Available only $277, Email Copy Academy + AI – Chris Orzechowski Course

Original price was: $797.00.Current price is: $277.00.


Available only $277, Email Copy Academy + AI – Chris Orzechowski Course

Original price was: $797.00.Current price is: $277.00.

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Available only $277, Email Copy Academy + AI – Chris Orzechowski Course is a digital course. You can access to learn every time. We can make the most of our free time. Let combining study and work, or balance with daily life becomes much simpler at wecor.site!

A cutting-edge, tested, and proven system that works in any market

Double Your Clients and Cut Your Writing Time in Half…
Introducing The Next Generation of
Email Copywriting Academy+AI
The Best Email Copywriting Program on the Planet
Just Got Supercharged with AI
But, this is not like any AI like you’ve seen before…
After months of testing, tweaking, and experimentation in our “Marketing Lab…”
we finally dialed in how any copywriter can start writing confident email copy straight out of the gate

Now you can use our industry-leading machine learning tools and proven-to-work Email Frameworks to create an “80% done” first draft in minutes. All you have to do is add your own “creative magic” to create one winning email campaign after another. 

That means, you will never be REPLACED by AI, you’re EMPOWERED by it… without needing a thousand confusing prompts, subscriptions to software programs, or any special tech skills whatsoever. 

Finally, you’re free to be the creative email strategist you are meant to be with AI at your back supporting you, and not standing in your way.

Read on to see why this will completely change the industry and how you do business as an in-demand email copywriter…

Hey, it’s Kevin Rogers,
founder of Copy Chief here…

If you’d like to earn an awesome living as an email copywriting pro… who can write money-making email marketing campaigns in minutes… and get paid better than most doctors or lawyers… then this is the most important – and timely – message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

Everyone knows email copywriting IS the top money skill in the industry…

It’s always in demand, and every client needs it.

And when it comes to learning the absolute essentials of email copywriting…

… the proven message frameworks…

… the exact order of sequences,

… the psychology behind every email you send (right down to the subject line),

… and in what order and timeframe to send them…

There is only ONE email copywriter I trust to give Copy Chief members a PROVEN email strategy.

He is like the Don Draper of email copywriting.

He created a seven-figure digital product and coaching business…

His email marketing agency has locked in some of the best e-commerce and digital product brands as clients…

Of course, I’m talking about “The Email Copywriter,” Chris Orzechowski. 

No one else I know can touch Chris’s in-the-trenches experience for delivering results with email.

And that’s why I brought Chris’s Email Copy Academy (ECA) in-house when I was looking to beef up our Email training program. 

ECA is the Gold Standard in
Email Copywriting Training

That’s because ECA is the ONLY course I’ve ever seen that gives you EVERYTHING you need to become a legit email copywriting pro…

And it doesn’t matter which market you’re writing in or what kind of offer you’re selling because the frameworks and campaign plans in ECA work for every selling scenario.

Even A-list copywriters use Chris’ frameworks, formulas, and templates inside ECA to guide their email strategy. 

See, ECA isn’t a “flavor-of-the-month” method or a sneaky “hack” approach to email.

It’s a system for delivering the kind of emails that build trust and generate sales.

That’s why I partnered with Chris a few years ago to make ECA available exclusively on the Copy Chief platform. You can’t get it anywhere else.

And it’s also why I teamed up with Chris again to create the “next big thing” in email copywriting


Look, I’m committed to innovation and moving the industry forward.

That’s why we took Chris’ 14 highest-converting email formulas and used them to train our very own AI Writing Tools. 

This has never been done before.

Most AI writing is average. That’s because it is looking at the entire internet as a data source. And most writing on the internet is…well… average at best.

If you’ve ever used AI before, you know it often creates mediocre copy.

Stanford studies are now proving that AI can go MAD, begin hallucinating, and start devouring itself. 

That’s why if you are using normal AI to write copy for your clients, you are putting your reputation and your career in danger.

This is DIFFERENT. It’s…


After writing thousands of emails for clients and tracking the results, Chris discovered 14 types of emails that work whenever you need a big win. 

