Man Mode Essentials Month – TaySocial

Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $26.00.


Man Mode Essentials Month – TaySocial

Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $26.00.

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Whether You Want To Make It GLARINGLY Obvious To Everyone… Or Just Keep It Low-Key… You’ll Have The Ability, The Options, And The Title To Play It However You Want… 


Man Mode Essentials Month – TaySocial is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

What You’re Getting…

From Tay:

Hey Guys,

I’ve Been Working On Creating This Program For Years Now, And It’s Finally Here!

Looking Back, It’s Hard To Believe

I Came From Being Such A Nervous, Anxious Person Only A Few Years Ago To Now Releasing A Video Course Detailing The EXACT STEPS Guys Can Follow To Sleep With Hundreds Of Girls!I Never Would Have Thought There Was Something Out There That Could Give Me The MINDSET And The VIBE Needed To Speak To The Hottest Girls, Get Them Hooked In Conversation And Practically Begging To Be Taken Home… Especially So EASILY!

Back Then, If Someone Would Have Told Me I Would Be Releasing This Product In A Few Years… I Would’ve Told Them They Needed Their Head Checked

But Thanks To Google And Simply Searching Online For An Answer To My Problems,

In 2013 I Stumbled On The Pickup Community… And It Forever Changed My Life…

Within A Very Short Time I Was Consistently

Pulling Very Pretty Girls, Getting Makeouts With Them, And Taking Them Home,
…All Within Minutes Of Meeting Them!…

I Want To Do For YOU What The Pickup Community Did For Me All Those Years Ago

That’s Why I Made This Product.

I Want YOU To Get The Same Results In YOUR Life And Have The Life With Girls You’ve Only Dreamed Of… UNTIL NOW…

Man Mode Essentials Is A 5 Part Video Series GIVING YOU An EXACT Step-By-Step Playbook With The Mindsets And Tools Needed To Become A TOP Seducer In Your Town

Whether You Want To Make It GLARINGLY Obvious To Everyone… Or Just Keep It Low-Key… You’ll Have The Ability, The Options, And The Title To Play It However You Want… 

I’ve Tested And Honed These Principles And Formulas Through Years Of Trial-And-Error And By Teaching Literally THOUSANDS Of Guys In Bootcamps, 1-On-1 Coachings, And Online.

The Bottom Line Is…

These Principles Work.

In This Course I Cover EXACTLY What YOU NEED TO KNOW TO Get The Same Results As The 1,000s Of Guys From All Over The World I’ve Coached And Have Gotten AMAZING, Life-Changing Results For

They Didn’t Have A Ton Of Money, Model Looks, Or Millions Of Followers On Instagram…

They Are Average Guys Like You And Me, Who By Applying These Simple, Foundational Methods; Completely Revolutionized Their LIVES!


I Will Walk You Through All 5 Of The “MAJOR Fundamental Keys” That You MUST Have Otherwise You Will Continue To Struggle With Women UNTIL You Get Them Handled…

Some Of The Concepts Covered In Detail In Man Mode Essentials Are:

  • ? The general MINDSETS Needed to kill approach anxiety and Conquer Rejection
  • ? EXACT Openers that Create INSTANT Attraction in Even The HOTTEST Girls
  • ? How to Hook Girls into FIERY Interactions that are INTRIGUING and FUN For Everyone involved
  • ? How To Flip The Switch and IGNITE That MASCULINE VIBE Girls Crave!
  • ? Why Some guys CLOSE GIRLS and Some Don’t…
  • ? And A Whole lot More…

Again, These Are Not Theories.

These Are Tried And (Sometimes HARSHLY) Tested Mindsets And Techniques That Have Been Proven To Work And Have Helped 1,000’S Of My Students Get Girls And Live More Fulfilling Lives…

These Will Work For You Too.

In These 5 Videos I Will Be Guiding You From Where You Are NOW, To
A Phone (And Life) Filled With More ABUNDANCE Of Girls Who Want To See You And Be With You Than You’ll Be Able To Keep Up With!

If You’re Ready To Have Girls Fighting To Be Noticed By You And Pining To See You Again, Click The Button Below To Access The Entire 5 Part Program,
I’ll See You At The Top!
The Information In This Program Truly Is So Powerful That I Don’t Know How Long I’m Going To Have It Up For
It’s THAT Life-Changing And THAT Powerful So Make Sure You Get It Now While It’s Still Available!

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