Scryer´s Elite – Richard Webster

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Scryer´s Elite – Richard Webster

Original price was: $115.00.Current price is: $34.00.

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If you are a mentalist then this book is a MUST read. The material contained in here is pure Gold. Richard and Neal are the very best in the business and when ever they collaborate on a project you know it’s going to be amazing.


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MY THOUGHTS From Paul Romhany: Editor Vanish Magazine

If you are a mentalist then this book is a MUST read. The material contained in here is pure Gold. Richard and Neal are the very best in the business and when ever they collaborate on a project you know it’s going to be amazing. Every routine in here is hand picked by Richard and Neal and so it’s the elite of the elite from the contributors.

I think the key to Neal’s material is his delivery and style. He is moving away from mentalism and is now a full-time intuitive consultant and healer. While the material in here is considered ‘mentalism’ you can understand how powerful the material is when performed by Neal. If you keep this thought in mind from Neal I think it will serve you well, “Treat people well. The good that you do will come back to you in many ways.” You get this idea in Neal’s material. Everything has a good vibe about it. The methods are often simple but in the real world they are extremely strong. This book is filled with a variety of material from the use of cellphone and pendulum to a great effect with invisible thread and photographs.

The majority of material in here is from Neal’s friends and it reads like a whose who. There is everything from Tarot cards to Voodoo to an amazing piece by Michael Weber called Rose Bowl where you give readings from roses in a bowl of water. For me this was one of the highlights of the book and it really does create the most amazing moment. If you give readings then you will LOVE this!!! Richard Webster also has some great pieces in here and I think his battery pendulum is such a great way to introduce the pendulum to somebody who has not done it before. It really makes so much sense and is the perfect lead in to something else with a pendulum.

What I truly enjoyed about this book is that a lot of the material uses ordinary props such as business cards, rose petals and tarot cards. This book is not meant for the general magician or even mentalist, but for those who want to leave their spectators with a much more powerful feeling than simply tricks. Scryer and Webster know the real secret to making a performance strong and believable and leaving a spectator with memories they will never forget. The material in here is designed for just that purpose and for people who know how to present it. I liked Micahel Weber’s opening remarks in his Forword, “… we are well on our way to reaching “Peak Mentalism.” Any day now we are likely to see some version of “Flashback,” “MOAB,” or a “Peek Wallet.” included as part of a children’s magic kit. What you will find in here, and especially if you have followed Scryer and Webster as I have, is material that is designed to leave an audience with a feeling of true wonder, something very personal to them, and leaving them feeling better than when you started.

Neal Scryer – without question has made an indelible mark in the world of mentalism. Neal, his friends and peers include the greatest names in the art. Neal has an almost cult-like following. Additionally, his books, exclusively produced by Richard Webster – are some of the most successful in terms of demand, content and sales. While it all started with the Black Book, it grew into a variety of other successful “must-have” projects.

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With exception of a few downloads, Neal has remained out of the forefront for years. When asked “if and when” he would write again the answer was always “only if it was something truly special.” That moment has arrived. Neal Scryers latest – SCRYERS ELITE – is simply a must have book. Visually consume the list of contributors – and you will quickly agree that it is very rare to have a collection of such prolific and respected minds one on project.  The return of Scryer is here and its very impressive! 

  • William Barclay
  • Zac Barkowski
  • Larry Buakin
  • Steve Drury
  • Philip Gangleberger
  • Helmuth Grunewald
  • Anthony Jacquin
  • Max Maven
  • Sudo Nimh
  • Matt Pulsar
  • Jon Riggs
  • Neal Scryer – of course.
  • Michael Weber
  • Richard Webster
  • Jeremy Weiss

Some of the content Included:

