10 Apps in 10 Weeks – Edufyre

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10 Apps in 10 Weeks – Edufyre

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $26.00.

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So you want to be a Mobile App Developer? With Ten Apps in Ten Weeks you will learn how to build Ten Different Apps in Ten weeks.


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10 Apps in 10 Weeks

So you want to be a Mobile App Developer? With Ten Apps in Ten Weeks you will learn how to build Ten Different Apps in Ten weeks. Each app is unique and while building it you’ll learn a unique and important skill set used by professional app developers every day. Each app includes full source code, step-by-step building tutorial, and any needed video, music and graphic assets. You’ll build all of these apps: The Sound of Muzik: A fully-featured MP3 Player Chuck Norris Joke Generator: Chuck Norris jokes at the click of a button Philly Trains: When are the next trains coming? (Philly Transit System) Current Weather: What’s the weather like where you are? Weather Forecaster: What’s the Weather Forecast? Where Am I: Show me a map of where I am standing right now! I’m Hungry! I’m Hungry: What restaurants are Close to me? Scout Compass: Scouts Never leaves Home without their trusty compass! Whack-a-MoleGame: Whack the mole. Hilarity ensues. Bat Hunt: Kill the Bats before you run out of time. While creating these apps you’ll learn skills like media control, web service consumption, XML and JSON parson, jQuery Mobile, Google Maps™, Google Places API™, geolocation, gaming techniques and much, much more. Forget choosing Android, iOS or Kindle… These apps can easily be deployed to all three of the largest app stores and we’ll show you how. You’ll have access to all 10 Weeks of the course and all the apps, tutorials, videos and other content. There is simply no better way to learn mobile app development.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to 10 Apps in 10 Weeks

  • How to Use This Program (3:45)

Create an MP3 Player App

  • The Sound of Muzik App Introduction (1:36)
  • The Sound of Muzik Tutorial (17:06)
  • MP3 Player Application Guide
  • Sound of Muzik App Code and Images

Create a Joke Generator App

  • Create a Chuck Norris Joke Generator App Introduction (0:59)
  • Chuck Norries Joke Generator Tutorial (12:39)
  • Chuck Norris Joke Generator Guide
  • Joke Generator App Code and Images

Create a Transit System Schedule App

  • Philly Transit App Introduction (1:04)
  • Philly Trains App Tutorial (17:23)
  • Philly Trains App Guide
  • Philly Trains App Code and Images

Create a Current Weather App

  • Current Weather Conditions App Introduction (0:41)
  • Current Weather Conditions Tutorial (12:30)
  • Current Weather App Guide
  • Weather Conditions App Code and Images

Create a Weather Forecast App

  • Weather Forecast App Introduction (1:05)
  • Weather Forecast App Tutorial (13:22)
  • Weather Forecast App Guide
  • Weather Forecast App Code and Images

Create a Geolocation App

  • Where Am I? Introduction (1:07)
  • Where Am I? App Tutorial (11:12)
  • Where Am I? App Guide
  • Where Am I? App Code and Images

Create a Restaurant Finder App

  • I’m Hungry App Introduction (0:51)
  • I’m Hungry App Tutorial (11:32)
  • I’m Hungry App Guide
  • I’m Hungry App Code and Images

Create a Compass App

  • Scout Compass App Introduction (0:45)
  • Scout Compass App Tutorial (9:03)
  • Scout Compass App Guide
  • Compass App Code and Images

Create a Whack-A-Mole Game App

  • Whack-A-Mole App Introduction (1:26)
  • Whack-A-Mole App Tutorial (28:48)
  • Whack-A-Mole App Guide
  • Whack-A-Mole App Code and Images

Create a Bat Hunt Game App

  • Bat Hunt App Introduction (1:04)
  • Bat Hunt App Tutorial (16:16)
  • Bat Hunt App Guide
  • Bat Hunt App Code and Images

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