Superior Muscle Growth – AWorkoutRoutine

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Superior Muscle Growth – AWorkoutRoutine

Original price was: $27.00.Current price is: $7.00.

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Superior Muscle Growth is the ultimate program for transforming your body as quickly, easily and effectively as possible.


Superior Muscle Growth – AWorkoutRoutine is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

“Superior Muscle Growth” –

More Lean Muscle. Less Body Fat.

The Fastest Approach To Building Your Ideal Body

Superior Muscle Growth is the ultimate program for transforming your body as quickly, easily and effectively as possible. That means…

  • Building lean muscle.
  • Reducing unwanted body fat.
  • Solving the problem of being “skinny-fat.”
  • No more failed attempts at “bulking” and “cutting.”
  • Doing what works best and eliminating what doesn’t.
  • MEN: Building the lean, muscular body you want.
  • WOMEN: Building a body that’s lean, fit, toned and strong, yet still entirely sexy and feminine.

With Superior Muscle Growth, You Will…

1. Build Muscle Faster And Achieve Your “Goal Body” Sooner

You do not need slow, “below-average” results. Hell, you don’t even need “average” results. What you really need right here is to construct lean muscle as fast and correctly as you probable can. And with Superior Muscle Growth, you will. Utilizing a aggregate of confirmed technology and real-global experience, this complete software is designed round doing what works best. Which means, you get the frame you need quicker than ever.

2. Minimize Excess Body Fat To Stay Lean Or Become Leaner

One of the largest troubles all of us have whilst seeking to benefit lean muscle is that we grow to be gaining undesirable frame fats along the way. This is why typical “bulking” diets by no means work. You simply grow to be getting fats. With Superior Muscle Growth, that does not happen. This software is all about “lean bulking” and the usage of validated techniques to maximise lean muscle while minimizing extra frame fats.

3. Finally Have A Diet And Workout That’s Customized To Your Body And The Results You Want

We all have distinctive needs, alternatives and goals, and our our bodies gain from barely distinctive things. That’s why Superior Muscle Growth customizes each factor of your food plan and exercising primarily based totally on elements like your age, gender, revel in level, genetics, private alternatives (and more), so you are usually doing what is great for you.

4. Stop Wasting Your Time And Effort Getting Mediocre Results

No extra attempting to find the pleasant weight loss program or workout. No extra questioning in case your effects may be better. No extra doubt. No extra confusion. No extra below-common effects. I’ve spent the closing 15 years getting to know and perfecting all elements of frame transformation to assist heaps of ladies and men gain their intention bodies. The guesswork is gone. The experimenting is over. This is what works pleasant. You simply want to place it into action

Here’s What You Get

Weight Training Component

From which exercises to do, to how many sets/reps, to rest periods, to training splits and more, I’ll show you how to adjust every aspect of your workouts for building lean muscle.

Diet Component

You’ll get specific diet guidelines to follow, including exactly how many calories to eat per day and how many grams of protein, fat and carbs (and example foods for each).

Cardio Component

I’ll explain the pros/cons of cardio, why it’s completely optional on this program, and then provide guidelines for how much to do, when to do it, and what form of it is ideal.

Nutrient Timing Protocol

What you eat before and after your workout can enhance training performance and optimize recovery. I’ll provide you with specific guidelines for both of these meals.

Calorie Cycling Protocol

I’ll show you a trick for strategically adjusting your calories throughout the week so nutrients go toward the muscle building process instead of just being stored as body fat.

Supplements Component

Supplements are completely optional on this program, but I’ll show you exactly which have been proven to be both safe and effective for building your ideal body.

Customization Protocol

I’ll show you how to customize every diet and workout factor to suit your personal needs, preferences, schedule and goals so it’s as easy and sustainable for you as possible.

Lifestyle Component

Lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress and alcohol consumption can negatively affect your muscle building results. I’ll show you how to prevent that from happening.

Personalization Protocol

Every aspect of this program will be personalized based on your age, gender, genetics and experience level to ensure you get the best results your body is capable of.