And that’s the core system behind the new AI-powered Email Copy Academy.

Chris put everything he learned into frameworks that are adaptable to any market, industry, or niche. It’s the same stuff he uses every single day, working with clients in all kinds of different markets.

Using our AI-powered Writing Tools based on Chris’ frameworks, you’ll never start with a blank page again… 

You can create a “good first draft” in minutes and…  

Cut your writing time in half.

Now, you can create your own blockbuster email campaigns in no time flat, so you can work less, make more, and grow your business.

Our email frameworks and AI-powered Writing Tools can quickly push almost anyone to the “expert level.” 

It creates a service you can sell…

It empowers you to have more clients and service them better, faster, and easier…

This is not like any other AI writing tool…

Nothing else can do this… 

We custom-built it from the ground up…

And it is only available to members of Email Copy Academy.

If you are an email copywriter or want to become an in-demand, highly-paid email specialist, this is the “must-have” breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

What You’ll Learn In Email Copy Academy
Module #1: Super Simple Email Marketing 101
How to choose the right email software for your business
How to use your email software without getting confused by all the tech
Segmenting 101
​​How to keep your list healthy and engaged (and how to reactivate it if it’s gone cold)
My simple process for market research that reveals everything you need to know about your market to make a ton of sales
​A worksheet you can fill out that will give you virtually unlimited amounts of email ideas that your target market will love to read
How to create lead magnets people can’t resist
How to use your lead magnet to get your first 200+ subscribers
How to test your lead magnet to see if people will want it before you spend time creating it
Module #2: The Anatomy of Emails That Sell
The psychology behind emails that sell and emails that don’t
​12 rules for email marketing that will make every email you write twice as profitable
My 10+ formulas for subject lines people can’t ignore (these are infinitely adaptable… and I provide dozens of examples you can model)
My 14 highest converting email formulas (after writing thousands of emails for clients, these 14 are the ones I always go back to when I’m looking for a ‘sure thing.’) The best part is… you can reuse these formulas over and over again without people ever even knowing… they are easily adaptable for whatever product you’re selling.
My simple formula for crafting emotionally compelling stories that make people fall in love with your emails
Advanced storytelling tips that keep shift people’s beliefs and make your brand the only one they ever want to do business with
Copy breakdowns of emails from multi-million dollar campaigns I’ve created for clients
Module #3: Email Strategy
Different email strategy models you can use for your business… and how to choose the one that’s right for you.
​​Tips for keeping out of the spam box… so that your emails don’t get lost in the shuffle
How to write broadcast emails people look forward to… and buy from (without needing scarcity, urgency, deadlines or discounts)
How many times a week should you email? (I’ll tell you exactly what’s right for your business)
What to put in your broadcasts so people never get bored… and so they grow to love the emails you send them.
How to write an autoresponder that actually converts
Campaign Mapping – my process for mapping out complete sequences and campaigns, so that you’ll never stare at a blank page wondering what to write again.
Broadcast & autoresponder email copy and strategy breakdowns – see firsthand how I write these for my clients and for myself
And much, much more!
Module #4: Big-Money Launches
The four stages of every launch campaign (and the psychology behind each one)
How to gather feedback from your launch to make even more sales during all of your future launches
My framework for writing successful product launch email campaigns
The different types of product launch campaigns… and how to adapt your emails for any kind of launch.
Two super-successful email launch sequence breakdowns (one of these generated six figures of sales in four days flat… with nothing but a few emails and a sales page!)
Module #5: How to Get Email Copy Clients
How to get a paying client as fast as TODAY, without sending out any cold emails.
How to find and attract more of your dream clients (you know, the ones who pay you well and respect your hard work)
The four best methods of lead generation for copywriters… and how to use them to get booked solid with well-paying copy clients.
How to network without feeling like a weirdo. (And how to get dozens of people to refer multiple clients to you year after year.)
How to become everyone’s “go-to” copywriter… even if you’re still getting your reps in.
How to leverage yourself and start attracting clients with content. (This is especially awesome once you start getting clients reaching out for stuff you created months ago. It really builds your authority and positioning in the marketplace.)
And much, much more…
Module #6: Closing The Deal & Delivering Results
How to get clients to apply for the privilege of speaking with you (this turns the table and puts the power back in your favor)
How to mentally prepare yourself for the sales call (and how to get rid of all the butterflies and jitters you might feel when you normally talk with clients.)
An almost “word-for-word” script you can follow when you’re on a call with clients… that will close deals for you, even if you’re introverted and are terrified of talking about money over the phone.
How to close deals and get paid the same day… without ever having to send a proposal. (This isn’t for everyone… but it can save you some administrative headaches and time that you’d normally spend crafting an elaborate proposal that most people don’t want to read anyway).
What to do IMMEDIATELY after a client says ‘yes.’ If you fumble this part… the deal might fall apart right in front of your eyes.
How to price your email copywriting services… how to put together packages… and how to actually get paid after the client says ‘yes.’
How to deliver your project and provide a dream come true experience for your clients… so they’ll wanna hire you again and again and again.
How to turn a one-time copy job into many jobs… or even a retainer deal.
And much, much more…

