity of all of the tangible and intangible joys of human living.

Discover Your Relationship Blueprint

In this upgrade you will understand how and why you created your past relationship reality. You’ll be able to focus on the present moment and consciously choose your response (response-ability) instead of automatically reacting to your past programming.

Sacred Union Relationship

Make peace with the past. Heal and balance your Inner Male and Inner Female. Upgrade your relationship blueprint. The Holy Grail is the chalice that holds the blood of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This is the higher aspects of your soul coming into the chalice of your body.

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