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Bottom line is this. 95% of all SEOers sites are in Penalty and they don’t even know it. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter what backlinks you build, you will never, ever rank while you are in penalty.



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Shock News (…and This is the Truth for 95% of All of YOU Trying to Rank YOUR Website)

Trying and Trying and Trying and Still Nowhere in Google?

Your Website Never, Ever Will Rank. Never.

Because You Are in Penalty, (or You Will Be…)

…and Don’t Even Know it

As I said – this applies to about 95% of you reading this letter. Not everyone. But 95% of you…

And Do You Know What?

Today, in 2018…

Almost 100% of People Who Have Their Websites in Penalty…

…Don’t Even Know It!

Bottom line is this. 95% of all SEOers sites are in Penalty and they don’t even know it. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter what backlinks you build, you will never, ever rank while you are in penalty.

  • Building PBNs – worthless!
  • Building backlinks from Youtube, social bookmarks or anywhere – worthless!
  • Getting Social Signals – worthless!
  • Creating new content day after day – worthless!
  • Installing “magic” plugin after plugin – worthless!
  • Posting to FB and social sites – worthless!
  • Embedding and curating videos – worthless!…

…all of those are a total, complete, waste of time…


…Until You Get Out Of Penalty!

I mean – and don’t get me wrong – all of those are good, valid SEO techniques, but here is the point I am making:

  1. Nothing you do to try and promote your site will make any difference so long as you are in penalty
  2. From our stats, fully 95% of websites that have been promoted are in penalty
  3. Of those 95%, all the website owners had no clue they were in penalty. Not a clue.

But here’s the thing…

…trying to promote a website that is in penalty is like flogging a dead horse. All it does is make you tired. Very, very tired.

Who else is tired of not ranking, of not succeeding?

Just tired of working away day after day and NOT getting the results you should be getting?

And if you can’t seem to make progress or rank your website, despite trying and trying, then Let me tell you, almost without a shadow of doubt. Your website is in penalty!!!

Get Out Of Penalty, And Your Site Will Begin To Fly! 

All The Promotion, All The Backlinks, All The Content…

All of That Will Begin to Work!

Your Work is Not Wasted! Reclaim It!

the even better news however is…

… that it is not hard to get out of penalty, generally.

remove whatever is causing the penalty and…

Boom! Your rankings will recover, sometimes immediately!

You just need to give Google what they are looking for, when you know what that is, it is actually pretty easy to give it to them!

But what are some of the myths and misconceptions people have? Let’s take a look…

“But John, I’m not in penalty!”

Hmmm. You know, that’s what everyone says…

Are you sure? I mean, do you really know?

I don’t know your website, but let me tell you what I do know…

…’cos we have a group of over 2,000 customers in our SEO community. We’ve got from newbies to highly professional agencies.

We deal with our customers, and their problems, day after day. And do you know what (and I’m talking about professional agencies too)?

…almost every single one of them that comes to us is IN PENALTY!

They don’t believe it at first. 

“I’m not in penalty” they say…

…until we show them they ARE. 

“Aha,” they say, “thanks…” they say!!!

“But John, I Don’t Have a Website Yet! How Can I Be in Penalty???”

OK, ok, you got me there!

But are you planning to build a site and drive traffic to it?

“Then This Information Is As Relevant To You As It Is To The Guy Who Already Has A Site In Penalty!”

Don’t believe me?

Let Me Give You Just One Example To Prove What I Am Saying…

One of our customers, an SEO professional came to us – at first he was adamant he was not in penalty.

Did you know that duplicate content penalties also apply WITHIN your site?

Watch this!

OK So I Hope You Are Beginning To See That A Google Penalty Is, Almost Certainly, What Is Standing Between You And Success…

But There Is Good News!

The good news is, it isn’t at all hard to get out of penalty, generally.

Did you see in that video what happened to our customer’s site immediately we removed what had caused the penalty?

Boom! He shot from nowhere to near the top overnight!

You just need to give Google what they are looking for, when you know what that is, it is easy to give it to them!

Let me explain a little about Google Penalties, so you understand the challenge, and how easy it is to fix it with the right information.

The Google Penalty Epidemic and How It’s Stopping YOU!

…and How to Beat It.

OK let’s get into the solution.

Google first started to aggressively tackle web “spam” in 2010.

Googles CEO Eric Schmidt told US Congress that they had made 516 updates in 2010 alone, and that they had tested over 13,000 updates!!!

That was 2010. By now, the algorithm updates number in their thousands.

And Google only tell us about a handful of them. Most go totally unannounced.

There are thousands of ways Google can penalize your site!

Google’s penalties divide into 4 main areas. Let’s take a look at them.

