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When you combine all three of these elements together, you create a powerful synergistic effect to help you transform your body. The power comes from the integration of each element towards a common goal. Every good coach understands this process.



Shapeshifter – Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

What is the Shapeshifter Program?

Well, for starters, it’s a digital (ie downloadable) equipment-free, bodyweight exercise program that is meant to help you favorably change the shape of your body over the course of 6 weeks or longer. Shapeshifter will help you lose fat, build muscle, and create a beautiful physique using workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime. But this is so much more than just a workout program. It’s comprised of three major elements: training workouts, diet methods, and lifestyle strategies. When you combine all three of these elements together, you create a powerful synergistic effect to help you transform your body. The power comes from the integration of each element towards a common goal. Every good coach understands this process.

Sure, you can make good progress by starting a workout program, and every diet will help you lose weight for at least a few weeks (even a poor diet). But when you combine a well-rounded training program with a goal-targeted diet, and supercharge that combination with a blend of carefully-chosen lifestyle strategies, you have a formula for major success. People who have dieted in the past without training (or vice versa) will notice a big difference in their results when they start to integrate both strategies together. And that’s exactly what the Shapeshifter Program does.

So, in terms of what you’ll actually get when you buy, the package will include things like: exercise tutorial videos and manuals, follow-along videos, warmup and cooldown videos, detailed performance tips, progress tracking guides, simple diet and lifestyle coaching in the form of articles and videos (including some guest articles from topic experts), and many other things. There are far too many to list here, so you’ll just have to read the sales page to cover it all.

On top of all the program materials themselves, you’ll also get access to an entire community of people who are using the program together – one of the greatest aspects of this product. To truly change your body and your life, accountability will be a huge asset for your success, especially if family, friends, and co-workers aren’t very supportive of your goals. The social support is contagious in a community like this, and will help motivate you to stick with the program.

What Makes The Shapeshifter Program Unique

Before I even get to the Pro’s and Con’s, I want to mention one of the finest aspects of the Shapeshifter Program. Shapeshifter takes plug-and-play to a whole new level. This is one major advantage that this product has over others in terms of content delivery.

Adam and Ryan understand that true body transformation is very tough to accomplish – especially long-term. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment because it requires that you change your habits and behavior over a period of weeks, months, and even years. So, rather than just sell you a stock workout program and leave you in the dark once they’ve got your cash, they’ve created a powerful follow-up system that will kick-start you into action on a daily basis. Yep. Every. Single. Day.

It’s true that a lot of recent training programs are plug-and-play. Honestly though, compared to what I’ve seen so far, this goes beyond plug-and-play. This is “take you by the hand, and do exactly as I tell you” plug-and-play. Ryan and Adam have gone the extra mile to make sure everyone who purchases this program has absolutely no excuse not to succeed. Everything is outlined for you in advance, and there is no stone left unturned.

One of the positive side-effects of a plug-and-play program like this is that it’s action-oriented. This is especially great because the ultimate goal in making a purchase like this is to change something about yourself – and that requires massive action-taking. We know that any diet or workout program will work for at least a few weeks because action always trumps perfection (even a poor program will produce some results initially). Shapeshifter will provide not only the action steps needed, but focused action items that will help move you towards your physique goals as fast as possible.

This is like the ultimate quick-start guide for pursuing your physique goals on the fast track.

Shapeshifter Program Pro’s

There are a lot of things that I like about this program, and I’ve picked 10 of them to focus on in this review.

1) No equipment required – A huge advantage that Shapeshifter has over many other body transformation programs is that it requires zero equipment – meaning you need absolutely nothing else to get started and you can do the workouts anywhere, and anytime. You don’t need a gym membership or an expensive home gym to complete the Shapeshifter program. In fact, most of the workouts can be done in the space that two yoga mats would take up on the ground.

2) Short, but intense workouts that fit all but the busiest schedules – Most of the workouts can be completed in about 20-30 minutes, making them very time efficient and workable for almost anyone regardless of schedule or time availability.

3) Holistic workout program – There are six elements incorporated into the actual exercise program: cardioflow, 3D strength training, afterburners, neuroboost sessions, Shapeshifter stack, and Shapeshifter regen. So, this is not just a strength training + cardio program, but a holistic approach for physique development using some of the most effective training methods Adam and Ryan have come across in their combined experience. Please note that these methods are based on timeless principles – no voodoo or program design magic at work. There’s nothing new under the sun here, just repackaged and reorganized in a new way for this particular system (with fancy, updated names).

4) Recovery techniques are built-in to the curriculum – Part of the holistic nature of the workout program is that recovery techniques are included in the system itself. So, you’re not just sent off to enjoy a rest day (aka off day) a few times a week, but you actually do some physical training every day (I love it!). When you don’t have a challenging strength training session, you’ll spend some time on active recovery to speed up your progress. Not only that, but there are within-workout recovery techniques included as well. These advanced training strategies are invaluable to anyone who intends on getting the most out of the entire six week program.

5) The entire program is Plug + Play – I know I mentioned this above, but I wanted to reiterate that there is no guesswork involved with the Shapeshifter Program. You just follow the daily instructions and do the work when you’re supposed to. No need to figure anything out or customize your program. It’s action-oriented.

6) Holistic body transformation approach – As I alluded to before, this isn’t just a workout program, but a complete lifestyle design program. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each element works with the next to help maximize the potential progress your body can achieve in six weeks time. It’s quite the departure from most traditional workout programs in this regard.

7) The program is structured yet flexible – Shapeshifter is very structured. It tells you exactly what to do every single day. Although, there is a little bit of room for flexibility, and there are even some alternative activity suggestions included in the program itself. So, you don’t necessarily have to give up your current physical activity routine to follow Shapeshifter.

8) Great for both beginners and seasoned trainee’s – You don’t need to be familiar with dieting, fitness training, or anything else related to them to start the Shapeshifter program. Everything is laid out for you already and it was created with the beginner in mind. That said, even athletes and seasoned fitness trainee’s will find value in the Shapeshifter Program for off-season training purposes or low-tech training options.

9) Hollywood-quality video production – Adam and Ryan pulled out all the stops, including hiring a professional film crew for all of their video production and editing. Not only is the content superb, but also the presentation. This not only makes it easier to follow the program, but also instills a confidence in its effectiveness.

10) High value for your money – For less than the cost of a single personal training session, you get a complete system to help you transform your body over six weeks. There is a LOT of material included in the program. They could easily charge hundreds of dollars for this, but they wanted to make this accessible to as many people as possible. So, if you’re shopping around based on value, this is definitely a viable option.

I could go on, but I hope you get the idea by now. This is well-beyond most other fitness training programs available online.

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