Seo Rockstars-2020 Recordings – Dori Friend

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Seo Rockstars-2020 Recordings – Dori Friend

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $58.00.

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I pride myself on seeking out the ‘underground ninjas’ that are out there doing some really amazing things but don’t leave their bat caves much. I love luring them out and having them share all of their goodies.


Seo Rockstars-2020 Recordings – Dori Friend is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!


“I pride myself on seeking out the ‘underground ninjas’ that are out there doing some really amazing things but don’t leave their bat caves much. I love luring them out and having them share all of their goodies.

On top of the underground SEO’s we had speaking, I was REALLY EXCITED by some of the incredibly BIG NAMES we wrangled to speak at our event this year! I think you will be to.

I KNOW that you will enjoy the recordings as much as we did seeing it LIVE (well virtually anyway;)It was indeed the best year BY FAR!”

Dori Friend

Founder, SEORockstars


It was 100% jam packed with SEO Knowledge Bombs. You will hear things you have never heard about before. We Speakers busted SEO myths and Delivered SEO Strategies and Case Studies that you don’t want to miss out on!


Watch Any Time, Over & Over Again

DAY 1: 


Entity SEO: How topics and semantics trump keywords in a Bert based world.

What You Get: What if we told you there is something more powerful than keywords? Would you believe us? Dixon is here to reveal what he has found is more powerful than keywords and is even replacing keywords in the SERPs. Google is already moving in this direction. Dixon shows you the tools you can use to stay ahead of your competition.

Who He Is: Do the names Majestic and InLinks ring a bell? Dixon has over 20 years of experience in search marketing and 25 years of business innovation experience. He’s currently serving as the CEO of

Watch Part Of Dixon’s Presentation

10:00 – 10:45 AM PSTRYAN STEWART

Scaling your agency through “productization”.

What You Get: Scaling your agency isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing less. In this talk, we’ll cover how to “productize” your cumbersome agency services into a streamlined, efficient product. The result is a more agile, higher margin, reduced headache business model that scales with less friction.

Who He Is: As a consultant for Deloitte, Ryan’s marketing journey started over 10 years ago. He has worked with Aim, Best Buy, and the DoD as a strategist. He then went on and founded WEBRIS in early 2016. Fast forward to this year and he wrote the book on SEO…literally. And it’s an Amazon Best Seller.

Watch Part Of Ryan’s Presentation


How to scale your business without working crazy hours or hiring a bunch of people.

What You Get: All it takes is 3 secret tweaks to change your business forever. Lisa shares the three secrets she has learned that changed her business and her life forever. She’ll share with you the steps and processes she uses so you can replicate it too. You do not need to spend years in limbo as she did.

Who She Is:Lisa is the co-founder of Portside Marketing, LLC, EZ Online Printer and Agency Fast Track. She has built a multi-million dollar empire. Known as the “sales guru” to the SEO community, Lisa has an established track record of client success and has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Watch Part Of Lisa’s Presentation

12:00 – 12:45 PM PSTJERRY WEST

PBN’s and tools for link building in today’s environment (i.e. GSA SER) and link building in general.

What You Get: PBNs are an important part of SEO and ranking. Jerry takes you through real and actionable link building strategies for your PBNs. He will share his secret box of tools he uses to keep sites ranking in today’s environment.

Who He Is:Jerry is Ungagged’s keynote speaker, along with being PubCon’s annual speaker and moderator. Jerry has generated over $26M in sales for three years. His long list of qualifications includes being a certified consultant for Amazon and eBay.

Watch Part Of Jerry’s Presentation


How to find and optimize powerful local links.

What You Get: Are you in the local market and need local links that actually move the ranking needle? Keith walks you through his exclusive method for finding local links. But finding them are never enough. And most people miss this step… he shows you to how optimize them for your market.

Who He Is: Keith has over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising. He ownes UpHero. From marketing to sales and regarding technological applications, Keith’s knowledge is enough for you to increase your brand’s online presence and sales without paying such a high price.

Watch Part Of Keith’s Presentation


Scaling goals and businesses.

What You Get: Does it feel like you’re doing Guess-EO instead of SEO? Every time you need to rank a client or project do you find yourself “second guessing” rather than following a repeatable set of Formulas? In this session, Matt Versteeg will reveal 5 of his proven SEO Formulas that still produce rankings. Some will be simple. In fact, you may have done these tasks before. But Matt will show you how “Formulizing” simple SEO tasks that you can outsource will produce the greatest amount of rankings without all of the stress.

