Shoptimized – Bradley Long, Josh Hutchinson

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Shoptimized – Bradley Long, Josh Hutchinson

Original price was: $747.00.Current price is: $61.00.

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To all beginners, Teespringers, dropshippers, struggling affiliates, overworked product creators… or anyone else who wants to make big bucks with a SIMPLE business they can be proud of:


Shoptimized – Bradley Long, Josh Hutchinson is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

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How I created a $25,000 per month income stream from a simple little shop without stock or staff…

… and how YOU can launch and profit from your own “Shoptimized” store in 30 days or less

To all beginners, Teespringers, dropshippers, struggling affiliates, overworked product creators… or anyone else who wants to make big bucks with a SIMPLE business they can be proud of:

On this page, I’m revealing

  • How I created a $25,000 per month e-commerce website, without any stock or staff
  • The real secret behind a successful store (hint – it’s not what you sell, but how you sell it)
  • How to avoid thousands of unnecessary costs, bypass weeks of work and set up a high converting store in days, not months…

It took me years of pain and maxed out credit cards to discover the truth…

Product creation, blogging, affiliate marketing, consulting and coaching is not easy.

Not even close.

I’m not saying these are “bad” business models, but the truth is…

Selling physical products to a hungry crowd is easy pickings!

I don’t care if you’re brand new, on a budget, super busy or a complete technophobe like me…

… because the truth is…

… selling tangible products like T-shirts or mugs is so much easier than trying to sell a complex product or service. Physical products almost sell themselves.


There’s way more things to sell…

… with less competition…

… and tons more traffic!

How I launched a $25,000 per month “Shoptimized” ecommerce website, selling everyday items that attract thousands of daily buyers with practically zero sales resistance…

Hi, my name is Bradley Long and e-commerce has changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

I remember the day well…

As we arrived home from a weekend trip with the family, I rushed to the office to check my sales.

When my sales report finally popped up…

… I felt a massive rush of excitement.


Because my e-commerce store just pulled in $4,326 in one weekend…

  • Without creating products
  • Without writing sales letters
  • Without building niche websites
  • Without pitching affiliate offers or selling advertising space

The ultimate toolkit for banking a seven figure e-commerce income, without stock or staff!

Shoptimized is our complete toolkit for quickly launching a Shopify store that actually makes money… big money.

If you’re not familiar, Shopify is the most robust, easy to use, search engine friendly, affordable platform for creating an online storefront.

And with Shoptimized…

We build you a better “lemonade stand”

We provide you with the tools and training to finally achieve your financial dreams with your online store.

Let’s start with…

“The seven figure store blueprint”

We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars testing what works, and put everything we know inside this blueprint (the same blueprint we follow every time we launch a new store.)

Inside this blueprint, you’ll discover…

  • How we uncover profitable niches where the competition is low, the traffic and profit margins are high and the buyers are everywhere
  • How to select the perfect business model for your online store (yes, there’s more than one way to sell lemons!)
  • The simple way to source quality, in demand products and how to set up fulfillment so you don’t have to handle any stock
  • How to get your first high converting store set up in a single day
  • How and why to use headlines on your product landing pages (this is a huge step you can’t afford to miss)
  • Our persuasive pricing strategies that outsmart the fierce competition and give you the lion’s share of the traffic and sales
  • How to make people want your offer more than the competitor’s, even if the price and product is identical
  • The 3 letter word that makes people want to buy your products on the spot
  • How to sell products like crazy with livechat tools, using 2 weird tricks that most people overlook
  • The two pages that kill your sales dead, and how to turn them into sales weapons within minutes from now
  • How to create a silent sales machine that brings customers back to your store to buy more stuff, over and over
  • The tested architecture behind persuasive product pages and item descriptions
  • How to encourage visitors to use the single most important feature your store has (and it’s not the navigation bar or buy buttons.)
  • How to get people off the fence and buying like crazy, without leaving your store and abandoning your shopping cart
  • The 4 things your page headers must include to keep visitors from bouncing from your site in the first 3 seconds
  • The “attract and mirror” technique we use for product images that sell, sell, sell!
  • How your visitor’s “mental shopping list”can make or break your sales, and how to check off each “item” in their brains, to take them from sceptical and unsure, to convinced and converted.
  • 4 simple tricks to ramping up your telephone orders (use this to snag sales from sceptical, nervous buyers)
  • 2 rules for your call-to-action buttons, links and other text that you must use if you want to enjoy the sales you deserve
  • 8 conversion multipliers that allow you to position standard, every day products to sell like cold beer at Mardi Gras
  • How to make your loyalty program fire on all cylinders and keep people coming back to you, and not your competitors
  • The little-known risk reversal trick to wipe out any resistance from your visitors, putting your sales on steroids from day one

Shoptimized is the only e-commerce toolkit and training platform you need to crush it with your own Shopify store…

It’s no secret that most e-commerce stores fail within 6 months because they’re built on themes that ignore what really matters… conversions and backend sales.

Shoptimized shows you how to build a Shopify store that gets a monster conversion rate from day one, based on endless tests across dozens of stores in 23 niches.

Then, Shoptimized gives you the training and the tools you need to make more money from each new customer…

… by capturing their emails and upselling, cross-selling, retargeting and rewarding them…

… putting more money in your pocket, for months or even years ahead.

So instead of constantly searching for new customers every day, and instead of wondering why nobody is buying…

… you’re finally in control of your buyers, your sales and your financial future.

Which means…

You don’t need Amazon, eBay, Teespring or Etsy to make a full time
e-commerce income!

Some people will tell you that Amazon, eBay, TeeSpring, Etsy are the “best” option when it comes to selling physical products online.

Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely diversify into Amazon and some of these other platforms.

They’re great for testing the water, but…

  • They don’t put you in control of your business.
  • They don’t let you build or cross-sell a customer database.
  • They don’t let you upsell or cross-sell related items, run email promotions to loyal customers, spread your store across social media (… and all of the other essential marketing tools you need to survive as an online store owner in 2015 and beyond.)

You should expect more…

… especially for the hefty fees they’re charging!

The bottom line is…

“If you want to sell more lemons, you need to create a better lemonade stand.”

Shoptimized gives you the tools to do it.

And it gets even better, because…

You can start and run a profitable e-commerce store with the loose change that’s hidden down the back of your couch!

Thanks to Shopify, you can build your own store for pennies, and with our templates, tools and training, you can generate an insane ROI from every customer…

… and you’ll never have to risk a penny on inventory or stock thanks to our dropshipping methods and automatic fulfilment app!

And if you follow our lead, you can get all the buyer traffic you’ll need for as little as $7 per day in ad spend.

The bottom line is…

If others can make thousands per month with our Shopify tools and training, you can too…

Most people can’t imagine riding a bike or driving a car… until they just do it… and then wonder why they didn’t start sooner.

With Shoptimized, it’s like having someone right beside you, operating the gears, brakes and gas, while you simply steer your way to the profits.

Heck, if you can operate a smartphone, manage your inbox, or do online banking…

… you have all the technical “skill” you’ll ever need to launch your online store tonight, and make out like a bandit.

And thanks to our exclusive, carefully designed templates and tools, you’ll be up and running in hours (not days…)

… and once you’ve completed our quick start training…

… running your store takes just minutes per day.

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