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Simply put, i realized that if you can NOT target your customer the right way, YOU can NOT make the sale regardless to what you are selling, how well your ad is crafted, the superb quality of your product or even the exceptionally low price that it is being advertised.



Secret FB Ads Software – Targeting Academy is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

REVEALED: Secret FB Ads Software & Targeting ?Methods That Unlock “Untapped” Audiences Generated $437,127 In ?Less Than 3 Months

(?…and over $1.2M for Our Students. Now It’s YOUR Turn!)

. And this is the EXACT direct result of following 3 simple steps..

“I Discovered a Very Important SECRET….. The Secret of Why I WASN’T Making Any Money”

Simply put, i realized that if you can NOT target your customer the right way, YOU can NOT make the sale regardless to what you are selling, how well your ad is crafted, the superb quality of your product or even the exceptionally low price that it is being advertised.

97% of marketers are targeting the WRONG interests making this the #1 cause of Fb Ads failure. After years of wasting thousands of dollars and valuable hours on testing, failure & trials, i learned how to INSTANTLY reach my buyer & ideal market within seconds.

I learned how to target my products to the PERFECT audience that is literally starving for what i have to offer by the THOUSANDS daily.

“The Outrageous Targeting Secrets that Connect YOU to MILLIONS Of Hungry Buyers ?in Seconds NO ONE Tells You About”

Imagine this for a second…

There are two guys named John and Neil.

John is of less than average intelligence and education, but Neil is of above average intelligence with multiple college degrees in his field of expertise.

They are sitting down at their desks crafting ads at this very moment to sell identical products.

Both know how to create and craft a good ad that gets clicks. Both know how to write a good description that makes people click on their links. Both guys are also dedicated students of Facebook ads and are up on the latest trends and strategies for making themselves BIG profits.

But here’s the deal…

Although Neil is the smarter and more educated of the two, he spends hours a day, thousands of dollars out of his pocket creating ad campaigns only to earn little to no money.

On the other hand, John (who is NOT nearly as smart or educated as Neil) is able to crank out WINNING ad campaigns in just MINUTES over and over again, spending less money, time & effort with more than QUADRUPLE the results selling the same products.

“The BIG SECRET Between John & Neil!”

Have you ever wondered as i have what exactly is it that makes the difference in people’s lives?

I mean, you see plenty of successful guys in all the places…

..they don’t seem any smarter or hardworking than you much like in this case of John and Neil.. do they?

So why is it that ONE of these two guys (NOT EVEN THE SMARTER ONE) can make such FAST and EASY money running Facebook ads and the other can’t?

It isn’t always a native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.

The big difference lies in the fact that one guy knows about certain targeting tricks and knows HOW to use them correctly in his ads. He has the RIGHT targeting knowledge.

This is the very reason for this letter.

Introducing “Targeting Academy”… The #1 Ad Targeting Program for Facebook Ads!”

Targeting Academy is the ?#1 system for Facebook ad targeting perfection! You’ll discover the most coveted & POWERFUL Facebook ad targeting strategies of today’s top eCom & FB marketers earning them over $100k a month in their sleep.

Targeting Academy will show you how to avoid targeting the WRONG interests and go DIRECTLY to the REAL BUYERS that are hungry for EXACTLY what you are selling.

You’ll discover how to target your Facebook ads the CORRECT way instantly putting your products

directly in front of MILLIONS of the perfect buyers anytime you want without wasting time, losing money or guess work.

There’s literally nothing like this available on the market today, and when i say nothing, i really

This is because NO BIG PLAYER out there is willing to share these exclusive ad targeting “secrets” you need in order to continually create 5-figure incomes with single Fb ad campaigns over and over again.

Targeting Your PERFECT Buyer Is an Exact Science! The SECRETS To Finding REAL BUYERS!

I can’t stress enough just how CRITICAL targeting is!

Knowing WHO and HOW to target in your ads is absolutely CRUCIAL to make lots of money with FB ads. It’s the difference between you and all the successful top FB advertisers out there.

Targeting Academy combines all the important information with in-depth targeting strategies and methods. Every type of product and niche is covered…

Devid, How Can I Make Money With Targeting Academy?

Below is a list of products you will be able to sell which just came out of my head:



Physical Products

Local Business

Jvzoo Affiliate Offers

Lead Generation




Product Launches

High Ticket Items

CPA offers


Digital Products


Real Estate






Pet Products


Heavy Equipment


?I am going to show you how to duplicate the success of what me, my students and others have already been able to accomplish. Instead of wasting your efforts, you can dive right in creating ads that specifically target the people that are ANXIOUS to buy your products/services without question.

“Targeting Academy”… Here’s just a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside the members area…

Super Targeting FB Ad Secrets
One of the most POWERFUL Facebook ad targeting secrets that will INSTANTLY connect your ad to THOUSANDS or possibly MILLIONS of hungry buyers. I will give you the ONE SIMPLE SECRET that all the “gurus” don’t want you to know. The ONE MISSING ELEMENT that is so easy a child can do it. And it can make you WEALTHY BEYOND YOUR DREAMS!