Who He Is: Matt is an online marketing expert. Scaling goals and businesses through different approaches and techniques are just one way this magician can help you get results that increase your sales and expand your network!

Watch Part Of Matt’s Presentation

Our Keynote Speakers


Breakthrough Selling Tactics for SEO Agencies

What You Get: The behind the scenes of HOW they have sold over $50,000 a month (MRR) at a 75 percent profit rate of SEO to COLD clients in a way that’s win win win and feels so good and wholesome, that you could explain to your aunt at Thanksgiving and she’d cheer!

Once you see this, you can’t unsee it!

Who Mike Is: Mike Long co-founded 50-million profit OMG Machines. He was a founding partner of Stompernet. They have built a very successful and well regarded SEO community. Mike is deeply involved in SEO client consulting and even paid cash for his Rolls Royce Dawn 100% with SEO client paychecks!

Who Eric and Michael are: Because these guys are who they are, they decided to start a brand new work-a-day SEO client consulting business focused on Air Conditioning and Heating contractors right before Covid started. That meta agency is now up to $50,000 per month at a 75% profit with RABID customer pride! They even have an INSTAGRAM dedicated to their Heating and Air Conditioning contractor customers, many of whom have added $100,000 PER MONTH to their bottom line? Did I say this was SEO ROCKSTARS? Make SURE not to miss this SEO Rockstars KEYNOTE address from “Money” Mike Long, Eric Brief and Michael Tesalona, starting at 3 PM November 17th!

Watch Part Of Their Presentation



How to use data science to see what most marketers miss.

What You Get: Robert is going to reveal to you what’s in the background of Google, how Google algorithms actually works, and how to take advantage of that science for better rankings.

Who He Is: Robert is a partner in Vestigio – first Data Science SEO agency in the world. He has 17 years of experience in SEO and affiliate marketing. In his professional history, he ranked websites from the simplest keywords up to payday loans in the UK and USA.

Watch Part Of Robert’s Presentation

10:00 – 10:45 AM PSTBILL HARTZER

Domains and SEO: Buying, selling, and migrating.

What You Get: In this session, Bill Hartzer will talk about domain names and SEO. He will walk you through his buying domains process, find expired domains, and how he sells them for $$$. He’ll reveals his process for migrating domains. BONUS: He’ll show you the domains you should buy “right now”.

Who He Is: Bill is a blogger, writer, and marketer with a passion for everything internet. As one of the OGs of SEO, Bill started coding html websites back in the mid-1990s, as well as buying & selling domain names. He runs a weekly, member’s only podcast for the SEO Intelligence Agency.

Watch Part Of Bill’s Presentation

11:00 – 11:45 AM PSTTED KUBAITIS

State of the Art SEO – The strange places Google and Testing have taken us in the past year.

What You Get: In this presentation, Ted Kubaitis will walk you through the most recent discoveries, leaks, and announcements that are shaking up SEO this year. When you think about the past year in SEO if you have a feeling of “WTF just happened?” well, you are not alone. Let’s take a walk through all of these discoveries and try to shed some light on how things are changing.

Who He Is: Ted is the CEO and the developer of Cora SEO Software for the SEO Tool Lab. Ted frequently appears on the Youtube show White Hat Versus Black Hat and talks at SEO conferences such as CMSEO, DMSS, SEO Rockstars, and many more.

Watch Part Of Ted’s Presentation


Media and SEO – “Alexa, can you hear me?”

What You Get: What you NEED to know about Alexa and the future of on demand audio – In addition to her SEO research, Carolyn is the producer of The SEO Fight Club on Roku and Amazon Fire growing both a national and international audience for the show. She will be sharing her research and testing on the fledgling Amazon platform. Discover never-before shared intelligence on what Alexa has to offer today and in the future and the secret Alexa optimizations that will allow you to dominate this platform.

Who She Is: Carolyn is the producer of The SEO Fight Club on Roku and Amazon Fire growing both a national and international audience for the show. She yields high results on search engines, Google News, and social media. Her methods have been published in several publications and magazines.

Watch Part Of Carolyn’s Presentation

1:00 – 1:45 PM PSTDINO GOMEZ

Surefire Facebook ad hacks and tips!

What You Get: Facebook is in the news so much lately with it’s every change algorithm filters it’s hard to know what works through it all. When done right, Facebook ads are one of the best methods of advertising. Dino shares with you his sure-fire ways to scale your Facebook advertising with his private hacks and tips.