The Workouts

The Muscle Building Workout Routine (Expanded Edition)

The routine that changed my life and my body for the better over a decade ago. I’ve improved it even further over the years based on feedback from the thousands of men and women I’ve seen use it, and it’s now more effective than ever. This new expanded edition includes 5 NEW versions of the workouts plus 2 NEW scheduling options.

Bodybuilding 2.0: The Enhanced Muscle Growth Program

One of the maximum famous workout routines from the book, Bodybuilding is my closing push/pull/legs routine. Unlike typical “frame element splits” which can be designed for genetic freaks the use of each steroid regarded to man (aka “Bodybuilding”), each element of this software is especially designed for us natural, genetically common guys and women.

Targeted Lean Muscle

Many humans need to enhance every a part of their frame equally. However, a number of us might as a substitute area greater emphasize on sure frame components than others. Targeted Lean Muscle permits you to do this through imparting you with extraordinary set-ups so as to area greater focused emphasis to your chest, or back, or shoulders, or quads, or hamstrings.

Outstanding Arms: The Bis/Tris Specialization Program

We all need excellent searching arms, right? Well, if standard exercises aimed toward enhancing your whole frame simply are not getting the process done, that is the exercising for you. Outstanding Arms is a brand new type of arm specialization ordinary this is designed to paintings genuinely nicely for the whole frame at the same time as working extremely nicely for the biceps and triceps.

Upper Body Focused Training

Do you care greater approximately enhancing your top frame than your decrease frame? Are you already glad together along with your legs? Do you simply need to quickly shift your consciousness in the direction of top frame training? If so, I designed this habitual for that specific purpose. You’ll now be capable of hold decrease frame development even as setting greater emphasis for your top frame.

Lower Body Focused Training

Now shall we embrace you’ve got got the alternative aim the preceding exercise become designed for. Meaning, you need to place your higher frame in protection mode so that you can positioned an more desirable schooling attention for your decrease frame (quads, hamstrings, glutes, etc.). In that case, my Lower Body Focused Training habitual goes to be ideal for you.

The 2-Day Workout Routine

One of the most common complaints I hear is “I don’t have enough time to work out 4, 5 or 6 days a week. My schedule is just too busy.” Well, guess what? I’ve taken everything that makes a 4-day routine effective and condensed it down into the most convenient and time-efficient 2-day workout routine you’ll ever see. That’s right, just 2 workouts per week.

Maximum Muscle Hypertrophy

3-day splits are ideal for a lot of people’s schedules, but the options tend to be limited to either full body or upper/lower. That’s why I decided to modify the push/pull/legs split into a variation that A) can be done with just 3 workouts per week, and B) still provides optimal amounts of training frequency (and volume) for each muscle group.

The Fat Loss + Muscle Maintenance Solution

Tested and verified powerful time and time again, that is habitual to apply whilst your aim is dropping fats without dropping muscle. Designed with a completely particular schooling frequency, volume, weekly cut up and depth format, this exercise has allowed me and endless others to maintain lean mass whilst frame fats is without problems lost.

The Beginner Weight Training Routine (Expanded Edition)

Beginners are able to build muscle, increase strength and improve their body faster than any intermediate or advanced trainees ever could. You just need to ensure you’re using a proven beginner routine that’s designed to take full advantage of this fact, and my extremely popular beginner routine (which now includes a 3rd version) does exactly that.

3DM: The 3 Day Mass Gaining Routine

The problem with many upper/lower routines is that they’re meant to be done over 4 days per week (2 upper days, 2 lower days). While this can often be adapted into a 3-day plan, it’s simply never as perfect as it originally was. That’s why I created 3DM. It’s a 3-day upper/lower workout designed specifically for being done using a 3-day upper/lower split.

ALL Of These Workouts Are Included (And More Will Be Added)

Superior Muscle Growth consists of the eleven demonstrated exercises indexed above, a complete of 40+ unique versions, and lots of alternatives to in shape any schedule, revel in level, to be had equipment, non-public choice and unique muscle constructing purpose that you can have This isn’t always the usual “12 weeks of exercises” crap. This is a whole life of exercises. In addition, whenever I upload new exercises (I presently have three new exercises being examined via way of means of humans as we speak), you will routinely get each unmarried certainly considered one among them for free.

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