Shortcut Copywriting Secrets – Jack MacDonald

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Shortcut Copywriting Secrets – Jack MacDonald

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I start to work with them personally. Further, Scott’s course was the very first direct response product to receive my official ‘Gary Halbert Seal Of Approval’… and… the only copywriting course that has received it.


Shortcut Copywriting Secrets – Jack MacDonald is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

“Now, at last, you can use these shortcut copywriting secrets too!

“Proven Pro Copywriter Reveals Amazing Secrets That Simplify And Shortcut The Copywriting Process, Inject More Raw Sales Power Into Every Word You Write… And… Quickly Unleash The Millions Of Dollars Hidden There In That Keyboard Of Yours!”

“Shortcut Copywriting Secrets is so good I recommend you get a copy and read it even before you read anything I have written on the subject. In fact, when I take someone on to mentor in copywriting, the very first thing I insist they do is send me a check for $27,000. Then, the second thing I insist they do is read Scott’s course. Then, and only then will I start to work with them personally. Further, Scott’s course was the very first direct response product to receive my official ‘Gary Halbert Seal Of Approval’… and… the only copywriting course that has received it.”

– Gary C. Halbert, The Gary Halbert Letter

“Warning! This Is A Special One-Time Offer. Please Read Everything Below…”

Hi, my name is Big Jason Henderson, and Scott “Mongo” Haines was my best friend.

Sadly, Scott passed away this past January 10th, 2017 in Tulsa, Oklahoma after being on life support for weeks. I was at his bedside day and night all this time when the decision was made by his family to let him go. Scott’s older brothers, Jamie and Brian, returned to Scott’s room and dropped a bombshell on me.

“We want you to take Scott’s course and continue his legacy. Scott didn’t like to talk about himself. So, we want you to let people know what an amazing copywriter and man he was.”

And in the next few minutes, I am (with your permission) going to send you a copy of Scott’s original Shortcut Copywriting Secrets course absolutely free.

Why am I doing this?

I’ll tell you in a minute. But first, let Scott tell you about Shortcut Copywriting Secrets in his own words.


Scott L. Haines

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to have the ability to write ultra-profitable advertising copy… and… you’d like to have it in the fastest amount of time humanly possible… then I believe this will be one of the most important messages you’ll ever read!

Here’s why…

As it says above, my name is Scott Haines. You may or may not have heard of me. Either way, I think it’s important that I give you a little history of my journey from raw rookie to seasoned pro copywriter writing million-dollar advertising.

I’ve been involved in direct marketing for over 12 years. At first, as a struggling nobody… however… for the last 10 years (or so), I’ve been a successful direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. My journey originally started in college while studying for a degree in Marketing. However, I want to skip over that because, while what happened there was important… it was not nearly as important as what I’m about to tell you. 

Besides, you can read a little more about me and my beginnings in the brief article at the end of this letter titled, “Who Is Scott Haines?”.

For now, let me pick up my story in mid-1998 with the amazing piece of “luck” that changed my life. 

First of all, you should know that I was still working for “The Man” at this point… and… living with my brother. But in my spare time, I was running small direct response projects on the side… having a little success here and there. Anyway, one day, after a particularly grueling day of work (I somehow ended up doing construction in the middle of the summer), I came home and my brother said, “There’s a message on the answering machine for you from Gary Halbert.” I thought he was kidding. 

You see, I had written Halbert a letter a couple of months before asking about getting some of his information products. At the time, trying to get any of his stuff was next to impossible. So I really didn’t expect a reply, but I hoped. And I talked about this guy, “Halbert” and making money in direct marketing A LOT. Of course, I talked to the wrong people. “Well-meaning” family and friends who mostly laughed at my “crazy” ideas and ridiculed my ambition.

So, again, I thought my brother was kidding me. Making fun of my desire to be somebody… to make something more out of my life. It wouldn’t be the first time. In fact, by this time, I pretty much considered him a real asshole! However, I checked the machine, and he wasn’t lying. I couldn’t believe it. And here’s what the message said (at least the important part of it):

“Get your ass down to Florida for a week!”

That was my first introduction-of sorts-to legendary marketing genius Gary Halbert. In any case, he left his number and I called him back immediately. Here’s how the conversation went almost word-for-word:

Me: “Hi Gary, it’s Scott Haines, you gave me a call earlier and left a message.”

Gary: “Who?”

Me:  “Scott Haines. The guy in Oklahoma. Awhile back I wrote you a letter asking how I could get some of your products.”

Gary: “Oh yeah. Hey! listen to this.”

At this point, less than 60 seconds into the conversation, Gary begins to read me a promotion he just finished for Joe Polish (a Marketing Consultant to the Carpet Cleaning Industry). Now, I’m a little taken aback by this. We’d never talked before. And there was no, “Hey, how are you doing?”, or “Yeah, I remember your letter.” type stuff. Just straight into reading me a sales letter out loud over the phone.

