Local Domain Empire – Gene Pimentel

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Local Domain Empire – Gene Pimentel

Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $50.00.

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You’ll be providing a beautifully designed website that includes a professionally produced video with live actor and a professionally written Consumer Guide.


Local Domain Empire – Gene Pimentel is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at wecor.site!

Let Me Show You How I Turn $3 Domain Registrations Into Hundreds, Even Thousands of Dollars Like Clockwork.

Turn $3 Domain Registrations Into

Valuable Web Properties in Seconds

It’s All About Speed and Efficiency Baby!

Local Domain Empire is a Fun, Simple, Profitable Evergreen System:

  • Use My Secret Sauce Method to Register a Locally-based .COM Domain Name for as little as 99 Cents.Yes REALLY!
  • Upload our Exclusive Premium Website Template in Just 90 Seconds, and Use Our “Quick Change” Point & Click Dashboard to Customize.
  • Use My Time-Tested Techniques to Grab the Attention of Competing Local Businesses.
  • Accept the Best Offer, While Providing Outstanding Value to the Buyer/Renter.
  • Rinse and Repeat Whenever You Want, As Often As You Want.

…And It’s All About Massive VALUE

The value you’ll be providing to local businesses is truly amazing – and they will recognize that and love you for it. A local business typically pays thousands of dollars on very sub-standard websites.

You’ll be providing a beautifully designed website that includes a professionally produced video with live actor and a professionally written Consumer Guide. Just these separate components alone would normally cost a business hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to have created.

With the Local Domain Empire System, it will take you VERY little time and VERY little cost to generate many dozens of these premium web properties every day if you’d like.

REMEMBER: Once you have your hands on our system, you can register killer local domains for literally a couple of dollars, and create new web properties in literally under two minutes each.

Tired of Trying to Keep Up With Google and Other Third Party Services?

Sick of Having All Your Efforts Fall to Pieces Every Time They Change Something?

Then I Have Great News for You!

Finally, You Can…

  • Forget about search engines.
  • Forget about driving traffic.
  • Forget about tedious back-link building.
  • Forget about Article Writing.
  • Forget about Word Press, Plugins, Constant Updates and Compatibility

The Local Domain Empire System is Extremely Hassle-Free and Profitable.

The gorgeous website templates you’ll use take a mere 90 seconds to upload depending on your connection speed.

Simply upload the files, and log in to customize with a very simple point-and-click Dashboard.

The result is a gorgeous website any “local” business will love to call their own.

You’ll Be Creating Near “Instant Value” For Little Effort

Why spend weeks developing a custom website when you can provide exceptional value for just minutes?

I will teach you MY Personal Techniques. You’ll Learn…

  • How to easily find highly marketable local domain names within minutes.
  • How to sell each domain for many hundreds, and in some cases thousands.
  • Repeat as often as you’d like.

Course Modules:

Module 1:

What It’s All About – Here you’ll find the key concepts and birds-eye view of the Local Domain Empire system, and what makes it so effective.

Module 2:

POWERFUL Methods of Finding Highly Marketable Local Domains Quickly and Easily – Some of my best techniques and resources for quickly finding GREAT domain names.

Module 3:

Registering Your Domains – Where to register, how to register for dirt cheap, valuations, domain life cycle and more.

Module 4:

Our Powerful Niche Websites – Understanding the concept, the usage, installation, customizations and marketing techniques.

Module 5:

Finding Your Perfect Buyers -10 Ways to Find an Abundance of buyers for your domain names, along with email swipes.

Module 6:

Making the Sale – Nothing happens until a sale takes place! Learn about passive sales, proactive sales, where to list, how to collect payments risk-free, selling vs renting, and more.

Module 7:

Using the Social Media Covers – Our Graphics Expert teaches you how to work with and edit the FaceBook and Twitter Graphics you received with the LDE package.

Module 8:

Social Media Video Oomination – Use the Power of YouTube and Google+ to Catapult Your LDE Websites Rankings. For those who want to go the extra mile (optional).

Module 9:

Conclusion & Course Resources – Final words on making it happen, along with a list of resource links discussed in the course.

(You get THREE different Niche Packs With This Deal)

You Get ALL I his Today:

  • Complete Training Course Taught by a Professional Domainer With Over 10 Years Experience
  • THREE Complete Niche Packages Containing All of the Components Illustrated Above (our choice, as we will rotate these to keep it balanced)
  • The Opportunity to Get Many, Many More Niche Themes for as Little As $4 Each, in a Multi-Pack!

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