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Among these are the gigantic chambered cairns (often called passage tombs) that are found in the Irish midlands.



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Senzar Ancient Mysteries Tour

Where Dragons Dwell

Counties Meath, Westmeath, & Wicklow in Ireland August 21- 30, 2021

The megalithic (mega=large, lithic=stone) architecture in Ireland includes some of the oldest known structures in the world. Among these are the gigantic chambered cairns (often called passage tombs) that are found in the Irish midlands.

Archaeoastronomers and others who have studied these monuments conclude that whoever designed these sites possessed knowledge of geology, astronomy, and engineering equal to if not greater than our own.

At specific times of the year light phenomena occur at these sites in which rays of the sun are directed down precision-built passageways to illuminate specific markings (petroglyphs) inside the inner chambers.

The light effects in the chambers are intriguing and many people believe that a primary purpose of these monuments is to highlight the timing of solar cycles and other celestial events. But there is much more going on
than what is visible to the naked eye at these sites.

Behind the scenes is a fascinating dance of subtle energies that whip and swirl and then unite to enter the inner chambers of the cairns and interact with the colossal stones inside. This happens year-round and this activity involves dragons.

What Are Dragons?

You may think that dragons are mythical creatures with big wings and fire-breathing tendencies — fictional characters who have never actually existed.

But dragons really do exist, just not in the way most humans might imagine.

Dragons are the reflection of the consciousness of our sun and other star intelligences who interact with the Earth to support our manifest reality.

At certain places on the planet conditions exist that are favorable for a very clear relection of star consciousness and the stars use these locations as connnection points with the planet.

Some locations host multiple star connections. These pooling points are dragon lairs and very powerful spots, indeed. These places are always enLIGHTening (which we’ll discuss during the tour) and often profoundly peaceful.

After decades of intuitive inquiry and hundreds of physical visits to star connection points on our planet, I’ve come to believe that the ancient engineers who designed the great cairns in Ireland’s Boyne Valley and at Loughcrew knew how to simulate in these structures the conditions in Nature that attract and pool dragons. As to why they were so interested in constructing dragon lairs is a discussion for a later time when you are experiencing these places with me in person.

Ireland is Loaded With Dragon Lairs

Dragons can be found at many of the megalithic sites throughout Ireland. They seem especially attracted to chambered cairns, which are prolific in County Meath. Dragons also dwell at many holy wells, round towers, and at monastic settlements that are associated with certain saints.

Some spiritually evolved humans simulate within their own bodies the conditions that are required for star intelligences to connect to the planet.

Many holy men and women of the past were humans who were channelling stars. This star relationship generated their healing abilities and other miraculous feats, their level of mystical illumination, their close connection with Nature, and their expression of Pure Love. Even today star intelligences continue to connect to monastic sites and spiritual centers that were founded by these shining ones.

Dragons can be found in many natural settings, too, so you’ll learn how to spot likely dragon lairs as we travel through the Irish countryside.

The primary focus of this year’s Ireland tour will be to visit places were dragons dwell so you can feel the energy of these places for yourself. If you bring an open heart this will be a blissfully enlightening and highly transformative experience.

Our 2021 Ireland Adventures Will Include:

Also Included:

The Icing on the Cake:

  • A guided tour of the library and Book of Kells Exhibition at Trinity College Dublin. The Book of Kells is an extraordinary artifact and is recognized as the most exquisite illuminated manuscript in the world. Interestingly, the pages are loaded with images of dragons. It is my belief that the monks who created the Book of Kells were star channels who in their act of illustrating the pages, anchored the Pure Love of the stars to the book. It will bring you to tears to stand in the presense of this spiritual masterpiece.
  • A walking tour through the delightful town of Kells (about 40 minutes from Dublin) where it is believed that Christian monks completed the book of Kells. Kells is home to one of Ireland’s enigmatic round towers, which is located on the grounds of the Abbey of Kells that was founded by St. Columcille (St. Columba) around 554 AD. Here you’ll feel the blissfully peaceful energies of this site and learn about the deeper purpose of round towers and their connection to the stars.
  • Visits to three dragon-enhanced holy wells with healing reputations that span hundreds of years, including the St.Ceiran and St.Columcille holy wells near Kells and St. Kevin’s Holy Well near the ancient cemetery at Creevykeel. The latter may be built on top of a Neolithic period cairn – you’ll see two huge cup-marked kerbstones here like those found at Loughcrew, Knowth, and Newgrange. Cupstones and bulluan stones involve dragon energy, so you’ll get to see many of these.
  • A visit to the 5,000 year old cairns on the Loughcrew hills to do a star meditation and to commune with the dragons at this site. When the dragons come peace follows in every cell of your body. It’s a profound experience.
  • A full day excursion to nearby Newgrange and Knowth – these fully excavated monuments host many dragons and are the finest examples of Neolithic chambered cairns in the world. You’ll get to go inside the massive Newgrange cairn and see a simulated light show of how the sun rays entered the inner chamber in ancient times.
  • Exploration and intuitive exercises at the Hill of Tara. This major power spot and dragon lair has Neolithic heritage and was later used as an inauguration site for the High Kings of Ireland.
  • A visit to the remains of the Benedictine Abbey at Fore, where you’ll learn about St. Féichín and the seven mysteries associated with the site. Supernatural powers and healing abilities were attributed to Féichín. One of his miracles involves moving a multi-ton lintel stone with his prayers. Dragons have a relationship with gravitational forces, so he likely had some star assistance in achieving this feat. He also had a special relationship with water (perhaps he was a dowser?). There are holy wells dedicated to him throughout Ireland. One holy well not far from his church at Fore has such strong positive energy that I can sense it from over fifty yards away.
  • A visit to Tullamore where you’ll meet the King Oak, one of the oldest and largest oak trees in Ireland. The landscape that surrounds this tree continually hosts dragons. It’s a magical spot and a magical tree who you’ll very much enjoy getting to know.
  • Three days and two nights in County Wicklow starting with a visit to the enchanting village of Glendalough and St. Kevin’s monastic site there. St. Kevin was surely a star channel and dragons are everpresent at this site.

    In Wicklow you’ll also do some forest bathing among the spectacular trees at Powerscourt Gardens, take a tour of the Avoca Mill (the oldest operating woolen mill in Ireland), and stop at the well-preserved Piper’s Stones– a dragon lair that often prompts emotional and mystical experiences that surprise even me.

    • Mini-van transportation throughout the tour, including transportation to our lodging site in Kells on August 21 and to the Dublin Airport from our lodging site near Glendalough on the morning of August 30.
    • Lodging for 9 nights with outstanding accommodations in Kells and Glendalough.
    • Breakfasts on the mornings of August 22 through 30 and a farewell dinner on the last evening of the tour (August 29).
  • Senzar tours include loads of laughter and camaraderie. Group size is limited to create an intimate learning environment. Those who participate are invariably kindred spirits. This makes for a travel and learning experience that will surely exceed your wildest positive expectations.

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