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Imagine also that not only are you a full-time, professional trader worth more than $2.25 million, but that you only need to spend 15-20 minutes a day on your trading.



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“Discover The Breakthrough Trading System

Nicolas Darvas Used To Turn $30,000

Into $2.25 Million In Just 18 Months!”

An Important Message From:*** NOW Completely Updated and Expanded For Today’s Market Conditions. ***

Darrin J. Donnelly

Founder & Editor of

Dear Trader,

Nicolas Darvas in New York City, 1959.Here’s something almost unfathomable to think about.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like if less than two years from now, your trading account had swelled to more than $2.25 million!

Think of what it would be like to be a professional trader, working only for yourself, answering to no one else, and working from anywhere in the world.

Imagine also that not only are you a full-time, professional trader worth more than $2.25 million, but that you only need to spend 15-20 minutes a day on your trading.

Really think about it. What kind of house would you live in? What kind of vacations would you take? What would you do with all your freedom?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But the fact is, Nicolas Darvas created a trading system that did exactly this for him. The system made him a multi-millionaire in less than two years while he traveled the world and spent less than 20 minutes a day working on his trades.

And the story gets better.

Darvas did this back in the 1950s. After selling some property he owned, he took a trading account of $30,000 and turned it into more than $2.25 million in 18 months. In today’s dollars, that $2.25 million would be worth a fortune of more than $16.8 million!

And yet, it gets EVEN better.

The best part about this system is that its success wasn’t limited to just Nicolas Darvas himself. Darvas shared his system and it has influenced many other multi-millionaire traders in the decades since, as you’ll see below…

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Some Amazing Success Stories

I want to take a moment and share some truly amazing trader success stories.

These stories are FAR from typical, but each one shows how a trader took the principles of the Darvas System, tweaked it to their own personality and specifications, worked extremely hard to master their system, and then persevered through the ups and downs of the stock market to become hugely successful and wealthy.

Trader Turns $10k into $42 Million in Just 23 Months!

One of the most amazing trading success stories in recent history has to be the story of Dan Zanger, the owner of a small construction company who turned his $10,000 trading account into $42 million in less than two years. He later recommended Darvas’ strategy and noted that the system is “widely used and followed today by the best traders in the world, and still this breakout method is little understood by most…” Zanger is still a big advocate of Darvas’ teachings and tells us that applying the Darvas method will “yield fortunes beyond the reader’s wildest dreams.” Zanger was listed by Trader Monthly magazine as one of the top 100 traders in the world with an annual income of $25 million!

Starting With Just $5k, O’Neil Builds Financial Empire

William O’Neil is probably the most famous name on our list of Darvas Millionaires. From 1962-1963, O’Neil took a $5,000 account and turned it into $200,000. He used his winnings to buy a seat on the NYSE and never looked back. He would later become the founder of the highly-respected financial newspaper, Investors Business Daily. O’Neil lists Nicolas Darvas as one of his trading strategy’s primary influences and recommends that all traders learn from Darvas’ teachings.

21-Year-Old Trader Turns $12,000 Gift into $1.65 Million

When Timothy Sykes was 18, he took his Bar Mitzvah gift of $12,415 and started trading with it. In just three years, at the age of 21, Sykes had traded that small account into a $1.65 million fortune. He would go on to start his own hedge fund, which quickly became one of the top-rated funds in the Barclays Fund Rankings. Sykes lists Nicolas Darvas as a key influence on his trading approach and states succinctly that Darvas’ system is “timeless” and that despite the fact that Darvas created his system in the late 1950s, “his technique still works to this day.”

Ryan Sets Record With 3 Straight Years of Triple-Digit Returns

David Ryan got started with a $20,000 account, which he more than doubled in less than a year. This gave him the confidence to enter the prestigious U.S. Investing Championship. He won the event twice and produced three straight years of triple digit returns in the competition, including two back-to-back years of 160% returns. He credits Darvas with being a major influence on his trading method.

