Love, Sex, Relationship Magic – Bryan Reeves

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Love, Sex, Relationship Magic – Bryan Reeves

Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $42.00.

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This 10+ hour audio program is the best of what I use with my clients and my own exquisite partner. It shows you what exquisite, authentic love looks like and how to create it yourself.


Love, Sex, Relationship Magic – Bryan Reeves is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!

Do you know why relationships too often suck?

Because no one taught us how to do them any damn better !

If you’re like most people, you’re probably doing relationship with such unnecessary ignorance that you actually push away the love you want.

That was definitely me for 2 decades.

In 2010, after suffering through yet another awful breakup, I began to awaken from my ignorance.

I started exploring essential insights and practices for successful love that … really … someone should have frickin’ taught me BEFORE I stumbled clueless into the utterly perplexing realm of dating, intimacy, sex, and love.

Since then, I’ve coached over a thousand individuals & couples on their own journey into a profound authentic love they never even knew possible.

This 10+ hour audio program is the best of what I use with my clients and my own exquisite partner. It shows you what exquisite, authentic love looks like and how to create it yourself.

This is only for people who are genuinely ready for an authentic relationship rooted in mutual trust, respect and appreciation, generosity and heart connection … and raw, real love.

If you’re truly ready for that deeply sexy, courageous intimate partnership you may not even be convinced is possible … experience “Love Sex Relationship Magic” now.

A man’s Testimonial

Your program has stirred and awoken a deep admiration for the feminine in me. 

I am almost looking forward to the next time my wife rages at me for some oversight and dizzyingly ties it to a million events of the past.

I recoiled at this before. It terrified me. But now I want to rise to the challenge and love her and be strong with her during her next storm. 

You have a gift. Your words penetrate.” – John C.

On this Journey, you will learn …

  • Why you experience “connection” differently from your partner… and how to get on the same page.
  • Communication practices to help you actually hear each other.
  • Why your best intentions can backfire and actually create hell for both of you … and how to overcome this.
  • What to do about “Masculine Checkout Syndrome.”
  • How to stop having the same fights over and over.
  • Why your partner (or you) may resist “showing up” for relationship … and what to do about it.
  • How to end the “battle of the sexes.”
  • How to create sexy partnership by working WITH your differences instead of resisting them.
  • How to shift “needy & demanding” to “empowered & attractive.”
  • The 3 Non-negotiable Needs for a successful relationship (and what happens when even just one is not met)

… and loads more insights and practices to help you feel more free through Love.



plus great bonuses


The Art of Thriving

What Does It Mean To THRIVE In Love? Learn (finally) why making your partner responsible for your happiness never works.


Awaken To Reality

Do this relationship inventory exercise and see your current/past love experiences like you’ve never seen them before.


Gain Awareness

Start seeing and working with Masculine and Feminine energies to fundamentally shift your experience of relationship (and attraction).


The 3 Stages of Love

Learn to shift awful co-dependence (that even strong people fall victim to) into a sexy dance of inter-dependence that makes loving juicy!


Mastering Self-Love

Self-love is essential to healthy intimacy. Learn powerful practices to embracing YOU, which is key to trusting someone else can, too.


The Art of Presence

Discover what “Feminine” energy needs to feel safe, relaxed, open to intimacy … and what happens when this is missing.


Are You Compatible?

How can you know if you’re compatible? These 3 Essential Criteria can tell you (ignore them at your own peril!!)


The Choice is Yours

What does “choice” mean for intimacy? Learn the consequences for not choosing your partner, even when you’re physically present.


Tools & Practices

Gain empowering Tools & Practices to help you embody the wisdom in this program, whether you’re single or a couple, no matter your sexual orientation.


Shifting Your Mindset

The secret to creating love magic begins with your mindset. Get clarity around the intimacy fears you have been harboring in your mind for years, and how to shift them.



Deepen your understanding through this exclusive collection of 9 bonus modules – podcasts, interviews, and the recording of an actual live coaching session with Bryan and a struggling couple. How to Shift Fear into LovePorn AddictionTranslating Women for Men, How to Grow Through Divorce, Cultivating Relationship With YourselfFollowing Your Inner Excitement, and more.

Private Session

Gain insight and wisdom by listening to an actual Coaching Session with a real couple working with Bryan (shared with permission, pre-recorded … an extra $300 value, by itself)


There’s power in community, where we learn and grow together. Join a safe, supportive online community of men and woman exploring the same love insights and relationship practices as you, sharing similar challenges, asking difficult questions, and offering their own personal insights and inspired revelations, too. ($600 annual fee waived)

What others are saying

“”You may have just saved my relationship. The session on ‘Self-Love’ and ‘Deeper into Stage 3’ is speaking to the core of what’s going on in my relationship. Being willing to lose her, helping her feel better … you’ve given me a heap of understanding about practices I need to move into. It’s fu*king awesome.” – Steve Yoman

I just love it. I am up to session 9 and they get better and better. I love the activities and exercises. This is helping me understand myself and men better and grow as a woman. Thank you for helping us to learn how to fully love from love and not from ignorance or fear.
– Carolina Borda

I am stunned. Thank you for putting this together. I gained so much insight and feel so much calmer. It already helps me in relationships at work! So for this – thank you! I am beyond grateful to have found your teachings.

– Agnieszka A.



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