Anyway, I’m thinking this is odd but I’m not shocked… yet! 

As he gets into the letter, he begins to talk about going to Brazil to meet hot women, Viagra, and all kinds of other illicit activity. Now mind you, this letter was written to get (mostly) Mom & Pop-types to attend a carpet cleaning marketing seminar. Can you imagine Ron and Betty Carpet Cleaner from Des Moines, Iowa getting a letter from a legendary marketing genius who apparently has lost his mind and turned into a Hefner-esque sex fiend?

But I digress. This goes on for awhile. And when he’s finished, he asks, “Well, what did you think?” I had no choice but to say, “It sounds great!” After all, this was “the” Gary Halbert. “The Ace Of Space.” “The Prince Of Print.” The guy who wrote one of the most widely mailed sales letters in history (over 600,000,000 times!). And I was a nobody. A wannabe marketer from Oklahoma. However, in my mind, I’m thinking, “Is this guy nuts, or what?”


The rest of our conversation was no less strange. He invited me to Florida for a week to pick up some of his products and hang out. But only after telling me all about how Playboy magazine revealed that South Beach had the largest concentration of beautiful women in the world. Then he suggested I stop in Oklahoma City on the way and visit some girl. Apparently because she was some kind of model. Further, he insisted that one of the conditions of me coming to Florida to visit was I had to immediately call this girl-after we got off the phone-and tell her Gary Halbert said “Hi”. I did.

And that was my first ever “live” contact with Gary Halbert.

But that was just the beginning of the strange and crazy adventures. That was on a Thursday. On Friday, I instantly quit my job (sorry “Boss”), picked up my last check, and got on the road to Florida. Once there, Halbert gave me a copy job that I finished with enough speed, adeptness and enthusiasm that he offered me a permanent job and I stayed. 

And that’s when it proceeded to get even more wild and wooly. Someday I may write a book about it. How’s this for a title?…

“Hangin’ With Halbert” The unbelievable adventures of a misfit marketing genius and his-oftentimes reluctant-protégé!

Hey, it’s at least a better book title than the bestselling Tuesdays with Morrie. And I guarantee it would be way more fun to read.

NOTE: My good friend and mentor, Gary Halbert, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007. It was truly a shock and he is missed terribly. Not only by his family and close friends… but also… by the thousands and thousands of marketers he influenced over his long career. I loved the man and he changed my life forever. Thanks buddy.

ALSO NOTE: If you knew Gary, you knew that his favorite color was a sort of coral pink. He painted his cars and boats that color. So, as a tribute to the man who meant so much to me (and many, many others), I chose his color (or at least a close facsimile of it) for this section.

But anyway, something like that is for another time. What I really want to talk to you about today is what I learned from Gary… and… what that means to you and your success

As I said earlier, before meeting Gary, I was already involved in direct response. But I was far from striking it rich. I was making a little money here and there with my projects, but no where near what I wanted (or needed) to make. 

However, that all changed as soon as I started working with Gary. My life got radically- transformed forever. I received a warp-speed, advanced education in direct response and almost instantly got thrust into the world of freelance copywriting. I’ve remained there ever since. 

The reason being…

Copywriting Has Been Very, Very, Very Good To Me!

For example: During the last ten plus years my copywriting skills have financed a lifestyle I never dreamed would be possible. I’ve lived in Miami Beach (at 820 Ocean Drive in the heart of South Beach). I’ve lived in the upscale Doral area of Miami … walking distance from the famous Doral Golf Course. I’ve lived in Key West just off Duval Street, and in the Middle Florida Keys. I’ve lived in Hollywood just a couple of miles from the Sunset Strip. And, I’ve lived in a $1.4 Million beachfront condo in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Another thing… I get up and go to bed when I want to. A childhood dream realized. I always hated schedules and school. Didn’t like to go to bed at 9 or 10 p.m. I also never liked having a job. I didn’t then, and I don’t now, like to work every day. In fact, I work more like part-time… a few days a week. Sometimes-a lot of the time-not at all. Basically, with few exceptions, I do what I want to do, when I want to do it.

And yet, I still make a solid six-figure income year after year working with a wide variety of clients-all super-successful-from high-profile to low. My client list includes multiple marketing gurus… infomercial gurus… multiple New York Times Bestselling Authors… $100+ Million per year direct marketing companies… all the way down to cutting-edge direct marketers making $1 Million to $20 Million a year with tiny businesses in obscure niches. I’ve worked with famous Hollywood stars… and

I’ve Even Been A Ghostwriter For Donald Trump!

