Make Him Desire You – Alex Carter

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Make Him Desire You – Alex Carter

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So you want him to be fascinated with you, feel you are his one and only or even want to start a family with you? Well, getting a man to drool over you is not always a straight-forward process.


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Make Him Desire You™ Review: ??Will This Guide Make That Guy Beg For Your Time?

?So you want him to be fascinated with you, feel you are his one and only or even want to start a family with you? Well, getting a man to drool over you is not always a straight-forward process. However, Alex Carter through his Make Him Desire You program promises to magically transform your luck with men. Yup, it’s high time you get that macho man you’ve been dreaming about to literally go down on his knees and beg for your attention. And NO, this is not black magic or anything of that sort. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out how the program works in this review.

Overview of Make Him Desire You

This is an easy step-by-step guide program that teaches women the techniques of getting any man to desire them. It promises to work regardless of the type of relationship one has. Therefore, whether you are dating, married or single, this is a valuable guide. Available as a 174-page book, it comes in a PDF and audio version for instant download and easy learning process. As such, you can plug the audio in your tablet, iPod, car or phone to listen to the program even when you’re on the go.

The program is written by an experienced relationship coach and contains practical examples and facts to help you understand a man’s thinking. Inside the book, you will learn how to effortlessly trigger a man’s impulsive desires to make him want you. Also, it includes plenty of phrases you can use to arouse something unique in him that probably he has never experienced in his entire life.

Who is Alex Carter?

First off, Alex Carter is the guy behind this dating program. He is also a relationship expert, professional pick up artist, and a dating coach. Besides, he claims to have exhausted years counseling men and women so they can get the best out of their relationships. On top of that, Alex says he understands the male psyche more than anyone else. As such, he is able to provide women with suggestions and insights to use in order to get the man of their dreams. So what led him to create this program, you might ask? Well, according to Alex he wants to help men and women in relationships to have a good connection with each other and live happily ever after.

What Will You Learn in The Make Him Desire You Program?

?Throughout the program, the author provides you with in-depth knowledge about men. He provides you with different phrases to use to make him desire you. For instance, you will learn about the “moving mousey” phrase that teaches you about how to make a man think only about you every minute of his life. This means he will not sleep, function or eat without thinking about you. You will also learn how to arouse his desires so he only wants you.

Another part of this program worth mentioning is the “Oh my Cinderella”. This teaches you how to make him experience unconditional love for you. You, therefore, get a chance to be his queen not just for a moment but rather for eternity. He will not care about other women and will most likely see you as his fairly-tale and his Cinderella. Also, you will learn how to trigger a secret part in a man’s mind that is responsible for causing obsession using the unique “mouse and cheese” phrase. According to Alex, every time you use this phrase he will desire and love you beyond reason.

Additionally, the guide teaches you how to easily turn any habitual womanizer into that one woman-man you want. Alex recommends using the “race to the aisle” phrase that will open the doors to his heart and get him into a commitment mood. He will even want to have a life with you, a lovely home and family. As if that’s not enough, you will also learn about the “shake my heart” phrase to help you awaken the deep love he has for you. The phrase works best especially if he is obsessed with other women.

On top of that, if you love a man but he doesn’t love you back, Alex has included some techniques to help you make him realize you are actually a match made in heaven. In addition, you will learn how to easily get your ex back as well as how to make him call you after a date.

?Any Bonuses?

Apart from the main guide, Alex also provides you with three (3) special bonus materials worth $81 in value. Of course, you will be getting the materials for free. These include:

Bonus #1 : The Secrets of Male Desire No Man Will Ever Share With You

According to Alex, every single man has a ‘sweet spot of desire’. In this guide, he teaches you how to exploit this sweet spot to make him feel attraction for you immediately.

Bonus #2 : Advanced Fascination Report

Inside this bonus report, you will discover how to fascinate any man you desire within seconds by simply triggering a ‘positive discomfort’ in his mind. It is a unique technique that will help you improve your luck with men.

Bonus #3 : Role Reversal Report

If you feel you might have rushed sleeping with a man and fear that he could be done with you, you will find this report valuable. Also, if you have been rejected in the past by a man even after trying to impress him to your level best, this guide is for you. Inside the guide, you will learn Alex’s psychological technique to help you reverse the situation in your favor.

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