Magic Mindsets 2014 – Chris Andersen

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Magic Mindsets 2014 – Chris Andersen

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In fact, I’m sure you’ve noticed that sexual tension is always lurking just beneath the surface of even your most polite conversations with women.


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The Magic Mindset

You don’t need to do anything to attract beautiful women.

In fact, women already like you.

How do I know this?

Because there is already tension between men and women.

And by definition, that tension is sexual.

In fact, I’m sure you’ve noticed that sexual tension is always lurking just beneath the surface of even your most polite conversations with women.

You can’t control it. It happens automatically.

If it was acceptable I believe men and women everywhere would be having carefree sex all the time.

Sexual tension is so dangerous it often leads to complete strangers having sex in less than 5 minutes.

And tension is why jealous men feel the need to cover women up and forbid them to leave the house.

It’s also why women know it’s dangerous to put themselves in a situation where they could be alone with you.

Do Less. Not More.

Just by showing up, without doing anything, there is already sexual tension between you and women. It is natural and automatic.

That means:

  1. There is nothing “special” you need to say or do.
  2. Most women are already naturally attracted to you.

The Magic Mindset

Below are The 7 Magic Words that will change your life with women forever. Simply repeat these words all of your problems with women magically disappear.

You don’t need to say or do anything “special” to attract women. Just…

Stop DoingThings That Kill Sexual Tension

The 5 Mistakes That Kill Sexual Tension

  1. Talking (too much or too fast}
  2. Reacting emotionally to her tests
  3. Nervousmovements and laughter
  4. Bailing her out of a tense moment
  5. Making supplicating facial expressions

I consider this a Magic Mindset because most pickup strategies focus on the words or the tactics.

There is nothing to say.

There is nothing to do.

Your whole life you have been doing things to reducesexual tension.

You’ve always tried to make women feel safe and comfortable in your presence. Especially the ones you like.

When things get tense, you’re the big clown making the hot girls laugh and feel at ease.

Even when these girls reject you, you’re more worried about her comfort level than your own. You don’t want her to feel awkward.

Aw, how sweet!

Now this may make you a nice guy, but it’s aterribleseduction strategy.

That’s because doing things to help women feel more comfortable with sexual tension will be viewed by her as supplication.

And by supplication, I mean she will always view you as a sniveling little butt kisser. Not a guy she wants to sleep with.

Plus, a woman is never going to be attracted to a man that can handle LESS sexual tension than she can.

It will never happen.

In the end, getting or not getting the girl always seems to come down to who wins the little tension battles.

  1. Eye Contact: who gets nervous and looks away first
  2.  Introduction: who pulls their hand away first
  3. Silence: who gives in and talks first
  4. Resistance: who tries to diffuse the tense moment first
  5. Who breaks down and needs to talk about “what is going on”

Now lets look at a few subtle ways guys reduce the sexual!tension!in!their!interactions!with!women.


The reduction of tension starts right away.

Right from the beginning guys are scared of silence. In fact, right after you introduce yourself you want to pause for a second and give her a chance to contribute.

Instead, what guys usually do is assume it’s their job to talk and entertain her the whole time. They are scared that if they aren’t talking or making sure she’s having fun – she will leave.

It all comes across as they are trying to impress her, instead of the other way around. The person talking is the person qualifying.

When a moment of silence happens, as it always will, who will give in to the pressure and talk first.

Facial Expression

Another way guys break sexual tension is by making supplicating facial expressions when listening.

I call this the “I’m just so happy to be here face”.

Instead of using this opportunity to bask in the natural tension of the moment, guys get wide-eyed, flash goofy smiles and do lots of “I agree” head nodding.

And don’t forget the nervous throw away lines like “oh my god, that’s so funny”.

Instead, you want to keep relatively quiet and use more of a blank stare when listening to women talk. Similar to the face a poker player makes.

By listening intently, but not giving her much feedback, she will feel like she needs to prove herself to you.


Anytime women give you verbal or physical resistance there will be even more tension.

This is a good thing, as resistance can actually help you.

However, if you react to her resistance verbally, for example,trying to diffuse the awkward moment by making a joke. You will kill that tension.

The same thing happens if you look sad and start to sulk.

If you don’t react to her resistance, it never becomes real. It’s not official. It’s like it never happened.

Being unreactive and keeping composed allows you to be very persistent without coming across needy.

The Test Trap

Many times it’s not just you. When women become attracted they will try to reduce the sexual tension by baiting you to break rapport.

Of course you fall for this trap because you think you need to break rapport to create sexual tension. Do you see the problem here?

The sexual tension was already there.

Even cocky comebacks and playful teasing can reduce tension.

As such, a woman’s tests are best handled this way…

Hold seductive eye contact with her for a moment, smile and then turn your head away slowly.

If her test is due to a legitimate sexual comfort issue, then your response should be delivered in a seductive but serious tone.


Her: We are not having sex tonight

You: We’re both adults. We will do whatever we are both comfortable with.

Bailing Her Out

When you ask women to exchange numbers, go on a date, or back to your place, you should just ask her and then shut up.

When women start stalling or making excuses guys always seem to bail them out by saying something. They crumble under the pressure.

Instead, don’t say anything and move slightly closer to her. Let the awkward tension linger.

Remember, the pressure is on her, not you. Let her feel bad for breaking rapport with you.

If you can just keep your mouth shut long enough women will often come around on her own and agree to whatever you were asking for.

Another good rule is to always choose the option that produces the most tension.

For example, if you want to set up a date it’s better to call girls versus text them.

When you text girls you let her off the hook and make it easy for her to say NO. Of course, it’s even better if you can ask her out on a date face to face.

Anytime a woman thinks you’re doing something because you fear sexual tension she is going to lose all attraction for you.

Take More Risks

You need to embrace tension.

Most guys are scared of creating sexual tension because they don’t want women to think they are creepy.

But to attract women you need to Risk Creepy.

You want her to breath heavy. You want her heart beating fast. You’d like her to be blushing.

That’s because these symptoms mimic the “familiar feeling” of her being attracted to a man.

This tension is a good thing. You want it to be a bit awkward. You don’t want things to feel too comfortable.

Using The Magic Mindset

At first, not breaking sexual tension will be hard. Doing nothing to attract women will feel strange.

You will often be tempted to revert back to your old bad habits and mindsets.

You may even question The Magic Mindset and feel you need to SAY and DO stuff to make women attracted to you.

Actually, it’s just the opposite.

You need to do less.

The things you are doing now might be getting reactions from women, but they are also reducing the tension.

It’s very subtle, but when a guy believes he doesn’t have a chance with a woman, heinadvertently says and does things that sabotage his chances.

The sad thing is, at the beginning the sexual tension and attraction was there.

All he had to do was keep quiet and stay relaxed.

But because he didn’t believe she was attracted, he talked too much and tried too hard.

The sexual tension made him feel uncomfortable. So of course hebroke the tension first.

The Magic Mindset is to remember that there is already sexual tension between you and most women.

This tension exists naturally.

Think of it like an automatic connection.

As such, your focus shouldn’t be on what “special things” you need to say or do.

Instead, work on NOT breaking the natural tension and attraction that is already present.

Let sexual tension do all the work for you.

Do less.

Now that you have the Magic Mindset it’s time to discover The 3 Secret Signals That Will Make Women Seduce You.

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