Shop of Moxie – The 2015 Six Appeal Process – Ash Ambirge

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Shop of Moxie – The 2015 Six Appeal Process – Ash Ambirge

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Shop of Moxie – The 2015 Six Appeal Process – Ash Ambirge is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

The world’s first class that teaches a step-by-step process for creating emotional appeal with anything you write.

A framework designed to help any business, freelancer or creative electrocute their revenue past six figures by changing nothing more than their words.

Everyone talks about making an emotional connection and why it’s THE #1 KEY to selling your services, products, ideas, & creative work. There’s just one problem:


Enter: The 2015 Six Appeal Process™

A class that teaches you a revolutionary repeatable framework designed to walk you step-by-step through a user friendly, powerhouse process to transform any blah, bland, cliché, average, sea-of-sameness jumble of sentences…into statements that don’t just turn heads, but hearts. And major profits.

Because what you say really is more important than what you sell.

And this will prove it.

Designed Exclusively to Seduce Emotions.

No matter what you sell – even if it’s just yourself & your ideas – one thing is certain: Nothing about buying behavior is logical. So if people aren’t using logic to buy, then you can’t use logic to sell. The Six Appeal Process™ waves bye bye to what most people assume is true and turns the art of pulling heart strings into a carefully honed business process designed to help you strategically engineer desired behavior – not merely hope for it.

Your job is to disarm the intellect and go straight to the heart. Because anything less and you were never in the game in the first place.

Backed by Science, Research & Balls.

I help start-ups, disruptive industries and unconventional businesses, projects and people position themselves intelligently and make more money than they ever thought possible through brand messaging that has balls. Combined with a seasoned background in Applied Linguistics, PR & online marketing, and the development and execution of numerous multiple 6 and 7 figure online brands on top of nearly a decade worth of relevant research & experience, I have an unprecedented understanding of what it takes to use words as a weapon. I developed The Six Appeal Process™ to take the real-world realities of an online sales environment, and combine that knowledge with proven principles of psycholinguistics, neuroscience & consumer buying psychology in order to help the average Joe & Jane raise the bar. Because when you’re an everyday Joe & Jane, average doesn’t produce an average income – it produces less. And when it comes to making money, less is not actually more.

Love isn’t blind.

Not when you know how to engineer it the right way.

And Easily Applied to Anything You’re Writing.

The Six Appeal Process™ was designed to be painless, practical, user friendly, and most importantly, repeatable. No matter what you’re writing: your website copy, a one-off sales page, a blog post, or a long lost letter to that boy in Cuba, you can refer to the process time and time again.

Get Shop of Moxie – The 2015 Six Appeal Process – Ash Ambirge, Only Price $47

The Six Appeal Process™ will help you go from being just another option, to being the only option they want. No matter what industry you’re in. (Cat stranglers need not apply.)

It’s nearly impossible to stand out anymore.

The world is drowning in a chaotic sea of info, blog posts, bullshit and pay attention to me! syndrome. Just think how hectic it is to even scroll through your Facebook feed these days.

The deepest, darkest bottom line: People are HAPPY to tune you out.

(In fact, it’s become their default setting to do so.)

And that means that now, more than ever, if you’re getting tuned out?

Your profits (not to mention your ideas & dreams) are getting turned OFF.

And the only ones who will be able to slip past the world’s high-security brain filters?

A lot of people still think success is about getting found online, but they’re wrong.

People aren’t stupid. You might make it to the #1 spot on Google for “porn cucumber,” but if the human who’s reading on the other side of the screen decides you’re a porn cucumber? There’s nothing Google can do. Google can’t make the sale for you.

It’s time to stop relying on fast fixes and best intentions, and start depending on yourself to make this work.

Hop online and you’ve got millions of people at your fingertips???and I’m not even making a pun.

Think: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Reddit (do people still use that?), email lists, Instagram, YouTube, Medium….the list goes on.

