Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing – Malcolm Gladwell

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Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing – Malcolm Gladwell

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Meet your instructor—best-selling author and longtime New Yorker staff writer, Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm outlines what he has planned for your class and reflects on the idea of writing as a calling.


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1. Introduction

Meet your instructor—best-selling author and longtime New Yorker staff writer, Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm outlines what he has planned for your class and reflects on the idea of writing as a calling.

2. Structuring Narrative: The Imperfect Puzzle

Malcolm likes an imperfect argument—the perfect argument is too obvious. Learn how Malcolm builds an open-ended puzzle into his story, “The Ketchup Conundrum.”

3. Holding Readers: Tools for Engagement

Data is a big part of Malcolm’s stories. Learn three ways Malcolm helps readers digest data and engage with complex ideas in his writing.

4. Holding Readers: Controlling Information

Learn how to use surprises, guessing games, and suspense to invite readers into your story.

5. Research

Malcolm shares his guiding principles to uncovering a good idea for a story through research.6. Selecting the Story

What makes a story worth pursuing? Malcolm talks through his criteria for spotting a unique story and the first steps of story development.

7. Developing the Story

Learn how Malcolm grows the idea of a story, and how he tests new ideas with family and friends.

8. Developing the Story: Analogous Worlds

Using David and Goliath and “What the Dog Saw,” Malcolm teaches you howto look for patterns and draw connections between seemingly disparate ideas.

9. Interviewing

The interview is the critical foundation for developing character in nonfiction. Malcolm teaches you howto conduct an interview to uncover what is uniquely interesting about your subject.

10. Characters: Descriptions

Malcolm breaks down two pieces of his own writing—one written for The New Yorker and one for a medical journal—to illustrate how he brings a new character to life.

11. Characters: World Building

If you could choose to describe a character by the way they look, or by what they keep in their bedroom, Malcolm says to choose the bedroom. Learn how to use the setting and action around a character to build their personality.12. Character Case Study: “The Pitchman”

Malcolm believes that when you reveal story is just as important as what that story is. He explains this idea with an in-depth look atone of his favorite characters, late-night television pitchman Ron Popeil.

13. Structuring Language

Learn how Malcolm uses sentence length and punctuation to guide readers through a sophisticated idea.

14. Jargon

Using a New Yorker article he wrote about a company testing out a new drug, Malcolm demonstrates howto employ jargon to hook your readers.

15. Tone and Voice

Malcolm explains howto calibrate your tone for your readership using examples from his book David and Goliath and his own public speaking Q&As.

16. Humor and Melancholy

Malcolm feels that restraint is essential in the production of real emotion. Learn howto introduce humor and melancholy to form deep connections with your readers.17. Case Study: Language and Emotion in “Something Borrowed”

Using his essay “Something Borrowed” as an example, Malcolm demonstrates howto use language and emotion to build a powerful narrative.

18. Titles

For Malcolm, a title is the ultimate attention-grabber. Learn howto write powerful titles that will speak to your reader’s emotions.

19. Drafts and Revisions

Getting a piece of writing to a finished state is a process. Malcolm walks you through his approach, from first draft to final polishing.

20. When Your Story Enters the World

Once your story is published, the world will respond. Learn Malcolm’s tips for promoting your work, dealing with critics, and what to do when readers misinterpret your intent.

21. Working as a Writer

Learn Malcolm’s advice for aspiring writers, including howto launch and maintain your career as a professional writer.22. Howto Read

Malcolm believes that you can’t become a great writer without being a great reader. Learn Malcolm’s strategies for critical reading.

23. Who to Read

Malcolm breaks down the strengths of some of his favorite writers: Lee Child, David Epstein, Michael Lewis, and Janet Malcolm.

24. Conclusion: A Theory of Other Minds

Malcolm delivers his parting words about the true intent of nonfiction writing.

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