  • A Scent of Lavender – A new approach to ashes in Palm very esoteric. This also leaves the participant feeling good as you sent them a special blessing. – Neal Scryer 
    The Cellphone Pendulum – A very powerful effect using your phone their phone and a pendulum . This piece gives a wonderful reading using a pendulum plus and added kicker that they receive after as you create a business contact with everyone you do this to. In fact you can do a complete walk around event for hours just using your phone their phone that everyone has and a simple pendulum. – Neal Scryer 
  • Seance – This seance is all real and very simple the guests or participants bring everything you just guide them. This is an emotional piece use with good intention. – Neal Scryer 
  • Pendulum Experiment – This is a remarkable experiment that people will remember for a long time . Enough said that strong and memorable with your whole audience involved and one spectator. – Neal Scryer 
  • A Jar Full of Love and Wishes – This is real magic with good intent and very simple .it’s powerful and as real as it can get . Someone is watching over you – This is one that Neal was reluctant to reveal .It’s also how you can take something seemingly trivial and turn into pure gold . – Neal Scyer 
  • Loopy – A new principle to use the loop with an amazing effect . You can use this to take it to different levels once you read it . The possibilities are endless . – Neal Scryer 

Plus a few extra routines from Neal

Contributions from the top names in the art are as follows:

The Annie de Montfort Seance – Anthony Jacquin: This is an impromptu seance anywhere anytime with one person or a whole audience simply amazing . This is brilliant from a brilliant hypnotist in my book to be the greatest hypnotist of our time and proud to call him a friend.

The Seal of Saturn – Larry Baukin – What you are about to read is a specialized form of folk magic variously labeled rootwork , Hoodoo, conjure, and root magic. Careful – You can start a cult with this one. This one is a gem and it will make a positive change in their life . You can earn a living just doing this one – simply brilliant.

Nine – Nine – One – Eight – Steve Drury – So simple and a gem from a gem of a person that can be applied to numerous other forces and this one uses a compass to for this brilliant handling to good.

Clairvoyant Cartomancy – Matt Pulsar – Best cartomancy I have ever witnessed from a brilliant mind and dear friend . You just going to have to read this one so amazing.

Practical Design Duplication – Phillip Ganglberger – A masterpiece of a design duplication using business cards from Germany’s top mentalist and a super creative person .

A Simple Truth – Sudo Nimh – A brilliant piece from a very dearly loved person .This is a simple card effect with a meaningful presentation that’s guaranteed to warm the heart of the participant.

 Statemental – Max Maven – This routine is a real gem a psychic travel agent using travel cards you will do this as quick as you read it.

Rose Bowl – Michael Weber – Worth the price of the book. Michael a dear friend contributed this masterpiece which was was initially planning to self-release I am very grateful to him. While it involves simply a bowl of water and rose petals the impact is exponential. Can be performed at a dinner psychic event or almost any venue. So simple — yet so memorable — they will never forget. Pure gold!

Battery pendulum – The brilliant Richard Webster – This one was shared in Richards special workshop in Berlin. It’s very dear to him. He promised not to share for a while till now one year later .

Warm and Cold Hand – Helmuth Grunewald – fresh from the success of his recent book – top selling book titled: Hanussen and Messing – With the assistance of Mark Stevens who reached out to Helmuth to see if he would contribute an effect. Helmuth agreed and this is his first time he is making a contribution to a collaborative project. This effect is real and simply killer you can’t get better .

Dream Tarot – Zac Barkowski – the mentalist of the skies! No joke – Zac has carved a unique niche where he is frequently booked by individuals and organizations that hire him to give readings on their corporate jets! Mentalism at 40,000 feet is Zac’s forte! His contribution features a masterpiece tarot deck effect. You will need to put time in and work on this but the payoff is big! His signature effect never shared till now.

A Fish Deflects from Joys – Dr. Jeremy Weiss – One of the most amazing people and a dear friend who I love dearly. Simply put the best advice one can ever get for readings . Was so good Jeremy has contributed a second one.

Do The Voodoo That You Do So Well –William Barclay – A bizzarist dream come true for any performer in the arts – from a brilliant mind.

Your Hearts Desire – Jon Riggs – Finally the legendary John Riggs has come back for a contribution for this book that put tears in my eyes. John is a dear friend and just came out of retirement to give me this piece. Sorry guys this one is simple, powerful and very dear to John. You will need to read the book.

Special Note: A lot of hard work from many people has been vested in an effort to provide serious members of our craft with this material. Please don’t allow this put out on torrents – it’s not fair to everyone buying this and to contributors. Certainly not fair to you either. Keep such material special. Please guard our secrets and our presentations and prevent as our art from withering on the vine. All of us involved with this project sincerely wish you much love and great success.

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