Search Engine Conquest – Adrian Brambila

Original price was: $1,697.00.Current price is: $108.00.


Search Engine Conquest – Adrian Brambila

Original price was: $1,697.00.Current price is: $108.00.

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Search Engine Conquest will teach how toconfidently spend money on Google Ads to generate profitable sales, discover consumer trends & scale your level of revenue.


Search Engine Conquest – Adrian Brambila is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

Ready to Master Consumer Behavior? 

Search Engine Conquest will teach how toconfidently spend money on Google Ads to generate profitable sales, discover consumer trends & scale your level of revenue.

Search Engine Conquest Course

60 Day Course With 1 on 1 & Group Support to Ecommerce Mastery & Success. 

All content is available on day 1. However, I offer 8 weekly LIVE trainings to answer any questions as you are moving through the course.

Over 50 Video Lessons & Weekly Live Training Showing REAL CAMPAIGN DATA…

 Week 1 – Foundation & Fundamentals

  • Intro to Marketing Fundamentals – No matter how much experience you have or don’t have most people don’t understand this 7 important lessons about how to create high converting traffic
  • Front End Traffic – Syncing your data across Google Analytics, YouTube, and more for conversions and sales automation
  • Keyword Anatomy – Set up the power for AI & machine learning based ads leveraging Google’s algorithm
  • Building a Successful Shopify Store – Did you know you can leverage data to build a winning store? That’s what we do!
  • Shopify Walk Through – Get a real behind the scenes of a store that does 5 figures per month from Google.

 Week 2 – Infrastructure & Data

  • Algorithm – Learning the beast of Google’s algorithm and how to leverage it to campaign success
  • Ad – Walk through of REAL ads and insights on how to create profitable ads
  • Cost – Budget strategies to gain confidence on when to scale and when to cut budget strategies
  • Data Science – Get a crash course on data science to finally understand the metrics of what to look for when building, optimizing and scaling a campaign. 

 Week 3 – Master Consumer Behavior Research

  • Marketing Insights – Mastery of insights of collateral data and decision making for success
  • Return on Investment – Data analytics on key performance indicators to make sure your campaigns generate an ROI
  • Lead Generation – Research of competition to determine if keywords are worth investing in
  • Winning Products – Learn how to find trending, evergreen and winning products
  • Testing Products Without Spending Money – Get our testing calculator that validates if you should test a product WITHOUT spend.

 Week 4 – Campaign Strategy, Optimization & Scaling

  • Bid Strategy – Learn when to leverage machine based learning & Manual & Enhanced CPC Campaigns
  • Behavioral Remarketing – Create dynamic ads based on actions taken on landing pages tracked through Google Analytics
  • Google Shopping – Learn how to automate product testing & generate sales on the Google Shopping network
  • Step By Step Conservative Campaign Testing– Learn the exact step by step process I use to test products spending as low as $10
  • CASE STUDY – Behind the scenes of strategies, ads, product, and targeting on scaling from $0 – $5,000 in 48 hours
  • CASE STUDY – Learn how to market for time sensitive events and transitioning from drop shipping to buying in bulk using a live documentary of scaling to over $10k in 4 days
  • CASE STUDY – Behind the scenes walkthrough of a real campaign, ad, and product of scaling from $0 – $18,000 in 30 days

 Week 5 – YouTube Ads & Diversification

  • YouTube Ads – Learn arguably the most underutilized and most profitable ad campaigns currently on the internet
  • Affiliate Marketing – Learn how to leverage search engines & YouTube for highly effective affiliate marketing
  • Email Marketing – Learn how to generate flows & segments to convert traffic

 Bonus – Done For You Winning Product Research

  • Winning Product Research – Get hundreds of data validated winning products to test and sell ASAP
  • USA Drop Ship Products – Stop using AliExpress and get access to my exclusive USA drop ship suppliers
  • High End Furniture & More – Why sell $20 items when you can sell $2,000 items like high end furniture from the USA?

They Call Me ‘Mr.Transparent’ Watch Me Make $10,000 in 4 Days (Store Reveal)

Everything I Do In This Above Video Is repeatable & based on research (not gambling or getting lucky by a ridiculous amount of testing)

697 One Time Payment

  • Life Time Course Updates
  • Access to Private Support Facebook Group

997 One Time Payment

  • 6 Weeks of Live Group Training ($2,500)
  • Free Month Subscription of Winning Product Research Service Ecom Conquest ($117 Value)
  • Life Time Course Updates
  • Access to Private Support Facebook Group

1697 One Time Payment

  • 1 on 1 Screen Share Call ($2,000)
  • 5 Weeks of Live Group Training ($1,250)
  • Free Year Subscription of Winning Product Research Service Ecom Conquest ($1,404 Value)
  • Life Time Course Updates
  • Access to Private Support Facebook Group

I asked my students for testimonials… and ‘celebration dances’ of what it feels like every time they get a sale – this is what they sent…

30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE

If Search Engine Conquest doesn’t teach you how to confidently run Google Ads and show you a step-by-step guide on how to do research and run successful campaigns… then I’ll refund you. 

I’m confident in my teaching ability and just to make this offer with ZERO risk for trying my course I’d be happy to honor even after the 30 days have passed or… better yet call you personally to see what trouble you are having with your campaigns. My goal is to have everyone of my students see success! I know there are a lot of courses on the internet and I am grateful at the thought you would consider taking mine. I put my personal reputation on the line to make sure this is the most outstanding course you will ever take on Search Engine Ads for Ecommerce.

Learn more about the refund policy by clicking here. – AB

Hey, It’s Adrian Brambila 🙂 

I’ve been doing online marketing for over 5 years and 90% of my online sales come from Google Ads. Between clients and my stores I’ve generated millions of dollars online and have the power of search engine advertising to thank for that 🙂 If you have any questions about my course please don’t hesitate to ask! You can reach me at [email protected].

Featured On The Official Shopify Masters Podcast

Have a listen below I drop some awesome knowledge bombs!

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