Available only $50, How to sell art and make money – Freya Kotchakorn Course

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Available only $50, How to sell art and make money – Freya Kotchakorn Course

Original price was: $149.00.Current price is: $50.00.

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Available only $50, How to sell art and make money – Freya Kotchakorn Course is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at wecor.site!

How to sell art and make money – Freya Kotchakorn

Art-to-Income: Make Money From Your Art in 2024
(Even If Your Art Has Just Been a Hobby!)

Uncover 36 proven strategies to turn beginner-friendly skills into income

Understand your artistry, from art style to potential target audience

Learn how to attract clients who’ll love your unique style

Confidently close art deals with your desired clients

Become part of a close-knit community and see what works best for other artists

Speed up your success with 36 strategies that work & cut months off your grind
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Does this sound familiar?
Are you…

Puzzled about how to kickstart your career in art?
Struggling to sell your first (or next) art piece?
Wishing for connections who can give your artistic talent a chance?
Feeling awkward about promoting and pricing your art?
Concerned about maintaining a steady income from your art?
Curious about expanding your reach beyond your friends and family or local clients?
Eager to start earning with your art without quitting your day job just yet?

If you nodded “yes” to any of these, this course is for you!

36 Ways to Turn Art Into Income

From: Freya Kotchakorn

RE: Turn Your Art Into Income

Get ready to turn your art into income, even if you’re yet to sell your first piece. Benefit from the insights of an experienced digital artist and instructor with over 15 years of freelancing under my belt.

With 36 proven strategies at your fingertips, you’ll not only learn how to make money with your art but also understand which strategies work best for you. Start your profitable art journey today!

My name is Freya Kotchakorn and I’ve spent the last 15+ years figuring out the art of turning art into dollars. Ready to learn everything I know?

Event collaboration – Louis Vuitton

As an experienced freelance digital illustrator and successful entrepreneur in the Procreate course and brushes industry, I’ve dedicated myself to exploring various ways of generating income through art. 
I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with renowned brands like Apple, Sephora, Tiffany & Co., Kate Spade NY, and others. From humble beginnings, selling my designs on street corners, to charging substantial fees for my work, I’ve discovered how to turn my passion into a rewarding livelihood.

In this engaging course, I’ll reveal the tried and tested methods that propelled my artistic career, empowering you to unlock your own potential for financial success. Let me guide you on the path to becoming a master of monetizing your artistry.
Experience your artistic “A-ha” moments, one quiz at a time
Gain valuable insights into your artistry with 5 engaging quizzes. They’re designed to help you uncover the essence of your artistic persona. You’ll get to dive into your creative psyche and pinpoint your unique style that sets you apart in the sea of artists.

Besides this, you’ll also uncover the ultimate objective in your art journey. Let these quizzes be your guiding compass as you navigate your path towards your goals.
Which Art Personality are you?
Discover your artistic identity
Knowing who you are as an artist is the foundation of your creative journey. It’s not just about the techniques and tools. It’s about knowing your inner artist, your unique voice, and expressing it in your own way. Unearth your art personality within this course.

Are you a “Daring Doodler”, always experimenting, or a “Thoughtful Thesaurus”, embedding deep meanings in your art? Maybe you’re a “Chatty Charcoal”, excelling in collaboration as a social butterfly, “Patient Paintbrush”, meticulously refining your craft, or perhaps, you’re a “Visionary Van Gogh”, using your art to ignite change.

No matter which persona you identify with, this course will help you pinpoint your unique creative flair, and use it to fuel your artistic journey.

It not only helps you determine your current art skill level and understand your artistic persona, but also guides you in discovering the size and nature of your ideal audience.
Shape your artistic path
Are you wishing for financial freedom, dreaming of gallery exhibitions, or are you eager to share your knowledge through teaching?