4 Super Advanced Fb Targeting Strategies
The 4 Best Targeting Strategies With FB Ads that Are Rarely Taught, Even Though (Or Maybe Because) They Blow Every Other Method Out of The Water

The “Magic Words” Technique
The most powerful underground secret to targeting buyers in YOUR specific niche market that has ever been revealed! Literally use my 3 magic words to discover how to get the highest ROI over and over again without losing money or wasting time.

Targeting Framework Manipulation
How to MANIPULATE the “AND” and “OR” framework to seek out the most PASSIONATE buyers out there. I’ll show you how to dig deep within your niche market & yield the most successful FB ads you’ve ever had!

Physical Product Domination!
A brief overview of how the targeting strategies that i’m revealing in these videos are responsible for over $300k in physical product sales in just 3 months! If you sell products on Shopify especially, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH! This is literally my complete walkthrough on how to sell physical products & NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS!

The $100k/year T Shirt Business!
“T-shirt Targeting Tricks that earned me OVER $100k in Just 3 Months!” Discover T-shirt Niche Domination secrets to having a 6-figure T-shirt business online using fb ads the simple way. I’m going to explain how the major players and top sellers continually SET & SHATTER their own sales records!

Profiting Insanely with CPA Offers
This is your chance to finally cash in on the Multi-Billion Dollar CPA industry! Even if you don’t currently know what “CPA” means, i will explain it & show you how the Big CPA Marketers target their offers on Faebook! Some are making up to $10k/day with this very coveted secret information. You DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!

Million-Dollar Twitter Targeting
?2 EXPLOSIVE & extremely rare targeting strategies to completely DOMINATE all Twitter ads. You can use these underground strategies to STEAL the march on your competition & cut the time you spend building your business in half without wasting THOUSANDS of dollars.

“Plus! I’ve AUTOMATED Most of the Process!”

Get this! I’m not just going to give you the immense power of Targeting Academy…

Instead, because I GENUINELY want YOU to knock it out of the park next year, crush your competition into oblivion and SUCCEED in generating MASSIVE profits with Fb ads, i’m also going to give you the most breakthrough Fb ads software on the market…

This is a revolutionary software fueled with complex algorithms that unlocks THOUSANDS of hidden interests with devilishly precise data, ready to be exploited for big paydays.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll have access to endless streams of targeting interests which you can use to build your Fb ads empire! And what used to take days of digging, you can have on right in front of you on your platter in few seconds.

Introducing Insightr v1.0?? “The World’s #1 Facebook Ad Targeting Tool!”

Insightr gives you the incredible power to search for an unlimited number of niches and interests unlocking MILLIONS of new buyers & eliminating all hurdles FB puts in front of you. You will find the most profitable hidden interests & UNLOCK them so that you can reap the MASSIVE rewards!

The best part is that this new Insightr software works in 3 easy steps..

Some of the Incredible Features of Insightr…

Cutting Edge Targeting Engine – Breakthrough engine with cutting edge algorithms that finds hundreds of related interests that are impossible to even know exist without hours of laborious research.

Money Intelligence Technology – Know which interests will GENERATE MONEY before ever posting a single ad!

Your ads will be fail-proof & nearly EVERY campaign you put up will INSTANTLY become a WINNER.

This feature will give you the ability to see into the future and automatically know what will work and what won’t. NO more wasting time and money to figure out what works. You will already know!

Enter ANY Keyword – Insightr uncovers every possible targeting interest in seconds…

Find unlimited interests, associations, job titles, schools, clubs, employers, education majors, clubs and more! In other words, you will find the most PASSIONATE audiences.

This is extremely IMPORTANT because your most passionate audience goes to a physical location – if they take go through the trouble of physically GOING to a club or niche related location of some sort, this proves that they are passionate buyers.

Brands Tab – Enter ANY niche.. just click search and it pulls back information from Amazon. You then can take the information and copy paste in the detailed targeting box and see if there are good interests to target. You can’t get this ANYWHERE else!

Movies/Tv Shows Tab – You can target by movies and tv shows. Enter your niche and the software is going to pull back all movies and TV programs putting you in a position to marketing to your ideal customer. You can sort by genre such as family, romance, suspense, documentary, drama, all genres.

Create LASER TARGETED Fb Audiences – Build very targeted audiences and launch your ads instantly! If you know WHO your audience is and HOW to market directly to them, you can INSTANTLY position yourself to shatter sales records in your first month, week or even 24 HOURS!

Save Your Research – Save your valuable research into your own personal profit vault so that it’s ready to go when you are. For example: If you find something you want to target and shortly after you would like to recall it, you CAN! When you have bright ideas, save them instantly so that you can test them later over and over again.

Amazing User Interface – Gorgeous easy to use user interface with a full section of videos that show you how to easily use every feature of the software. There are no complicated terms or “cryptic” buttons!

?And the list of POWERFUL ad targeting features goes on and on!

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