Who He Is: Dino makes a living running an internet marketing firm and having a blast doing so. His business was strategically built and systematized over the years so that he and his contractors can work remotely and on their individual schedules.

Watch Part Of Dino’s Presentation


How SEO impacts how a website should be designed.

What You Get: Good design boosts your SEO ranking, while bad design hurts your ranking. Having a website that ranks high on Google’s SERPs is much more involved than just adding in keywords and having good content. Elisabeth walks you through critical factors of website design and development you need for ranking.

Who She Is: Elisabeth is the brains behind Salterra’s web development. Her skills are not limited to the visual aspects of digital marketing. She is also very knowledgeable in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

Watch Part Of Elisabeth’s Presentation


How positioning and psychology impacts SEO.

What You Get: Have you heard about the power of positioning SEO? Marty explains what it is, why you need, and how to use it to rise above your competition. Marty will be presenting a unique and provocative look at how positioning and the psychology of consumer and client decision-making impacts SEO, and why the application of ‘buying intent’ needs to be turned upside down. It’s guaranteed to shake things up.

Who He Is: Marty Marion, founder of Master Positioning, and author of The Positioning Matrix, is here to show everyone — from brand owners to agencies to advertisers — the way to control how potential clients and consumers perceive and behave in favor of your brand and away from your competitors.

Watch Part Of Marty’s Presentatio


Get more conversions using these 7 methods + Live site reviews.

What You Get: Join Robert while he unpacks what CRO is really about. This is NOT the usual CRO discussion. Learn what the two most important factors are that precede a website, the importance of value propositions and how to make a good one. Find out how to lay out a web page for the way people think and the common mistakes nearly all websites make. He’ll finish up with some great tips and tricks that’ll help you increase conversions fast.

Who He Is: Robert Portillo has over 13 years of experience in online marketing. He has a deep love for CRO and SEO and the power it has to transform a business. He has started and grown 3 successful IT companies including a repair store and two mobile service companies.

Watch Part Of Robert’s Presentation


 9:00 – 9:45 AM PSTMICHA? SUSKI

Keyword clustering and optimization for the whole cluster instead of single keywords.

What You Get: Keyword clustering has many faces – on the one hand, there are Google Sheets and never-ending review processes that are usually difficult and boring to handle. On the other, you can rely on your lucky gut and intuition. Let’s talk about the third option. The smart one. This scenario involves big data sets that will translate into relevant clusters based on Google’s Algorithm. Join Micha? during SEO Rockstars to find out how to change the tedious or gut feeling process into data-driven keywords clustering.

Who He Is: Micha? co-founded Surfer. Michal is an SEO specialist and someone who had led KampanieSEO before he ventured more into the world of digital marketing.

Watch Part Of Michal’s Presentation


X ways link sellers are ripping you off.

What You Get: This is a hot topic… are link sellers really selling you links that will positively impact your ranking? In Matt’s presentation, he walks you through how to stop being ripped off by link sellers by exposing what to avoid and what you should look for when buying links.

Who He Is: Matthew Woodward is an international speaker. Building websites, digital marketing & SEO has been his personal obsession for the last 20 years. Matt became an SEO sensation when he recorded what he was doing every day and shared it with the world.

Watch Part Of Matt’s Presentation

11:00 – 11:45 AM PSTHOLLY COOPER

What can 100 cell phones do for your local business?

What You Get: Holly is known to push the envelope of what’s possible. Her latest discovery includes a network of cell phones to boost local businesses. Holly will take you through her 100 phone experiment. She will show you how each phone is setup and numerous case studies she has created.

Who She Is: Holly is pretty infamous in SEO circles for her ability to scale things to Epic proportions. She’s well known in various SEO circles for things like ranking for multiple keywords with one video (easily). She’s made $30k from one YouTube Channel.

Watch Part Of Holly’s Presentation

12:00 – 12:45 PM PSTMARIE YSAIS

3 things to unstick a site and get it to move up in rankings.

What You Get: Marie has perfected her SEO’s agency’s process for “unsticking sites.” She tackles the latest algorithmic updates knocking sites off their rankings to sites stuck on the bottom of page 1 or page 2. At SEORockstars, you’ll learn the framework Marie uses so you can unstick your own or your clients’ sites reliably and predictable without losing your mind!