Maybe you’re all about building a vibrant online community, collaborating with high-profile brands, or making a name for yourself in a specific art niche. After all, you might also be driven by the desire to create a lasting impact through your art.
No matter where your aspirations lie, this course is designed to help you uncover your true artistic goals. We’ll explore the many paths you can take in your art journey, helping you find the one that resonates with your unique artistic self. So, enroll in this course and let’s uncover your artistic calling together.

Find the style that shows your strengths
Ever wondered what makes your art uniquely yours? It’s all about finding your style, and this course is here to help you do just that.

You’ll identify your strengths and learn how to develop your distinctive artistic voice. I’ve got a fun quiz lined up for you, designed to match you artistic personality with an art style.
Are you drawn towards the abstract, finding inspiration in Bauhaus, Cubism, or Abstract Expressionism? 
Or maybe you lean towards the stylized, resonating with Art Nouveau, Expressionism, or Art Deco? 
Perhaps you’re more inclined towards the realistic, finding yourself in Photorealism, Classical Art, or Neoclassicism?
Don’t worry, even if all of this seems completely new to you, this course is here to guide you in discovering and understanding your unique style
Learn how to get noticed by your ideal clients
(even if the idea of promoting your art feels awkward!)

First off, let’s craft a top-notch portfolio. Creating a website is a breeze these days, even without client work yet.

Next, I’ll help you stand out on key platforms like social media. Your potential clients are out there – let’s ensure they bump into your fresh and engaging profiles and think, “This is an artist I want to work with!”

‍If this sounds too advanced, don’t worry! With my straightforward lecture, you’ll have your portfolio up and running in no time, regardless of your tech skills!
Unlock your exclusive interactive table of 36 proven money-making strategies…
…and discover the perfect fit for your artistic journey!

This is where the magic happens. Once you’ve completed the quizzes, this interactive table becomes your secret weapon.

It’s a personalized tool, filterable by income type (active, passive), art proficiency, and even your art personality, goals, and style – all of which you’ll uncover through our fun quizzes.

You’ll also get insights into the recommended social following size for each strategy, understand the pros and cons, identify the best subjects to draw, and even pick up tips on how to market yourself within each strategy.

It’s like having a personal art business coach, guiding you towards your most profitable artistic future!
Enroll in the “36 Ways to Turn Your Art Into Income” course and and turn your passion into a paycheck!
Anyone can make money with art. This course is packed with practical tips and 36 proven strategies, tailored to your unique art style and personal ambitions. It will help you identify best opportunities and ultimately set you on your way of being a paid artist!
Here’s how your journey is going to look like
52 Lessons with Action plans
Uncover your unique art style and personality through engaging quizzes to find what monetizing strategies align best with your background.
Gain insights into your artistic proficiency and get a clear sense of where you stand to be able to move grow quickly and effortlessly.
Get laser-focused on what you aspire to achieve in your artistic journey. This course helps you map out your goals and provides actionable steps to make your artistic dreams a reality.
Get the hang of sharing your art on social media, even if it seems a bit scary right now. Pick up a neat trick to always having cool content, no matter how packed your days are.
Discover how to create an impressive portfolio that not only turns heads but also hooks the right audience and clients you really want to work with.
Get to know the simple ways to whip up your own website, even if tech isn’t your strong suit. Start showcasing your art online effortlessly, no coding required!
Unlock access to your roadmap to success – an interactive table of 36 artist-approved money-making strategies.
Learn how to filter and select strategies that align best with your art proficiency, style, and goals. Navigate the sea of possibilities, find perfect matches, and save precious time.
Dive deep into each strategy with dedicated lessons, providing an insider’s view on the pros, cons, and my personal tips and tricks.
Discover my personal workflow routines, designed to keep your creative momentum going, regardless of the ups and downs.
Tap into the power of online tools that simplify your routine and ignite your inspiration. Discover my curated selection of top recommendations in an interactive table to help you find your perfect matches.
Get practical tips for successful remote work, and learn how to create a personal workspace that fuels your creativity, no matter where you are.

From: Freya Kotchakorn. RE: Turn Your Art Into Income. Get ready to turn your art into income, even if you’re yet to sell your first piece.

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