You’re DOING that stuff. And it’s still not working. The world is onto the cliché marketing tactics of “download my e-Book!” and “subscribe to my newsletter!”

So if you ever thought you just weren’t “getting found,” it has nothing to do with that. Because people ARE finding you.

The real problem?

They don’t care. 67% of the people that were about to give you money, don’t.

Whether you’re selling web design, coaching, photography, another type of service, a workshop, a dynamite Etsy creation, a book, a physical product, a 499 page PDF, or your grandmother’s pearls (tsk!), online cart abandonment rates tell us you’re accidentally losing a lot of money.

67% is nearly 7 out of 10 people. (Math. We meet again.)

So let’s say you charge $1,000 for a service you offer.

That means that for every $3,000 you do make,

you let another $7,000 slip like satin right through your fingers.

Seven thousand dollars is a lot of money to be letting ice capade right out the door. Their finger was ON THE BUY / CONTACT / YES! BUTTON for goodness sake, which just proves one thing:

You don’t need to market yourself.

You need to magnetize yourself.

And that’s what The Six Appeal Process™ class is all about. Words are never just words.

They’re tools that are either helping you sell, or preventing you from selling.

There is no middle ground.

Here’s the deal: The human brain is a living, pulsating tangle of nerves that are clever, but extremely lazy.

It sees a lot, but ignores a lot more. The brain works to take any new information and quickly connect the dots in order to help you make sense of the world. The trouble is this: The brain can never tell if it’s connecting the right dots. It just connects randomly where it can. Which is a pretty careless move for an efficient machine like THE HUMAN BRAIN, but that’s precisely it:

The brain is programmed to be as efficient as possible, at all costs.

So in the name of efficiency, it skips right over any and all fluff.

And that includes you, your shopping cart, your ideas, your call to action or that blog post you wrote that you thought for sure would go viral (but, ahem, didn’t). If the brain already thinks it can guess what you’re about to say, it’ll skip over what you’re actually saying.

And the bigger problem with that is this:

Anytime you use lazy language,

anytime you just write “whatever comes to mind,”

anytime you just wing it?

Your customers will skip right over YOU.

Because words aren’t “content” –

they’re code.

Code that tells people whether to pay attention, or not. Whether to listen to you, or not.

Whether to buy from you, or not.

That’s what makes writing, and in particular, copywriting, a science.

But unlike science, which is easily repeatable, copywriting is unique in the sense that

no two brands can ever write the same thing to create the same effect.

Are the ones who know where to find the back door.

When you learn to effectively switchblade the science & the art of words, you can write for behavior.

And when you can write for behavior, you can influence behavior.

Introducing the 2015:

The world’s first class that teaches you a step-by-step, repeatable process to create an emotional high with anything you write ???

??? and improve your revenue by six figures or more this year with nothing more than your words.

…Because words are all you’ve got.

Get Shop of Moxie – The 2015 Six Appeal Process – Ash Ambirge, Only Price $47

The Rundown

Join us online as a member of the 2015 The Six Appeal Process class this June, and use the process any time you need to write words that sell…today and one hundred years from now.

Follow the process anytime you sit down to write, and relax knowing that your words are workhorsing for you…not against you. If you aren’t saying the right things, people simply aren’t going to do what you want them to. I’ll help you understand what that means for your business or project, and how we can use it to shape your language so no matter what industry you’re in, it’ll artfully influence the behavior of every single person who dared – and show your competitors exactly what a hot slice of raw envy feels like. (Pity hankerchief not included.)

Ditch the sea of sameness—before you lose yet another person who yawned and thought, “Meh.”

No matter what you’re working on, when you learn how to apply The Six Appeal Process™ to your words, what you say will never sound dull / boring / cliché / average / commonplace again. Why? Because your unique interaction with the process itself will shape the final outcome, which means the final outcome will, inevitably, be unique, too. Because let’s face it: The sea of sameness is literally drowning you out. Let mama throw you a hot chartreuse lifejacket. (That will be the last time I ever call myself “mama.”)