Answer a few simple questions, choose your email formula, and you’ll start creating an almost unlimited number of marketing ideas and “good first draft” emails in minutes.

Your AI-powered Writing Tools and frameworks include:

Email Formula #1: The Creation Story
Email Formula #2: The Personal Story
Email Formula #3: The Success Story / Case Study
Email Formula #4: The Cautionary Tale
Email Formula #5: The News Story
Email Formula #6: The Historical Story
Email Formula #7: The Metaphor / Kind of Like
Email Formula #8: The Q & A
Email Formula #9: The Belief Shifter / Mythbuster
Email Formula #10: The X Ways to Y
Email Formula #11: The Testimonial
Email Formula #12: The Suspiciously Personal
Email Formula #13: The Straight Pitch
Email Formula #14: The Problem / Solution

How Does Email Copy Academy Work?

The entire course is laid out in an easy-to-implement system you can use immediately to take your business to the next level.

There’ll be a homework assignment after each lesson that you can post up in the forum to get feedback.

And by the end of the program… you’ll be a better copywriter who’s able to find clients, close deals, and deliver ‘dream come true’ results for your clients.

You’ll find EVERYTHING you need to become an effective email copywriter inside this course.

On top of your general Copy Chief access, you’ll have access to a private forum inside Copy Chief where you can post your assignments and get support from your fellow students.

As part of your Email Copy Academy tuition, you’ll also get access to a valuable network, supportive community, and library of extensive trainings to give you everything you need to make this program a success for you. 

The Copy Chief Community is well-known in the industry as THE place to find the best and brightest copywriters. Email Copy Academy is the next evolution in connecting the best copywriters with business owners who really understand the value of copy for growing their businesses.

As part of Email Copy Academy, you’ll get FREE access to the full Copy Chief Community for 30 days.

This includes full access to the Copy Chief Community Forum, Training Dashboard, and Active Job Board. 

That means you can connect with experienced, successful copywriters who are working in the field on their own businesses and with big clients every single day. You’ll be able to ask them questions, submit your copy for feedback, and even respond to job postings from clients who are looking for a copywriter RIGHT NOW.

What’s The Investment?
ECA is a STEAL of a deal.

If you were to hire Chris’ agency for a one-off project, it’d cost anywhere from $10,000 – $15,000+ for a single project.

And back when Chris  offered Email Copy Academy as a small-group coaching program… it was $3,096.


I realized not everyone could afford that, especially when you’re first starting out in your career.

I wanted to make this super affordable, so any email copywriter who wanted to learn from me could get access to their training at a reasonable price.


You’re not going to invest $3,096 to join.

In fact, you can join today for only…

$797    $497

Think about it this way…

How many clients would you need for this course to pay for itself?

Probably not many.

Most email copywriters charge between $100 – $200 per email.

Some charge even more.

At Chris’ agency, he bills clients anywhere from $600 – $1,000 PER EMAIL.

I bet your very next gig would pay for ECA many times over.

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How to choose the right email software for your business
How to use your email software without getting confused by all the tech

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