I’ve written successful ads and sales letters for information products, hard products and personal services. In all price ranges… from $19.95 to $25,000.00. In many fields, from business opportunity… to business improvement… to health… to financial. The higher-end stuff becoming somewhat my specialty over the years.

My rolodex contains millionaires and multi-millionaires willing to take my call at any time. And not necessarily because I’m a great guy to talk to (although I like to think I am), but because of my ability to talk marketing and advertising. Not just converse on the subjects, but instantly rattle off ideas, suggestions, improvements and copy they can use to boost their response. And I regularly communicate with many of the best copywriters in the world. 

In any case, I’m only telling you all this to let you know who I am and my “credentials”. I’m not bragging, there’s no need. And I certainly don’t like talking about myself. I’m basically somewhat shy and reserved. Therefore, I’ve been content to remain a behind-the-scenes guy. You won’t find me loitering in the halls of the latest, greatest seminar. And you especially won’t find me touting my wares on the seminar circuit. I turn down almost every opportunity to become a high-profile marketer… especially online… where there seems to be at least as many marketing experts as there are minutes in a day.

Since 2003, though, I have opened up “a little” and started to teach what I do. I started out modestly enough with an online newsletter I wrote and published titled, Killer Copywriting Secrets! and a “how to” copywriting guide/mini-course titled:

The Amazing Copywriting Secrets Of An Adman Who Has To Live By His Results!

The success of those two “products” (both in terms of sales and the results of people who read them) along with the near constant prodding I received of, “Don’t you have anything else on copywriting?” led me to thoughts of writing a full-blown course. Which I finally did. I wrote the course on a month-by-month basis over a one-year period for a small group of roughly 100 Charter Members. It’s now finished and ready to release to the broader public. It’s titled:

Shortcut Copywriting Secrets™

A complete, step-by-step copywriting course that quickly gives you the elite-level secrets, skills and strategies needed to write hot, compelling advertising that… is impossible to ignore… forces people to buy… and… can make you very rich, very fast!

Why did I title the course “Shortcut” Copywriting Secrets? There are four reasons actually:

Reason #1: The insider information in the course can shortcut your learning curve-for real-by at least 5, if not 10 years. (And in reality, on your own, you might not ever get to the skill level these secrets, skills and strategies will allow.)

Reason #2: In the course, you’ll discover many legitimate shortcuts to the copywriting process… that… not only help you write more, faster… but also help you write more persuasively. 

Reason #3: There are “Shortcut Summaries Of Key Points” at the end of each chapter to refer to and refresh your memory before (and during) each promotion you write. These are especially useful if you are stuck for ideas or just want to brainstorm how “best” to approach a particular ad, sales letter or campaign. (I use these summaries to stay fresh even though it’s MY course. After all, who can remember everything at all times?)

Reason #4: The word “shortcut” has great appeal. Especially in this day and age when there is so much to do and so much to keep up with. I love it when I find a-for real-better, faster way of accomplishing something. As do most people.

So those are the four reasons I chose the title. 

I designed the course in a logical, step-by-step, easy-to-understand fashion. I’ll take you by the hand from Headline to P.S. (in order) and show you exactly how it is done. No guesswork. No theory. No B.S. Nothing to work out on your own. Just clear, simple instructions written in plain English. 

Here’s a “sneak peek” into the hard-won, insider secrets each section reveals…

Chapter 1: How To Write Killer Headlines That Are Impossible To Ignore!

The four crucial elements found in every great headline! (These elements force people to read your advertising… because… they strike right at the heart of basic human nature. The same human nature that hasn’t changed since the beginning of recorded history. If you don’t infuse your headline with at least one-preferably, two or more-of these critical elements every time… you’re doomed to fail!)

A perfect headline example-maybe the most perfect ever-of how to combine all four crucial elements of a great headline for stunning, “break the bank” response! (This example is a tested, proven winner and comes from one of the most brilliant copywriters of all time. I strive for this level of perfection, and you should to… if… you want to succeed as often as is possible.)

A simple headline test question you must ask yourself every time. (Quickly tighten up and improve readership and response of every headline you write from now on. This “trim the fat” secret-until now-has only been known to an elite handful of the top writers in the world!)

Three proven shortcut formulas for writing super-effective headlines! (In a hurry? Need a “for sure” winner… RIGHT NOW? Here are three quick and deadly-effective ways to write winners in one-tenth of the time you do now. Not only do these formulas save massive amounts of time… but often… the headline you create using them will be far better than anything you could ever “dream up” on your own!)

The greatest headline/opening statement formula ever invented… almost never fails!

How to “cheat” and “steal” your way to killer headlines! (A technique so simple and effective, even a novice copywriter can use it to turn out a masterpiece in a few minutes! 100% legal and ethical, by the way.)