Never experience “writer’s block” or be at a loss for words again. (Unless someone actually develops a porn cucumber.)

Bored to death with your own writing? Stare at the screen thinking, “I have no idea what to say,” or, “How do I know if it’s good enough?” or “Is the internet turning me into a hunchback?” Good news: You’ll never have this problem again. Follow the process as it’s desgiend and realize ROI like never before. (Even when it’s in the middle of the night, your eye is twitching, and your brain is so fried you can’t remember the difference between “effect” and “affect” TO SAVE ANYBODY’S LIFE.) You’ll likely be surprised that the process is a complete 180 from the way most people teach you to write copy. Surprise! I won’t actually be asking you to create yet another riveting “customer avatar” that’ll sit in a Word doc in the same exact folder where dreams (and 3am wine-induced-sleepless-writing rants) go to die. Relieved?

Rev your ROI. Make money a game. Add six figures to your bottom line—and then some. Money = The power to choose. To choose a good life. To choose curiosity. To choose complete wind-in-the-face exhilaration. What would you do tomorrow if you could do anything?

It’s called The Six Appeal Process™ for a reason: You might have a decent website, a great head on your shoulders, good ideas, or the most well-thought out business model, but if you don’t have Six Appeal, you just lost $7,000 while you were reading this sentence. Don’t fool yourself: Every well-meaning Mary who convinces themselves that money isn’t that important, or you can’t make great money with the internet unless you’re the exception, clearly hasn’t figured it out yet. Money has always been power, and when you learn to leverage language the way you should be – you’ll cultivate both. And if money = choice, then power = life’s open bar. At the end of the day, you’ve got two choices: You can show up to the bar wearing leopard print, screaming to get heard, flailing your arms in a desperate attempt to get anyone to pay attention to you – or, you can be the power player in white who commands the room merely by walking into it. The choice is a clear one – it’s the path that sometimes isn’t.

The Six Appeal Process™ is that path.

Get your questions answered by me personally. Workshop your writing live in class. And stop doing everything all yourself. (After all, business is more fun when you’ve got a partner in crime.)

Because sometimes it’s nice to have real people in your corner. And sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra reassurance. And sometimes your significant other will get so tired of hearing about you, your business, your website, and your copy, they’ll start wearing ear plugs at the dinner table, which will inevitably make you feel really bad about yourself. During The Six Appeal Process 2015, I’ll be available to answer your questions, help you when you trip up, and seeing how we can make it most useful for YOU. This is the closest it gets to one-on-one consulting (which you may know I do on for $500/hour) and given that our copywriting waiting list is (very humbly) 100+ people deep, this is a great way (and the only way) to ‘pick my brain’ and USE me and my experience to your benefit. And while I thought I’d never tell anyone to take advantage of me, you have my full permission. After all:

An unfair advantage is still an advantage.


Every Sunday for Six Weeks

Regular two-hour class session | 8am Los Angeles / 11am New York / 4pm London

Every Wednesday for Six Weeks

Optional co-collaborative 2-hour writing workshopping session | 1pm Los Angeles / 4pm New York / 9pm London

We’ll take volunteers to share their work, do live editing, provide constructive feedback, do real-time copy transformations and have an absolute ball learning how to transform our writing from average to brilliant, word by word…together.

Class runs for six weeks from Sunday June 14th – Sunday July 19th, 2015





Just download each week & follow along with class on your own time

Every Wednesday you’ll receive a downloadable bundle containing that week’s video screencast lesson, audio MP3 versions for listening-only, professionally produced transcripts and Evernote Cliff Notes for fast & easy-reference…because everyone likes a little fast ‘n easy.




Participate live in class & attend weekly workshopping sessions!

Log into our classroom on Sundays & Wednesdays, participate in live discussions, and join our weekly co-collaborative workshopping sessions where we’ll take volunteers to share their work, do some live editing, provide constructive feedback, do real-time copy transformations and transform whatever you’re working on from average to brilliant, word by word…together.

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