Magic Touch Secrets for Massage – Thai Healing Massage Academy

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Magic Touch Secrets for Massage – Thai Healing Massage Academy

Original price was: $37.00.Current price is: $9.00.

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If someone were to ask you what exactly it is that makes a massage touch feel wonderful, magical, blissful – would you be able to answer this question?


Magic Touch Secrets for Massage – Thai Healing Massage Academy is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

Did you ever get a massage that made you feel like this? 

  • You felt like you walked on clouds…
  • You felt like you went to massage heaven…
  • It cleared your mind…
  • It made you feel happy and content…
  • It put a big smile on your face… 

If not, you are really missing out on a magical experience!

On the other hand, did you ever get a massage that felt like this?

  • Mechanical…
  • Clinical…
  • Soulless…
  • Not worth your money… 

Here is the question:

“What separates a massage that feels average from one that feels heavenly?”

What makes the difference? Is it that the therapist needs to…

  • Learn a dozen new techniques?
  • Attend one more seminar?
  • Study more anatomy and physiology?

Or could it be that the therapist was never taught in any of those courses how to develop a magical touch?

If someone were to ask you what exactly it is that makes a massage touch feel wonderful, magical, blissful – would you be able to answer this question?

Would you be able to explain it and list specific steps how to develop this?

The good news is:

The ‘magic touch’ is a learnable skill!

You don’t have to be born with it. It is not reserved for a select few who are naturally gifted. It doesn’t require esoteric skills or long meditations or secret mantras. Yes, YOU can learn it too.

Would these skills improve your massage? 

  • 24 specific methods to improve the quality of your touch
  • Powerful exercises for perceiving and transmitting energy
  • Skills to turn your hands into sophisticated listening tools
  • The ability to move energy instead of just body parts
  • clear roadmap for developing a magical touch

If so, the MAGIC TOUCH SECRETS course is for you!

The Magic Touch Secrets online training course is about REFINING massage skills

If you are looking for a way to feel more, connect more, become more intuitive, and work more with energy than just anatomy, then this course will take you far along this path.

Magic Touch Secrets is NOT about techniques. You will not learn any massage techniques.

But you will learn how to improve, refine, and transform any massage techniques which you already know or that you will ever learn – Thai Massage or any other style.

And you will learn how to become a more intuitive therapist and help your clients better, get more client satisfaction and better therapeutic results.

At this point I should introduce myself

My name is Shama Kern. I have had a love affair with Thai Massage and healing arts for a long time. Actually I have been practicing and teaching it for 20 years to thousands of students. 

I am also the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy, one of the largest institutions dedicated to teaching Thai Massage through highly effective online training courses. 

Thai Massage is based on working with ‘energy lines’, so I became inspired to create an effective system which takes massage to a higher level – a system that begins where techniques leave off….

…A system that demystifies energy concepts and makes them practical to implement and easy to understand for western minds.

This is based on my 40 years of experience with yoga, massage, meditation, Qigong, and energy healing.

The Magic Touch Secrets training is based on ancient and highly effective methods for moving energy which have stood the test of time for over 1000 years.

But it’s about more than energy. You will also learn how to use your body in the most effective way which preservers your own health and longevity as a massage therapist.

You will learn how to be more effective with less effort, how to be more perceptive, and how to listen with your hands instead of just doing physical manipulations.

In fact, I taught this system to visitors of a major destination spa who had zero experience with any of this, and they were able to successfully use some of those methods within an hour. It works!

Who is this course for?

If you can relate to practices like yoga, meditation, Qigong, energy healing, or principles of traditional Asian medicine, then this course will open your eyes to a new dimension of touch. It will give you a road map for developing a magical touch.

Who is this course NOT for?

If you are a strict believer that reality is only what you perceive through your five physical senses, and that a subtle, invisible life force is nothing more than a far-fetched ‘new age’ idea, then this course might not be for you. But then again, it might open your eyes to a new world..

How do I receive this course?

This is an online training course. You can access it conveniently from our membership site
Delivery schedule: The 3 video training modules will become available to you 24 hours apart so that you have time to practice without information overload.

Membership portal features

  • Permanent access to course materials
  • Watch videos online or download them
  • Access to community area (facebook group)
  • Help desk for easy support access

What if I need HELP?

You always have access to the course instructor for any questions about the course material, for as long as you need it.

We provide fast, friendly and  first-class support to our students via our Help Desk, facebook group, email, or skype.

Our support has always and will always be free.

Is there a GUARANTEE for this course?

We want you to invest in our training with full confidence, knowing that there is ZERO RISK for you.

It you decide for any reason that it is not right for you, just notify our support within 14 days, and you will receive a prompt, courteous, no-questions-asked refund of every penny you paid.

What exactly am I getting?

You are receiving an entire system of 24 ways to refine your massage skills:

  • Heighten your sense of energy
  • Greatly improve the quality of your touch
  • Take your massage skills to a higher, more refined level
  • Clear demonstrations, exercises, step-by-step instructions

These skills and methods are rarely taught in massage schools, but they make the difference between an average and an excellent massage.

The Magic Touch Secrets course is meant for Thai Massage therapists or other massage therapists. It could well be the key to more success in your massage practice.

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