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Live by your own rules – Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani


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Felt or thought something that you immediately dismissed as inappropriate or wrong, even though they felt more genuine to who you are?



Live by your own rules – Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at!


This isn’t a quest to convince you on why you should strive for authentic living. This is a quest designed to help propel you there and show up as your authentic self without guilt, and without apology.

What this quest teaches you may not be anything new. How it ingrains and applies the knowledge — as if flipping the switch on breakthroughs that have been lying dormant or trapped within you — is the big trick.

In 31-days, author and instructor Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani delivers key ideas and tasks to methodically declutter your mind and your identity, so that you immediately experience transformation towards the authentic, extraordinary life you desire… one day at a time.


  • Step 1: Look within yourself to understand what kind of human you are, and accept your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

  • Step 2: Look at your life and allow yourself the belief that you can lead an extraordinary life and create rules that support it.

  • Step 3: Implement new system. Utilize the industry’s leading tools and systems to implement this new system in your life.


Felt or thought something that you immediately dismissed as inappropriate or wrong, even though they felt more genuine to who you are?

Experienced the urge to question the norm (whether it’s a belief, an opinion or a situation) but your first reaction was to worry about what people would say?

Felt guilty for not feeling content or for wondering why you weren’t content with life despite all you have?

Yearned so hard for happiness or an ideal outcome that it started to feel more like struggle than desire?

Felt triggered by others who are comfortable in their own skin, because you secretly don’t feel comfortable in yours?

Spent hours in a mental “court battle” with your inner critic just because you wanted to leave your comfort zone?

Felt terrified by the idea of expressing your honest opinions or emotions in fear of not “keeping it together”?


The problem for many of us isn’t that we don’t understand the value of authenticity or honesty. The problem is that many of us are unaware that we aren’t being authentic and honest with our own selves. We don’t have the courage to dig deep inside ourselves and define our own individual beliefs, values, and needs according to what is true to our own goals and desires. Instead, we end up building our lives and even our personalities by the rules, expectations, and definitions that our society has set for us.

As a result, we feel pressured to “toughen up”, conceal our real feelings and desires, keep up appearances, and tick the boxes on the list of superficial markers prepared for us without question. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from the luxury, holistic, or minimalist camp — or any camp really.

We build that beautiful facade that we convince ourselves is all we need, while we continue to suppress our true selves. And the more we pursue, the less satisfied we seem to become. The more boxes we tick, the more we don’t feel enough, worthy of unconditional love, or truly liberated.


  • You will develop the most important quality for continuous growth and transformation – self-awareness. Without it, your journey to transformation will be like sailing a ship on a foggy night.
  • You will learn to accept yourself fully – not just your perfect facade that you are ready to show to the world, but also your basement and your attic – those dark obscure corners of your self, which many prefer to leave abandoned.
  • You will learn to love yourself . And we are talking about healthy, unconditional and full-hearted love, like you would love your own newborn child.
  • Be more comfortable with uncertainty and change so you can take in every moment as it comes
  • You will learn simple exercises and techniques to find courage to show the world your real authentic self.
  • You will learn healthy ways to deal with your emotions, based in psychology and spiritual practices.
  • Happiness is when you can just Be You. When you don’t need to lie, to pretend, to try, to prove. So you will achieve deeper and more profound sense of happiness.
  • And finally – you will see yourself clearly again. Like when you wipe off a layer of dust from a mirror. And once you remember what it is to be you, you will not be able to “switch it off” again.



For the first two weeks, one idea at a time, you’ll explore the beliefs and roles that power your routines, decisions, and emotions and your day to day life.

Highlights Include:

  • Habit of consciousness:Anchor habit of consciousness to everyday rituals. Don’t focus on being perfect, only notice how you are making decisions.

  • The paradox of masks:Notice the masks you put on throughout the day and think what you are hiding.

  • Working with negative feelings:How do you deal with painful emotions? in which areas of your life you feel uncomfortable emotions.


In week 3, we look at the current rules and beliefs that you are consciously or unconsciously living by and identify which ones you should keep, remove, or completely redefine.

Highlights Include:

  • Assessing Your Beliefs:Are your beliefs absolute or relative? Notice the beliefs that support and don’t support you.

  • Your Beliefs Around Love & Relationships:What are your current beliefs when it comes to love or relationships? What beliefs would you change to create the scenarios that you would like to achieve in that area?

  • Find the Comfort in Discomfort:Write down all the areas of your life and evaluate how happy are you in each of those from 0 to 10.


In the final week, you’ll be given tools and systems to make the changes you need to apply your new beliefs and rules to create your desired life.

Highlights Include:

  • Daily Rituals:Pick an area in your life where you feel you need to grow the most, and design a ritual to honour and fulfill your goal in this area.

  • Overcoming Fears:How to approach the fears you have around how people view you or how you may be viewed.

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