Available only $29, Grappling Concepts E-Course – Stephan Kesting Course

Original price was: $147.00.Current price is: $29.00.


Available only $29, Grappling Concepts E-Course – Stephan Kesting Course

Original price was: $147.00.Current price is: $29.00.

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Available only $29, Grappling Concepts E-Course – Stephan Kesting Course is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at wecor.site!

Introducing the Grappler’s Secret Weapon…
The Black Belt Concepts Course 
by Stephan Kesting and Grapplearts.com
Who Am I and What’s Going On?

My name is Stephan Kesting. I’m a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt and a submission wrestling instructor. I operate Grapplearts.com. The goal of these sites is to help people just like you improve their BJJ and submission grappling skills as quickly as possible.

You might also know me from my main site at Grapplearts.com, my Youtube videos (61 million), or or the 20+ articles I’ve published in magazines like Black Belt, TapOut, Ultimate MMA and Grappling, or the times I’ve been interviewed on The Fightworks Podcast, This Week in BJJ, and many other grappling and martial arts podcasts.

Along the way I’ve also produced over 50 instructional DVDs and 19 instructional apps for iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

But it wasn’t always like this. Especially in the beginning my BJJ progress was slow and difficult.

And that’s mostly because I was focused on the wrong things: techniques.

Techniques are essential to grappling of course, but focusing on them and ignoring the underlying concepts that actually make them work can really slow your progress down.

Real progress in the art of grappling comes from going DEEPER than technique. Once you get behind the curtain things will just start ‘clicking’, you’ll start making connections, and start making progress much, much faster!

Concepts are much more important than specific techniques. The bottom line is that if you approach grappling from a concepts-based point of view then you’ll be able to…

Learn New Techniques Much Quicker. It’s much easier to remember a few core concepts than it is to remember hundreds of techniques with thousands of steps and details.  Prioritising concepts over techniques allows you to learn the material faster and also make it much easier to remember it all.
Become Faster and Improve Your Reaction Times. Understanding what really makes a technique work makes it much easier to figure out which technique to use in which situation. Concepts will make you faster by simplifying your decision-making process on the mats!
Have Stronger, More Effective Techniques.The difference between white belt and black belt grappling is mostly the many little adjustments that black belts do without thinking to their techniques.  Concepts make those adjustments instinctive and automatic, which then exponentially amplifies the power of your techniques.
Increase Your Confidence On the Mat. There are only so many ways to move your body on the ground, and that means the same fundamental concepts apply in gi-based BJJ, no-gi submission wrestling, and even in MMA. Having a good grasp of these fundamental concepts allows you to be confident of your skills regardless of who you’re facing or what the rules are.
Have Solutions to New Situations. Grappling and BJJ like Jazz; you have to be able to improvise, because new and unusual situations come up all the time. Understanding the concepts of grappling allows you to create, combine and adapt techniques on the fly.  This will allow you quickly and confidently know what to do in almost every situation on the mats.

Read on to find out more…

First, Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Discover
In The Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course…

The Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course is my flagship instructional product in which I share my very best material.

It consists of 26 core video lessons. Each lesson will teach you a different concept that’s absolutely fundamental to all effective grappling using drills, exercises, tricks and techniques you can incorporate into your game right away.

On the right you can see what one single lesson (with an almost 25 minute long video, and a 16 minute bonus video) looks like ========>


There is an absolute TON of information in this course, including concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics.

Each and every concept is illustrated with lots of concrete examples, insider tips, and high percentage techniques that you can easily incorporate into your game right away.

Have you ever heard the wise saying: “if you give a man a fish then you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish then you feed him for life.”

Well, in this course I’m teaching you ‘how to fish’ when it comes to grappling.

Once you understand the concepts of your sport or martial art then learning, applying and improving your techniques becomes much easier!

This is the Distillation of More than 40 Years of Martial Arts Training and 35+ Years of Grappling.

The material you’ll be learning comes directly from my own personal R&D: I’ve really tested and used this stuff in my own training.

You probably know that I’ve made many instructional grappling DVDs and apps.  Since I’ve sold over 20,000 of them somebody out there must like them! When I’m teaching a technique – either in person or via my videos – I try to cover all aspects of that technique. This means that I show setups, entries, variations, finishes, and counters.

But in those instructionals I also make sure to cover the underlying concepts… And this is the stuff that really make the techniques ‘tick.’

The very best feedback about my DVDs and apps from fans and customers hasn’t been about the techniques themselves. People have always learned the most when I share the underlying concepts and principles with them. If anything, it’s this approach that sets my material apart from the vast majority of other instructional products on the market today.

These are the very same concepts that I use with great success in my own training every time I step on the mat. I stand by everything I’m going to teach you because I know it works!

This 26 lesson course is full of brand new, never before seen material. Using these 26 tutorials I’ll brain dump the results of my own personal grappling exploration and research directly into your head so you can achieve your goals much faster than if you were doing it alone!

Here’s how I recently summed up this approach to a friend of mine…

“If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Then a Concept is Worth a Thousand Techniques!”

The big picture (the concepts and principles) are WAY more important and more powerful than individual techniques. These principles are virtually the same whether you train with or without the gi. They apply to submission grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA training and other grappling arts like Sambo, Judo.

 These concepts are straightforward enough to learn quickly, but powerful enough to apply on the mat in your very next grappling session. These ideas will provide you with a fresh and lively way to improve your skills… far beyond ANY existing method. And it’s not dry theoretical material either – to make sure that you learn, absorb and incorporate the concepts I show you lots of techniques to illustrate these concepts.

Very few people teach this stuff, and it’s never been this conveniently packaged and easy to learn. I’m not sure why this material isn’t taught more often. Maybe some instructors don’t know how to teach this way…

The thing is that discovering the underlying concepts and principles makes it MUCH easier for a student to learn on his own. Now the student isn’t as dependent on the instructor to get better, and frankly some instructors find this threatening.

These are the very same concepts that I use with great success in my own training every time I step on the mat. I stand by everything I’m going to teach you because I know it works!

This 26 lesson course is full of brand new, never before seen material. Using these weekly tutorials I’ll brain dump the results of my own personal grappling exploration and research directly into your head so you can achieve your goals much faster than if you were doing it alone!

Everything Is In An Easy-to-Learn Format

I’ve formatted every lesson in this 26 lesson course to give you the principles and concepts that are central to ALL effective grappling. Altogether you’ll get over 20 hours of immediately useful content.

So there’s a LOT of stuff…

And that’s why ALL the material is downloadable in four formats. This way you can learn on your own terms and at your own speed!

Streaming Video, so you can instantly start viewing each lesson in video format on your special access web portal,
Downloadable Video, so you can easily download the video lessons permanently to your computer,
Audio Files, so you can get the lessons as mp3 files to listen to on your mobile device,
PDF Files, so you can download and print the illustrated step-by-step summaries I’ve specially created for each of the 26 core lessons.

Although you’re more than welcome to study each lesson on your special web access portal that I’ll be giving you full access to, I don’t want you to be dependent on me or always have access to a fast internet connection.  So that’s another reason why each and every part of the course is downloadable.

Once it’s on your computer it’s yours forever, and previous students say they really appreciate being put the material onto their phones and tablets so they can review it on the go…

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Learn New Techniques Much Quicker. It’s much easier to remember a few core concepts than it is to remember hundreds of techniques with thousands of steps and details.

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