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 They talk 75% of the time (or more) giving the prospect COMPLETE control of the conversation, and making them want to hang up or leave as fast as possible…This is the. singular. biggest. mistake. salesman. make.



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Almost All Entrepreneurs Have The Same Issues When It Comes To Selling:

Chances are, you are struggling with some of the same issues yourself.

And you may not even realize it…

If your SALES GOALS include:

  • ?Making more MONEY, controlling your incomeand reaching FINANCIAL FREEDOM…
  • ?Having unshakable CONFIDENCE on sales calls, and never getting rattled even if you are interrupted, caught off guard, or don’t have an answer right away…
  • ??How to “sell” without sounding “Salesy”, so the prospect feels like they got real value out of the call, and not like it is one big sales pitch…
  • ?Rapidly increasing your CLOSING percentage, and being able to increase your sales numbers without increasing the amount of calls. (And grow your business predictably)…
  • ?Instantly controlling the SALES CONVERSATION and knowing exactly what to say, without coming across as rude, pushy, demanding, or “salesy”…
  • ?Consistently being able to “get the yes” on the call, and not having to deal with the constant back and forth of calls and “I will think about it”…
  • ?Being able to HANDLE ALL OBJECTIONS clearly, and knowing exactly what to say even when you don’t know the answer…
  • ??ABOVE ALL, avoiding the high pressure sales methods and sleezy sales tactics to get the yes, but rather get the client to WANT to work with you…

Then you need to understand SALES PSYCHOLOGY, and craft your

sales call in a way that allows for ALL those things to happen!

(Most sales formulas DON’T contain all the elements.)

 They talk 75% of the time (or more) giving the prospect COMPLETE control of the conversation, and making them want to hang up or leave as fast as possible…This is the. singular. biggest. mistake. salesman. make.

Are you an introvert? Afraid of talking on the phone a lot? Not sure what to say?

GOOD! It means that you will talk less and let the prospect talk more!

Whoever talks most LOSES. (Sounds backwards, but it’s true.)

2??. They think they have to know everything about their product, and have every answer to a prospect’s questions. If they don’t, they assume the prospect won’t buy from them…

Spoiler Alert: You DON’T need to have all the answers! In fact, sometimes it is BETTER that you don’t!

I was talking to a guy whose sales team closes almost $500,000 a month, and he said that the “work from home moms” and “salesmen that know nothing about his product” had the BEST sales numbers…

Why? Because you DON’T need all the answers. You just need to know how to respond when you don’t.

3??. They talk all about their product, try to tell the prospect every reason WHY they need what they are selling, RATHER than listen to what the prospect actually WANTS, and making the prospect WANT what they are selling…

News Flash: We all do this. We think that in order for the prospect to buy they need to know all about our offer, and all the details of how awesome it is, and if they just know THAT, then they will for sure buy…


Even when we realize that we aren’t suppose to do this, it can be so hard not to because it is our natural tendency. We don’t know what else to say, so we just try to “feature sell” our offer.

Fixing this fatal error is one of the biggest ways to increase sales.

4??. They get really nervous (practically terrified) when it comes to revealing the price and asking for the sale, and start to trip over their own words trying to justify it…

I get it… Revealing the price and asking for money can be INCREDIBLY intimidating. Naturally your body gets nervous and you start trying to talk your way into the sales… and it all falls apart.

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However, it doesn’t need to be.

There are simple questions and techniques leading up to the price that you can ask/do that allow price to be all but irrelevant, and ensure the prospect isn’t going to give you an immediate no… allowing you to have time to breathe, and stay cool. (Trust me, I will show you how.) 

5??. They try to handle objections AFTER the price is revealed, causing them to revert back to “high pressure sales tactics”, sounding needy, and like a used car salesman…

What I am about to tell you goes AGAINST common thinking…

Here’s how most sales calls go… “Start call, chit chat, talk about product, reveal price, objections, try to handle objections, prospect says they’ll think about it, hang up.

Why? Because most people try to handle objections AFTER they reveal the price.

—> TOP salesman that crush it ELIMINATE all objections BEFORE the price is ever revealed.

Never heard of that? Well, that’s probably because you aren’t learning from people that are killing it.

 BONUS MISTAKE: They don’t follow sales psychology, and resort to using logic instead of emotion, so every call turns out different, and they never know what went right, what went wrong, or what they need to change…

Be honest, do you follow a sales script EVERY TIME you get on a sales call? Probably not…

And if you do, does that sales script follow sales psychology of a buyer? No? Exactly.

Most people don’t. Which is why most people suck at sales.

Sales is emotional. Not logical.

People that don’t understand sales psychology resort to using logic. And that is why they suck at sales.

Don’t worry – you aren’t alone…

Sales Tactics You May Have Tried That Didn’t (or barely) Work.

  • Selling through trial and error of just “getting on more calls
  • ?Cold Calling
  • ?High Pressure Sales Tactics (used car salesman style)
  • ?Used Logic to show why your project is the best option
  • ?Tried to justify the price by showing them “how much value” is in the offer
  • ??Offered a lower price (ew no, stop it. You don’t need to do this…)
  • ??Offered a payment plan
  • ?Offered “time to think about it” and never heard back from them
  • ?Switched traffic sources
  • ?Tried buying leads
  • ?Launched a sleek looking website
  • ?Put “Expert ________” in your social media bio
  • ?Tried to add “credibility” to your title
  • ?Attended live events
  • ??Tried to sell other things
  • ?Talked more about your offer to make it sound more appealing
  • ?Bought “Grant Cardone Swag” (That’ll do it!)
  • ?You’ve tried about everything you can think of… and it doesn’t work

—> Effective Sales has almost NOTHING to do with where the leads come fromwhether or not they know who you are, or the price of what you are selling.

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