The First to Talk About is Panda…

Panda is all about penalizing low “quality” sites, based on the content of the site. Google will hit you hard for any one of a massive range of errors you might make.

The trouble is, algorithms just aren’t that clever, and Google have succeeded in penalizing completely legitimate, quality websites belonging to real businesses.

Like a “bull in a china shop” Google are carelessly trampling on legitimate ecommerce businesses the world around.

…High Quality e-Commerce Sites are Being Trashed by Google!

The only crime those businesses (and maybe YOURS too) is to not have enough written words and other media on the page, or one of a vast array of other minor infringements.

“Well, excuse me Google, but if I have a website where people come to buy widgets, I want to list the widgets one after the other. I don’t want to have 1,000 word articles!”

But Google’s algorithms just ain’t that bright! In fact, if you have an ecommerce site, there’s a good chance your site is in Panda penalty.

Word Association Game

For Black say White…

For eCommerce website…….

…Say Panda Penalty!

…it’s almost that simple.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not just ecommerce websites. Hundreds of thousands of high quality websites are penalized by Google, just because they don’t conform to Google’s ideas of quality.

The website in the video above is one example of that. Just because he repeated his key business information on more than one page, for the convenience of his customers!


Frankly, what do Google know?

Good News Again! We Have the Solution for You

Beating Panda is just a matter of knowing how to align your website with Google’s crazy algorithm.

And there are Google-approved ways to add content to your website which won’t negatively impact your customers’ experience.

To summarize, I’m not trying to pretend I’ve just taught you all you need to know about Panda in those few paragraphs. But it’s a start!

My main intention is to let you know that, with the right information…

…Panda is the EASIEST Penalty to Fix… You Can Do It In a Snap!

What About Penguin?

Penguin is all about bad and/or “low quality” backlinks.

The whole intention of Penguin is to stop “artificial SEO” – in other words what you and I legitimately do to promote our businesses with links on other sites linking to our site.

Penguin first hit on April 24th 2012. The result was total carnage in the SEO industry.

Utter, complete devastation for 99% of all the SEO techniques out there. Rankings plummeted, multiple businesses collapsed.

SEO Is DEAD went the cry… Multiple SEO’ers left the business.

But this is actually good news for those who learned how to avoid the Penguin.

SEO Is Not Dead, It’s Actually EASIER Today Than Ever Before

Penguin is actually GREAT news…

Yes, Penguin is actually GREAT news…

…but only if you know how to avoid the Penguin penalty!

And can you get out of Penguin penalty? Yes absolutely you can and we’ve recovered client sites time and time again. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do – basically erradicate the bad links that have put you in penalty.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this for now – it can be done with entirely free tools!

Client’s Site – Penguin Penalty Eradicated!

Exact Match Domain Penalties

You’ve probably heard this talked about. Truth is, the EMD updates and penalties include elements of Panda and Penguin. In simple terms, all that happens is if you have a domain that matches or partially matches the keyword, you need to be even more careful of the Penguin.

But again, so long as you know what to do, it’s not a problem!

Manual Penalties

These frighten a lot of people, and understandably!

A manual penalty, like its name says. Is when your site is reviewed manually by a Google employee, and that employee then decides he doesn’t like it! It’s very easy to find out if you are in manual penalty by setting up a Webmasters Tools account with Google.

Once you’ve done that, Google will actually tell you if you are under a manual penalty or not.

But the reasons the manual reviewer may not like it are mainly the same things Panda and Penguin are designed to hit.

How to get out of manual penalty is a little more involved, but again not hard to do when you know what to do and say to Google.

And Hummingbird?

 Hummingbird is not a penalty itself. Rather Hummingbird was an algorithm to incorporate all the previous updates, algorithms and penalties such as Panda and Penguin.

And Don’t Forget Negative SEO Attacks…

Negative SEO Attacks Are The New Epidemic…

…and They Could Trash YOUR Business

You just MUST arm yourself with the knowledge of how to defeat them.

But what exactly are they?

With all these updates, penalizing sites, Google have unleashed a monster. With about a ½ hour’s work I can send any competitors’ site into penalty. And so can other people. Easily.

What this means is that negative SEO (in other words deliberately sending competing sites in your niche into penalty) is now a widespread tactic..

It’s becoming more and more common.

One of our most successful client sites was hit by a massive negative SEO attack, and rankings for their primary keyword plummeted because of the Penalty it caused.

Although negative SEO is in some ways no different from dealing with the other penalties, it is the sheer scale of the problem that requires some special techniques.

Techniques we’ve employed successfully to defeat the attack. ?