Trader Goes From Near Bankruptcy to Six Figure Income

In 1985, a nearly bankrupt Gary Smith took a meager $2,200 and turned it into an account that now produces annual profits of more than $190,000. How did he get started? He credits Nicolas Darvas for having the most impact on his career as a fulltime trader.

Morales Does The “Impossible” With 1-Year Return of 971%!

In 1999, Gil Morales wowed investment circles with a one-year return of 971%! But how did he do in the bear market that followed? In the period ending from 1998 through 2005, Morales achieved a total return of 10,904.25%! Today, Morales is a sought-after fund manager and highly recommends that traders learn from Nicolas Darvas’ teachings.

Trader Earns 379% Return & Starts Hedge Fund

Ced Moses made a big name for himself when he entered and won the 1991 U.S. Investing Championship with a record-setting return of 379%. He would go on to start his own hedge fund where triple-digit returns became the norm and he was named to Nelson’s list of The World’s Best Money Managers. Who does he credit as a major influence on his trading strategy? Nicolas Darvas.

Why The Darvas System Is

The PERFECT System

I learned about the Darvas Trading System in my early 20s and like most people, I completely misunderstood it at first. But after putting in many years of persistent study, I was finally able to implement this amazing strategy.

To me, this is the perfect trading system for four main reasons.

You don’t have to spend long hours glued to the computer.

I typically spend about 20 minutes running this system each day. And whenever I decide to take a few weeks off, away from trading altogether, no problem, the system takes care of itself.

The system doesn’t involve complicated options and futures strategies.

It only trades stocks.

It’s NOT a day trading system!

With this system, most trades are held for several weeks or months.

The system doesn’t take on excessive risk.

First and foremost, it is designed to keep the money you already have with a strict and simple stop-loss technique. I just don’t have the stomach for a trading system that forces you to sit through huge drawdowns or take on excessive leverage.

How & Why This Course Came To Be

Since learning how to execute this strategy, friends and family members have often asked me how they too could follow the Darvas Trading System.

I’d always tell them there’s really nothing to it. Just learn the rules and follow them with no exceptions.

Of course, if someone would ask me what the rules were, I’d tell them to read every book Darvas wrote AT LEAST three or four times. I’d tell them to take extensive notes and research past and current stocks that fit the system.

I’d also tell them to read all the writings and interviews they could find from modern traders like William O’Neil, Gil Morales, Dan Zanger, and David Ryan – people who had taken the Darvas System to the next level.

It is imperative that one fully understand these traders’ teachings just as much as Darvas’. Nicolas Darvas evolved his system until his final days and these traders picked up where he left off.

Here’s the problem…

I noticed that when I told people what to do in order to learn the Darvas System, they immediately lost their excitement. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out why they were reacting this way.

I was telling them to do exactly what I had done. The obvious problem was that it had taken me YEARS to fully understand the Darvas Trading System.

I was telling people to do the same thing I had done and most people simply don’t have several years to spend chasing the secrets of this powerful system. People typically don’t appreciate asking a question and then being sent off to a library to spend countless hours finding the answers.

Eventually, I came to my senses and decided that the best way to answer Darvas System questions was to write a book or course on how to follow the Darvas Trading System as I’ve come to follow it.

I wanted to write a clear and concise guide that didn’t bog people down with theories and stories about WHY this system worked (after all, they were asking me how to do it because they already KNEW that it worked).

Instead, I wanted to give people an easy-to-follow guide that got straight to the point and told them exactly how to follow the Darvas Trading System.

After all, the Darvas System ultimately comes down to following a few simple rules. Once you understand these rules, you understand the Darvas System and it does all the work for you.

Secrets of the Darvas Trading System is the book I ended up writing and I’m now making it – and all the secrets within it – available to you.

Everything You Need To Implement

The Darvas Trading System Is Here!

You’ll learn the origins of the Darvas System and come to understand why 99.9% of the people who THINK they know the Darvas System have no clue about how to properly implement it. When you understand the difference, you’ll be able to implement the Darvas System the way it was meant to be and you’ll separate yourself from the thousands of wannabe traders who think they understand this strategy.