Who She Is: Marie has a unique strategy that has driven hundreds of websites into rankings over the challenge of going up. Her optimization strategies are more successful than Billboards, Yellow Pages, Mail Outs, Newspaper ads, and more. Marie teaches SEO and marketing with Moon.

Watch Part Of Marie’s Presentation


Copy this million dollar business success formula.

What You Get: What does hand sanitizer and Perry have in common? It’s just one of the many successful businesses he has built and sold making him one of the World’s Leading Digital Millionaires. He co-invented the hand sanitizer and sold the patent in the 80’s. He will break down his business building success formula for all attendees. Perry’s continued success is worth emulating.

Who He Is: Perry is a Jedi of digital sales and author of dozens of top books. He even has button named after him. Seriously. It’s called the Belcher Button. Perry is an SEO expert, business marketing consultant, investor, importer, copywriter, Internet entrepreneur and Co Owner of Digital Marketer.

Watch Part Of Perry’s Presentation


To people who want to start Affiliate SEO, but can’t get started.

What You Get: Known as the King of Affiliate Marketing, Jeff uncovers his method for affiliate SEO that gives him dependable income month after month. Jeff breaks down his complete process in an over the shoulder training as he guides you from start to finish in building your first affiliate site.

Who He Is: Jeff is an SEO master. He began with Launch Jacking and quickly became known as Launch Jacking King. He then dug into affiliate marketing. Jeff makes 5-6 figures for each month and has earned $135,000 in a solitary day from Affiliate Marketing.

Watch Part Of Jeff’s Presentation


Impact of Advance Schema for search.

What You Get: Want to learn advanced Schema from our very own Clint Butler? Clint will take you down the road of advanced implementation of schema for all types of content that leverage the knowledge graph and entities. This information will bring your sites into the future by feeding the AI technology Google is employing.

Who He Is: Clint is the Head Tester at SEO Intelligence Agency and owns his own agency, Digitaleer, as well. He is the host of SEO This Week. Clint has created beginner and advanced SEO courses that teach insider knowledge to help people rank better.

Watch Part Of Clint’s Presentation



How to flip struggling sites and get top dollar.

What You Get: If you’ve never heard Craig speak, get ready to have your socks rocked. Craig is going to attendees through his exclusive process of flipping struggling websites for top dollar using his SEO skills. In true Craig fashion, he will drop as many sneaky little tricks that people don’t usually disclose..

Who He Is: With 18 years of SEO and digital marketing experience, Craig is a well-known trainer for agencies and individuals looking to enhance their skills. He’s best known for his blackhat SEO tricks.

Watch Part Of Craig’s Presentation


Learn local SEO and silo setup with advanced schema.

What You Get: If you’re in any local markets, you’ll want to pay attention to Terry’s presentation. Terry shows you everything you need to know about how to rank with local SEO. He then takes you through the very important silo setup with some of private advanced schema that you probably don’t know about.

Who He Is: With 20+ years of software and computer expertise, Terry combines his technical abilities and leadership skills to give businesses strategic SEO authority, site layout, layout, and internal audits to move into powerful positions in their markets.

Watch Part Of Terry’s Presentation

11:00 – 11:45 AM PSTBRIAN DEAN

The ultimate content marketing strategy you should be using.

What You Get: Want to learn content from one of the greatest content creators on the planet? Brian walks you through his content marketing strategy. But he won’t stop there. He shows you how to triple your efforts to get massive traffic to your blog posts.

Who He Is: Brian Dean is many things. Link builder. SEO Genius. Backlinko founder. Among a long list of sought-after entrepreneurs, Brian is considered a god when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

Watch Part Of Brian’s Presentation

12:00 – 12:45 PM PSTMOON HUSSAIN

Top Secrets to Beating Your Top 3 Competitors Every Time: On Site SEO + Site Structure!

What You Get: From doing major testing with new affiliate sites to getting affiliate sites in tough niches (hosting, online casinos/gambling, SEO, pets, supplements, health) to the top spots in Google, Moon has noticed the same theme to pushing sites up. In this presentation, she talks about the most important factors and strategies that she has used, time and time again, to show successful results in her own SEO agency (Rule Your Rankings!) to push her own sites/client sites to the top: clean site structure, on page SEO, & much more!

Who She Is: With 12 years of SEO experience, Moon co-founded an on-site and technical SEO focused agency, Rule Your Rankings, which broke 6 figures within one year. Her free FB group, Rule Your Rankings, now has 4,800+ members.

Watch Part Of Moon’s Presentation


Diversify your income with an all-weather portfolio.


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