There Are Two Essential Reasons You Need To Know How To Deal With Negative SEO Attack


It is increasingly likely your site will be attacked and your business destroyed, if you don’t know how to stop it.

All that work, gone, all the income, vanished. Don’t go there!


If you offer a negative SEO attack defence to local clients, you could name your price!

Boy – that would be a money-spinner

Have a look at what we achieved here –

Defeating A Negative SEO Attack on Our Site!

So where does this leave us?

The Long and Short of it is this:

Google’s Penalties are Slamming 95% of all SEO’ers Websites

So YOU Are Left Flogging a Dead Business…

…Working and Working At It

…Trying This and Trying That

…but NONE Of It Is Going To Work Until YOU Get YOUR Site Out of Penalty!

Do you still need to be convinced of this? Well let me give you Google’s own stats!

By Google’s OWN published figures, over 50% of websites are under penalty (as judged by the % of search queries affected by algorithm updates)

Now, bear in mind, Google only tell us about just a few updates. We don’t really know the true percentage, but it will be much higher.

For example, there have been 5 Penguin updates, but Google have only told us the affected searches for 2 out of those 5 and there have been 27 Panda updates and they have only told us about 13 of them…

In addition, they likely underestimate.

The official Google figure for search queries affected by EMD was 0.6%…

…respected website Mozcast recorded nearly twenty times that figure.

So With That Said, And Understanding That Google’s Figures Are An Underestimate…

…Even Google Suggest That 50% Of Sites Are In Penalty!

Most of those are “natural” sites, where no SEOer has attempted to rank them.

Sites that SEO’er have tried to rank are several times more likely to be in penalty than an “un-promoted” site

Sites that an SEO’er has tried to rank are several times more likely to be in penalty than an “un-promoted” site!!!

Why??? because SEO’ers have been trying to rank them likely using yesterday’s SEO techniques. Yesterday’s SEO, still taught by some marketers, will land you in penalty!

Fundamentally, these facts are exactly in line with our own stats, from our community of over 2,000 SEO professionals, webmasters and internet marketers.

The undeniable fact is, that

Fully 95% of SEO’d Websites Are in Penalty…

…Whether You Are An SEO Professional Or A Newbie, Alike!

“OK, John so How Can YOU help ME get my Website Out of Penalty?”

…you might be saying.

Well I hope that for a start, this report has been of value in giving you an introduction to the subject.

But there is much more to tell.


Fully Updated for 2018!

  • Your Website Reborn!
  • Your Frustration Over!
  • Your Confusion Ceased!

It’s time to put an end to flogging a dead horse!

Instead, let’s see your site doing this when you eradicate the penalties that are holding your site in chains…

How YOU Too Can Achieve Penalty-Free SEO Rankings! 2018 Edition

Many of you know my partner Chris. He is, in fact, an SEO genius. He has a brain that is so focused, so keen, and so targeted he almost has a sixth sense about Google.

Chris has put together the most comprehensive, complete guide to escaping the frustrating business-killing, never ending fury of trying to promote a website that is NEVER, ever going to rank until you get out of penalty.

We would love to have you join our community of SEO professionals, marketers and newbies alike.

…It is a safe place to be.

We’ll look after you! Just see what some of our community say about us!

Now, Here’s What We Have To Offer

First, we have divided this into 3 courses with different costs, so that depending on your budget you can chose the level that fits YOUR needs. They are all fully updated for 2018.

(Basic Access)
How To Detect if Your Site is in Penalty!
The Google Crackdown – Understanding The Background
Google Penalty & Negative SEO Attack – How to Find Out if You are in Penalty or Under Attack
(Includes the above, plus…)
Eradicating Panda and Penguin Penalties
Panda Freedom – Eradicating A Google Panda Penalty
Penguin Freedom – Eradicating A Google Penguin or EMD Penalty
(Includes all the above, plus…)
Freedom from Manual Penalties and Negative SEO Attack
Manual Penalty Triumph – Dealing With A Google Manual Penalty
Negative SEO Defeated: Driving Off A Negative SEO Attack “hey, attacker, is that all you’ve got?!!!”

OK so let’s wrap up (though I’m also throwing in some extra bonuses I haven’t mentioned yet). Here’s what I’m going to do.

Before You Decide Which Level You Need – Let Me Mention Something Really Special!

Not just your regular “30 day guarantee”. Oh no. This isn’t some churn and burn product where we hope you will forget to refund before the guarantee expires.

This is a training in which we have invested hundreds of hours of our own personal time.

Nothing has ever been created that is so comprehensive and concise… It’s the definitive guide to penalties and the study of them and how to get out of them!!!

And we are backiing that up with the longest refund period allowed by PayPal – we’d go for longer if we could!

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