.You’ll learn every single one of the Darvas Trading System rules. Never before have ALL 14 rules been released in one book. To find these rules on your own, you’d have to spend years studying dozens of books and articles just as I did.

.You’ll learn Darvas’ amazing story and how he developed his strategy through years of grueling research and endless hours. Instead of spending eight hours per day for several years developing this strategy as Darvas did, you’ll learn to simply follow the strategy in just 15-20 minutes per day (as Darvas EVENTUALLY did).

.You’ll learn how after his death, Darvas’ top students further evolved the Darvas System and adapted it to modern market environments. These are the secrets that so few people have ever been aware of and now, you’ll finally learn exactly how the Darvas System has changed through the years and can be applied to today’s market.

.You’ll learn how to identify the 5 chart patterns every Darvas trader MUST be able to identify. Way too many people seem to think that the technical aspect of the Darvas System can be summed up by identifying “Darvas Boxes” alone. This is a devastating mistake.

.You’ll learn the 7 most common mistakes traders make. These are the 7 deadly sins of trading; the disastrous mistakes so many traders make which could so easily be avoided. If you take nothing else from this book, please, PLEASE make sure you’re aware of these 7 fatal errors.

.You’ll learn how today’s technologies make it easier and more efficient than ever to execute this phenomenal system. I’ll show you the websites to go to and what you need to do once you get there. You’ll learn exactly where and how to find Darvas stocks.

.You’ll learn how many stocks you should be holding at any given time depending on the size of your trading account. It’s very important to understand when you have too many or too few positions and I’ll show you how to maximize the potential of your portfolio without taking on excessive risk.

.You’ll learn EXACTLY when to buy your Darvas stocks. Finding the right stocks won’t do you any good if you don’t understand when to buy them. In this book, I won’t frustrate you with vague instructions, I’ll tell you precisely how to buy these stocks at the best possible time.

.You’ll learn EXACTLY how to sell your Darvas stocks at the perfect time. Selling at the perfect time means protecting yourself from a rapid decline and making sure you don’t get out too early. In Secrets of the Darvas Trading System, I’ll show you a very simple way to do this and you’ll never have to second-guess when to sell your stock again.

.You’ll learn the very specific fundamental requirements you need to screen for when searching for Darvas Stocks. Not knowing these specific screening scenarios will virtually guarantee failure for 99% of all who attempt the Darvas Trading System before they even get started.

.In this book, I include many charts showcasing past Darvas System trades. These charts make certain that you see the Darvas System in action and understand exactly how it works.

.You’ll discover the systematic approach for setting price targets that allows you to profit from your trades on the way up – even in a choppy market! I’ve NEVER revealed this method before and it has been extremely helpful especially in the insane markets of the past couple years.

.You’ll learn a new money management method that makes it simple to limit your risk AND maximize your returns. Once you see this simple rule, you’ll never again want to ignore it.

.And now, the ALL NEW EXPANDED EDITION reveals insights that have NEVER been shared before. You’ll discover…

.You’ll learn a simple new way to analyze the health of the stock market. This technique will make sure that you always remain on the right side of the market’s trend.

.You’ll learn a brand new NEVER-BEFORE-REVEALED initial stop-loss method that I’ve found to be MUCH more successful than the arbitrary percentage-based stops used by rookies. This new stop-loss method will protect your downside risk and allow your winners to run to big gains.

.And most important of all, the Expanded Edition reveals a powerful new technique for setting trailing stops as a tend continues. This new trailing stop rule ensures that you don’t exit a trade prematurely due to a “normal” pullback. This stop method alone can save you thousands of dollars!

.All of this will be yours and best of all, you’ll receive it in a clear, 100-page guide that is direct and to-the-point.

I’m not going to spend pages and pages of this book trying to “sell” you on the Darvas System, explaining why it is better than any other trading system I know of (although it undoubtedly is).

Instead, Secrets of the Darvas Trading System will give you everything you need to implement the Darvas System in the most efficient way possible.

This book is designed to be used instantly and easily.

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