How all your headlines should look for maximum response! (Based on my research and knowledge of scientific reading tests… I make formatting your headlines for maximum response simple. I’ll reveal everything you need to know about things like fonts, font size, color, headline length, etc. I wish I had this information when I started… this stuff took me years to figure out!)

Chapter 2: How To Write Killer Headlines That Are Impossible To Ignore! Part II

The “No Sweat, No Brainer” secret weapon top professional copywriters use to quickly and almost effortlessly create world-class winning headlines… even on days when their minds are completely frozen!)

The most (ethically) ripped-off headline in history. (Written in the 1920’s, variations of this headline are still used today with astonishing success. I’ll show you how to adapt and adopt it for your own use, too!)

How to use-for your own efforts-the tantalizing headline of the most successful space ad in history!

A proven way to increase your odds of writing a winning headline by 1,000% (at least)!

How to “bump up” the pulling-power of your headlines… even when you think you’ve already written the very best one you are capable of writing!

7 sources of winning headlines you can tap into to help you write headlines that sizzle!

Three industry-leading direct response web sites that-as a copywriter-you must know about!

One of the most powerful techniques known to man for getting people to read and respond to your advertising!

How to make sure your sales messages get read! (Invented in the early 20th Century and only used today by a handful of super-savvy advertisers… this “ancient” technique supercharges response!

Three world-class examples of this “ancient” technique in action! (Plus the most masterful use of it ever. Best part: You can use it too!)

How to create a flood of buyers for just about any product or service using two simple pennies!

The easy, one-word (sometimes two) change that always boosts response by at least 20% to 30%!

The headline and opening that almost never fails to bump response by double, triple, or more without changing another single word of copy!

A near secret web site you’ve gotta have in your copywriting toolbox if you want to increase the readership of all your direct mail sales letters!

Chapter 3: How To Write Killer Headlines That Are Impossible To Ignore! Part III

How to instantly command the attention of even the most skeptical, disinterested prospect in the world! (This “trick” forces every prospect to at least start reading your message… which is 90% of the battle. (I show you three killer examples of this “trick” in action.)

One simple change you can make to every direct mail sales letter you send that can doubletripleeven quadruple or more your response every time. (Takes just a couple of minutes, too!)

Seven secret ways to “focus” your prospect’s attention on your sales message and get them to act now!

Chapter 4: How To Write Killer Headlines That Are Impossible To Ignore! Part IV

How to test the effectiveness of every headline you write before you spend a single dime running it! (It’s a simple 26-word question you can ask yourself that will eliminate all but the hottest, most responsive headlines you create. Works instantly… every time!)

John Caples advice for creating breakthrough headlines!

Two simple, but little-known secrets that kill writer’s block and help you write much more persuasive headlines… faster and easier than you ever thought possible!

A quick and easy headline writing exercise that’ll loosen you up and force your thinking way outside-the-box… to a place you probably cannot go on your own… yet… this is often “the place” where creative breakthroughs are made!)

2 more unusual tips for instantly better headlines!

A movie you must see from the 1980’s that’ll increase your creativity… and… may make you a far more effective copywriter. (At the very least, you’ll get some serious laughs!)

Two more questions that work almost like magic for finding breakthrough headline ideas and themes. (These questions are especially effective when you are stuck and just can’t seem to find the right “hook” or “angle”!)

How to sleep for ideas!

How Napoleon Hill came up with the title for his mega-bestselling book, Think and Grow Rich. (By the way, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield also used this technique to come with their book title, Chicken Soup for the Soul. A title that has sold over 100 million copies in 39 languages worldwide!)

Why Mark Twain claims he never worked/wrote a day in his life… his effortless accomplishment secret revealed!

Two books-one by a famous adman/copywriter, another by a religious/metaphysical teacher-you absolutely need in your reference library. (Guaranteed to reduce your writing “workload”!)

John Carlton’s advice for getting started even when you think you can’t! (This works… I’m actually using it to write this… right now!)

5 more critical secrets I’ve learned from Carlton over the years that I always keep in the forefront of my mind when crafting headlines!

The power of the “magic pill” solution!

What “work” words are, how to identify them in your copy… and… why you must eliminate them! (This separates the wannabes from the world-class. I can instantly identify B-level and C-level copy from A-level by the “work” word factor. Why? Because of the deep-level, critical thinking required not to use work words in copy. The B-level [and below] guys just don’t get it.)

How to use the “fresh eyes” technique to eliminate deadwood headlines… and… uncover the killer ones!

Five additional books (three, out-of-print) on writing killer headlines you must read and reread… and… how to get them!

I want to take a brief time-out here to make a point. As you may have noticed, the first four chapters of my course deals with “how to” write killer headlines. And actually, as you’ll see in just a second, the fifth chapter deals with headlines some, too”

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